Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Top Ten Reasons to run a team in your own league

Top Ten Reasons to run a team in your own league

Love of Softball - Simple you want to keep the game alive. Noble but other things get in the way like ....

9. Cheat - Of course.
Let's be honest.
You want a good league but you also want to win.
You do what's to your advantage.

Corruption even in the most subtlest of forms is so easy and almost impossible to resist.

8. Money

You make money running the league, umpire ki
ck back, and most importantly you have the chance to
Stop the Money.
Stop the Money means if you win the league you also get to keep the prize money and not have to pay it out to someone else. Stop the Money is key!!!

7. Attract/Retain Players - Like chicken heads some players go where the money is.
Other players go where the best chance to win is.
As a commissioner with a team in the league you most likely fill both these 2 requirements. However, players that go where the best playing time opportunities or loyalty/friendships exist are out of your control,

6. Schedule. You play who you want, when you want, where you want.
What's better than that?

5. Power/Control - Power corrupts. Absolute Power corrupts absolutely.
You love being in control - see points 8 & 6 above.
But like Ben Parker told Peter Parker in Spider Man "With Great Power comes Great Responsibility"

Don't let greed and wanting to win get in the way of running a competitive league

4.Controversy - You love controversy and you have the balls to deal with it.
Making the Tough calls on banning pitchers, throwing a player out of the league, overruling an umpire. reviewing a protest is a huge reason why you took the job. Warning: It's like walking around a shooting range with a Target on your back.

3. Softball Dominatrix Effect

You love abuse.
You love being called a cheater and shiesty.
You love it when people say "it's the commissioners team of course they get the calls".
P.S. That's not Me in that outfit above

Someone hasn't paid you yet?
Someone team blatantly cheats?
Some teams doesn't return your calls?
Some other teams tries to steal your players?
Well you the commissioners and you can pay them back where it hurts.
Give them a hard schedule in terms of starting time or competition, not return their phone calls when they have an issue or want prize money, remove a player from their team
from the playoffs, throw them out of the league.
That's a commissioners why of say Fuck You Asshole.

and the Number One Reasons to run a team in your own league

1. Playing Time
- you and your boys are always in the lineup, playing/batting where you want.

Monday, July 28, 2008


The dog days of summer have arrived for all ball players.

When I say dog days I don't mean take your pooch ( like my dog Jazzi below)

to the park, I mean the HOT Miserable Days of summer that lie just before the playoffs.

The days where it's hard to get motivated to play.
The days were it's freaking 150% humidity.
The days were your injuries hurt more and more as each days passes.
The days where your wife/girl give you shit for playing ball.
The days where other players don't show up and you have to do more.
The days were your friends/ family are off having fun at the beach, barbecues,etc while your playing.
The days were you don't actually mind a rain out ( Pray for rain)
The days where you don't mind playing 1B or Dhing.

The Dog Days wear you down man.
I consider myself I softball warrior, but I feel it.
More this year than any other year.
Throw in a slump, a losing streak, a bad economy, a bump and a bruise and you feel it more and more.

It's a battle of attrition.

Rest at this time of your is more important than ever.

Sometimes less is more.

Especially the older you get.

But what is the right balance between rest and hard work.

How much do you push yourself?

That's such a hard personal question.

Only you know.
Only you care.
Only you can decide.

Being mentally tough now is crucial as you can't quit on yourself no matter
how much you struggle or hurt.


The playoffs are coming.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


While I acknowledge that it takes a lot of skill and talent to play Golf and Tennis,
I kind of lose respect for these game because spectators are required to remain silent.

I mean Tiger Woods yells at fans for answering their cell phones while he is trying to make a put. That's weak and wack.

Imagine AROD calling time out in a game at Fenway Park and telling some retard in the front row to stop singing/reciting the teachings of the KABBALAH to the tune of Madonna's Like a Virgin song.


In Baseball/Softball Trash Talking or Heckling is allowed and is part of the game.

They say hitting a ball consistently is the hardest thing to do in sports.
It gets even harder to do when people are heckling, screaming, yelling, and dissing you while your at the plate.

