Monday, April 30, 2007


Top Ten Occasions Rick Tells Coño

10. After hitting a hard line drive at someone - Makes him feel better
9. After committing a stupid error - self mutilation
8. Around White People - loves feeding the Crazy Cuban Stereotype
7. When The Mets blow a game they should have won - Yankee Step Brother complex
6. When he loses a football bet or a blackjack hand - degenerate pain
5. When his computer systems at work go wrong - the scared computer geeks respond quicker
4. After he locks or loses his car keys for the 1,000,000 time - early Alzheimer setting in
3. Umpire jerks him or his team especially when ump disrespects the game
2. Road Rage while trying to get to a game that he's already late to - frustration builds

and the Number One Occasion Rick Yells Coño

1. Who knows and who cares ? Rick says it all the time - psycho takes this all way too seriously

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