Heckling comes in all different forms.
Some is abusive. Some is good natured. Some is funny. Some is foul. Some is classless.

I've been called 1,000 names under the sun ranging from funny ones like
Menudo or Ricky Martin to your basic You Suck, Easy Out, etc etc.

The bottom line is in baseball/softball you have to deal with Heckler's.

It requires a thick skin and concentration.
Some guys get scared/intimated by Hecklers.
Other guys give in to Hecklers and yell back or get in fights.
Others love it and feed off of it.
While others ignore it.

In my opinion the best way to deal with a Heckler is Ignore Them.

Don't add fuel to the fire.
A Heckler wants attention.
They want you to lose concentration and most importantly To FAIL.
Ignoring them is the prefect payback b/c your not giving ATTENTION.
If you come through in the game they will look extra stupid and classless.

That being said it ain't easy Ignoring Hecklers, we are after all men with egos and pride.

Here are some my Top Ten Softball Hecklers

10. Willie Ferrer - Legendary Softball Knuckle ball pitcher.
Think of willie as the annoying Clown sitting above a pool of water at a Count Fair.
You pay a dollar for three throws to try and dunk him in the water.
As you throw the ball the Clown relentlessly heckles and makes fun of you.
You get madder and madder and try to dunk the Clown in the water by hitting the target, It's just hard to hit the target b/c your so mad.
That's what playing against Willie is/was like.

9. Little Lou the Manager of the Cardinals
( Seen standing directly to the right of the 2007 Gunn Sports championship trophy with his short open, clapping and hammered of course)

Nice guy who pumps up his team by yelling encouragement all day while
drinking Coors light and mixed drinks.

Doesn't stop yelling at opposing pitchers until he passes out.

8. O'Hanlons Softball team - It's harder to tell what is more natural for these guys - Yelling or breathing. It ain't easy umping their games.

7. Angelo Gonzalez - good ball player and master heckler.
Once he gets going there is no stopping him

6. Dio Jackson - Addicted to Heckling.
Even Heckles during pick up and exhibition games.

5. John Sheppard - Doesn't start talking shit until the other team begins.
Once he gets going it's no holds bar and almost nothing is off limits

4. George Colon - another West player? Like Billy Wagner would say "SHOCKER"!! George on the down low is a very witty heckler.

His best line of the year was when he called Franny the Sun when the rotund pitcher showed up to central Park wearing a full body yellow uniform one day this year.

3. Entire Chelsea League - You are not allowed to play in Chelsea unless you like to Talk
In fact the league would fold is trash talking was not permitted.

2. Willie Jommaron - Merrill Lynch - A unique Reverse Heckler - Most hecklers annoy/bother the other Team. Willie J gives it to his own team.

and the Number One Softball Heckler

Tie - I hate having Ties in the Top Ten but this one is too close to call

1.Edgar Sr. and Inwood ground Keeper Chelo
This one is like Godzilla Vs. King Kong of Heckling

Edgar Sr. is a NYC Softball legend considered one the best players of his era. He may be retired from softball, but he sure as well ain't retired from Heckling. He is funny, ruthless, relentless,and if you pay attention o him he will drive you INSANE. I'm used to him now, the only time he bothers me now is when he is silent.

As for Chelo - Simply does not care as he is 100% plastered drunk all the day.
He heckles in a dialect no one understands while listening to maddening bachata music. What is frustrating is that you can't say anything back to him b/c when he talks you don't understand and you get confused.


Tuesday, July 22, 2008

21 Questions

Rapper 50 Cent had a hit song a few years ago called 21 Questions.

Well in reviewing an umpire, I have the following 21 questions
21 Good strike zone? This is crucial.

20 Does he run out on the field to make calls to get a closer look? Hustle is important.

19 Does he know the league rules? Knowledge is Power

18. Does he care about doing a good job or just want to take the money and run?

This Shows if he has heart or is just plain Ghetto

17. Does he know general/baseball softball rules? Again Knowledge is Power

16. Does he explain his point of view to managers clearly and concisely? Leadership

15. Does he take control of game?

When heckling, arguing, and problems occur does he nip it in the bud immediately or let it get out of control

14. Is he sober?

Being high is unacceptable for an umpire during a game, players on the other hand well ..

13. Can he see? Mister Magoo glasses can get foggy

12. Is he NON-confrontational?

Umpires should be confident and definitive, not confrontational

11. Does he know the inning, score, count, and put a new ball in play on time?

This is a key part of the job function

10. Is he reliable and on time? Punctuality counts

9. Does he power/ego trip or is he flexible when need be?

When he makes a mistake, all umpires make mistakes they are after all only human,

Does he quickly correct himself or ask for help to make sure he got the call right?

8. Is he dressed in Blue so that he knows people are asking him a question why they ask "Yo Blue what's the inning What's the score?" like 1,000 times during a game.

7. Does he clearly explain the ground rules before the game?

Prevention is the best medicine

6. Does he collect lineup cards before the game and note/announce all player changes during the game. This is important b/c it shows he is on top of things.

5. Does he measure the bases and pitching distance properly?

Crooked umps cheat in this area all the time. bad umps don't want bang bang plays so they make the bases longer to make the game move quicker. So foul

4. Does he keep the game moving? He must take command

3. Is he fair and consistent. A must

2. Does he respect the game?

If he had all the right answers above then he does, otherwise he is flawed

1. Is he respected? Respect is Earned not given away

Those are the traits that make a good umpire.

If an umpire can do all the above, then the players will decide the game and that's the way it should be.

What do you think?

Monday, July 21, 2008


I'm not really a fan of the TV show "The Simpson's", but last Sunday I couldn't help feeling like Homer Simpson in the classic Simpson Halloween episode where Homer went to HELL and was given the Ironic "Too Much of a Good Thing" Punishmentt of eating an unlimited supply of Donuts ( view the link below or copy it into your browser)

The problem actually started last Friday when I umped 4 games ending at 8:45PM in 90 plus degree weather.

Not fun.

Then the situation got worse on Saturday, when I umped another a doubleheader starting at 9 AM and then played 4 games ending at around 8:30 PM.
The 3rd game was a 90 degree 9 inning marathon on 54th street "Donde Caja La Vaca" - the hottest and worse field in NYC.
My team ,The Sox, lost a heart breaker.
Of Course we lost the nightcap as well.
Ironic Softball Punishment - more playing more suffering

As an aside, the extra inning game was played using international rules.
Meaning that each team began their half of an extra frame with a man on 2nd base.
This rule is put in place to try and get the game to come to an end quickly.
This rule is fine in a one day tournament, but does not belong in a regular season game.

Anyway, the Ironic Softball Punishment - more playing more suffering reached an exclamation point on Sunday.
I had a quick turn around as I play in a fun 9 AM morning league in Central Park.
Yeah Lot's of fun - we only had 8 guys one of which was a make shift pitcher
Oh man, suffering.
It was 95 degrees and we had to play a 3 man Outfield.
Ironic Softball Punishment - more playing more suffering
I was not happy.
Of course some guy hit a shot over my head that I misplayed in the 1st inning and my hitting was pathetic against some pitcher you looked like Red Fox from the classic TV show Sandford and Son

So now I was slumping.
I thought things couldn't get worse.
I was wrong.
As my game is going on, I see a lot of my Big Apple West teammates showing up to the park and I start thinking man they are here mighty early for a 1pm game.
Turns out our game was at 11 Am.


Oh man now I had to leave these poor guys.
At least we miraculously had a 3 run lead.
Being that Central Park on a Sunday is the forfeit avoiding capital of the world, I picked up a decent guy and I was on my way to the West game.

By now I was suffering total softball burnout and not too mention heat stroke from the weather and running around.

Luckily, The head umpire (not that idiot Mister Magoo - thank god) saw that I was woozy. He had a park's attendant turn on the sprinkler for me so that I could stand underneath it and cool off. Very nice of him. That idiot Mister Magoo wouldn't do that.

OK so now I was alive.

Let's play.

Running on empty I got asked to play Left Center b/c we were also short guys.
Ironic Softball Punishment - more playing more suffering
Oh man.

Whatever, things would get worse as we got waxed 10-3.


P.S. My morning team mates came by to tell my the guy I picked up made an error and cost them the game.



The next game was a MUST WIN as we were fighting for our playoff lives.

Our ace pitcher Tom "Shooter" Murphy arrived and we were winning 3-1 into the 6th, that's when things got worse.

The best last place team I have ever seen Excelsior ( I don't mean that as a diss they are truly better than their record) rallied to tie the game on clutch hits and errors on our part.

OK gut check time. At least we were the home team.

We rallied to score 2 runs in the bottom of the sixth and the 7th looked like a lock as they had the bottom of their order up.

Not so fast, IRONIC PUNISHMENT must continue.

Excelsior fought extremely hard to tie the game and nearly won it as their lead off batter almost hit a 3 run homer over my head.

The score was now 5-5.

Ironic Softball Punishment - more playing more suffering

Thankfully, I will spare you all the painful details, but the game went 12 long draining innings where both team blew several opportunities to Win

Yes 12 innings of Ironic Softball Punishment - more playing more suffering .

Of course my day long slump continued.
All that matters is that we won the damn game. Finally!!!!!!

This was softball HELL

Thursday, July 17, 2008


In the MLB All Star game this year a lot of Big names were missing.
No Big Papi.
No Jose Reyes
No Ryan Howard.
No Johan Santana.
No Bonds or Clemens uh .. let's not get into them.

Well the same thing happened in my NYC Softball 1st Half All Star Team

Due to multitude of reasons ranging from work, injury, personal commitments, taking care of the kids, etc .... perennial Softball Studs like Castillo, Gubi, Lou 22, and Simon did not make my list.

While I have no doubt that these notable players and others not mentioned will play a significant role in propelling their team toward the Championship let's see who are the 1st Half Softball All Stars.

P.S. Before I begin I would like to say that Softball All Star games are a waste of time. Totally boring and meaningless.

Starting Outfield

Elvis - Cardinals - Should have been a Pro. Best CF in all of Softball.
Carlos Castro - Mariners - Not yet 21. Off the Chart Talent
Alex Goldman - Diesel - Only 25. Fundamentally sound with very good bat speed.
George Colon - West/Sox - When he's not going through ump rage, George solidifies the OF and is lethal Lefty bat.

Matt Wasowski - Working Class White Chocolate catches everything hit his way.
Aldo Lopez - has hit 4 Home Runs for West and no one knows about it.
Aaron Fernandez - wouldn't be as good if he played sober
Dusty Quinones - Combines with Elvis to give the Cardinals the strongest up the middle OF combination in 10 Man Softball.

1st base
Gilberto Gonzalez - Gilbert is more known for his pitching and 2nd base play.
But under the radar is an excellent 1st baseman and is a Professional Hitter.
Only downside is he can be a little high maintenance Divaish once in a while.
But when his game is on he is well worth it.

Berg - Sox - Incredible left handed extension in his swing and for a right handed fielder has no problem throwing to 2nd to get lead runners on double plays

2nd Base
Ray Ray - Sox - By far the best new player I have seen this year.
Massive Power and a very heads up defender.

Andy Santana - Tianos/Bombers.
Very solid, Good pull hitter stroke. Great kid.

Alex Vasquez - Hurricanes/Merrill Lynch - check him out. He's the real deal

Hector Hernandez - improved his ability to drive the ball combined with his game changing/saving defense makes him so valuable.
Sito - Tainos/Bombers - Easily one of the best young players in all of softball who can more than hold it down in the field.
Has one of the best power hitting mechanics I have seen all year.
Vic - Choice Parts - The guy is always in perpetual motion on the field. So good.
Eric "Cabezza" Espinal - Why is he playing 2nd on Sundays with the Parts when he could be the starting SS anywhere else? A joy to play with.

3rd base - It's been sort of a down year at 3B in softball.
I find that weird considering its such a key position, probably b/c of lot of top notch 3B's haven't been showing up.

I'll go with Larry "Tony Soprano " Trillo from Wall Street - The guy is tough.

Kip - Choice Parts - he's a class act and good player

Catcher -
Ricardo ( not me) - Merrill Lynch - good hitter who yells "Toma" (take that) after he hits a blast

Tommy Colon - more on him below

Starting Pitcher
Edgar Jr. - Sox - has been incredibly focused and in control almost all year.

Reserve Starter : - Tough Call

I'll call it a 3 way tie between Franny from the 29's - risers all day
Gilberto - smart will keep you in game with knucklers
Manny from Working class - Who? When Manny has command he is filthy.

Please note the following 2 points :
(1) I have only seen Caquito pitch 1 inning - so he is not eligible
(2) Slingers like Mike Cueves etc are not eligible for consideration

All Star Manager
Rudy - Bombers - It's amazing how smart a manager gets when he has Cedric and Bobby Langer throwing for him.

Reserve Mgr:
John RosenMiller - say what you want but year in year out the Parts are serious contenders

All Start Forfeit Avoider

I'll go with my man Tommy Colon
Tommy's bat speed is easily one of the best kept secrets in softball.
An ultimate team player who can play 3b,2b,C, and even Pitch - he is a gamer

Good luck in the 2nd half everyone

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


A big story in the news this week was how lovely Miss. USA Crystle Stewart unfortunately fell during the Miss universe pageant.

This begs me to ask the metro sexual question :

What if NYC Softball had it's own Beauty Pageant who would win?
Top Ten NYC Softball Beauty Contestants
10. Dio Jackson - takes great pride in his hair.
But looks too much like Ozzie Guillen to ever win.

9. Andy Ayala - Good lefty hitter with the super model look.

The hair.
The uniform.
The batting gloves.

The lyrics form the song I'm too Sexy applies
"I'm a model you know what I mean And I do my little turn on the catwalk
Yeah on the catwalk on the catwalk yeah I shake my little touche on the catwalk"

8/7. Juan and Jorge Gonzalez - Twin Bothers who founded and manage the
Tiano Softball team in Chelsea.
Heck these guys even run the league -
Even though they are twins they both have their own unique sense of fashion and style.
Wearing anything less than a custom MLB quality jersey is not an option.

6. Juan Parra - Central Park Softball.
Very Good player
Very useful Utility Man.
Can hit for average , hit or power, pitch, play almost all the positions.
When his head is right Juan can help any team.
Juan is a Softball Diva.
Very Temperamental.
Also, listens to his IPOD while he plays to relax.
Very Divaish

5. Alex Goldman - Diesel - Son of Central Park legend Joel Goldman.
Alex is an emerging 5 tool player with tremendous upside who is also a great kid.
Alex looks like Nicholas Cage in Con Air

4. John Camacho- Sox Central Park Softball
Another guy who listens to his IPOD while playing softball. "se prive"
John loves to walk around with his shirt off all the time, when in reality he should keep his shirt on. With his shirt off and hanging against the dugout fence he reminds me of a captive Charlton Heston from the original Planet of the Apes.

3. Me.
The shoes. What is he thinking?
The dirty/stained/baggy clothes.
The cut-off shirt sleeves - so 80's.
Also when asked some intelligent question by the judges I would give a politically incorrect answer.
Think more along the lines of a degenerate and less talented Pete Rose

Ugly but effective.
2. Chelo - Inwood's legendary ground Keeper.
Seen below holding the Inwood Championship belt.
The missing teeth.
The drinking on the job.
The only reason Chelo could never be #1 is b/c when asked a question by the judges no one could understand his dialect of Spanish/English or whatever else he says
and the #1 NYC Softball Beauty Contestants

1. Jimmy Bitros - Manger Diesel. Central Park Legend
Think distinguished, smooth, charming.
A true Gentleman that knows how to talk to the ladies.
Someone like Frank Sinatra

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Spin offs from successful TV programs are very common.

The Jefferson's were spun off from All in the Family , one of the greatest shows of all times lovable bigot Archie was hilarious.

Laverne and Shirley spun off from Happy Days.

OK let's not mention Joanie Loves ChaChi

Melrose Place spun off of Beverly Hills 90210.

America loves this type of TV.
If TV spin offs can work, then why not in softball?
Since most new TV shows premier in the Fall, then why not in Softball as well?

From the people who gave you,
one of the most popular fall leagues in NYC ,
a new softball league will premier this fall called
This is a Co-Ed league.
Now I know a lot of you guys are snickering and saying COED??
This league will be comepetive, fun, and have enthusiasm.
Don't knock it until you try it.
P.S. Playing with your wife/girl/co-worker/stripper might be a good thing.
Details below
SATURDAYS, Double-headers
9am & 11:30am games
All games at Inwood Hill Park
(Isham Street. & Seaman Ave., near 207st Manhattan)
10 Game Season, plus playoffs
League Fee $800, includes umpires & balls for the entire season
Prizes for Champion & Runner-up
Starts Saturday, Sept 6th, 2008
Call Rick for more information 646-337-3535

Sunday, July 13, 2008


Last time I checked Christmas was on December 25th each and every year.

On Christmas it is customary that you give family and fiends gifts.

Well Christmas came a little early in the Central Park Big Apple yesterday,
as Head Ump Mr. Johnson and his partner Mr. Washington
handed handed game 1 of the double header to Contact, and then embarrassed and disrespected the game in the nightcap with their blatant incompetence.
(I apologize if I got their names wrong even though they owe West an apology for their poor judgement, effort and performance in today's Championship rematch between West-Contact).

Before I go on, I hate arguing and blaming umps.
Repeat I hate it.
It's weak and childish.
As a part-time ump I give umps the benefit of the doubt. Especially when they hustle.

But Dumb and Dumber yesterday were a joke

The game 1 blotter for the dynamic duo of Johnson/Washington in Game One was as follows:

(1) Virgin tight strike zone - more on this later
(2) The Field Ump - Mr Johnson not being in position to call the tail end of a crucial 7th inning double play and saying "I didn't see it". What ump in his right mind would say that on a play he was responsible for??? Answer: Not a good one.
He pointed to the home plate umpire who was standing behind our catcher to make the call (nice hustle). He said safe of course b/c it was safe to do so and b/c he was too lazy to more from behind home plate.

I bet you Mister Magoo would have saw it.

Mr "Head Ump"Johnson is the worse and he is confrontational.

(3) 1 play later, with the tying tun about to score at home plate umpire - the Lovable Mr Washington does not call the contact batter out at home for not sliding. The contact runner ran directly into the catcher. He said "it was my judgement call".
Give me a break.
The rule is slide or give yourself up.
You have no heart or balls.

(4) Now with the Bases loaded and 1 out, our pitcher throws not 1 but 2 pitches right down the middle to a "Crouching Tiger" Mike Trenk.
Both pitches are called ball.
Then with the count 3-1 the worse non-call I have ever seen occurred.
Again "Crouching Tiger" Trenk takes a pitch down the middle and walks about 3/4 pf the way down to 1st, then the Lovable Mr. Washinton raises his arm and made the most unsure strike called I have ever seen to not only further provoke everyone but prolong the agony.
Needless to say "Crouching Tiger" Trenk then took another pitch right down the middle that spite full and moronic Washington called ball four.


Game 1 gift wrapped and a bow placed on it for Contact.

In that game I pooped up with the bases loaded.
Murphy pitched a gem.
We made errors.
But despite all that we had that game, but the umps took that away from us.
Players decide games not ump.
That bombastic idiot Washington cost us that game.

Now the situation had become goon heaven with everyone angry and upset.
To defuse the situation I asked commissioner Jeff Marcus to switch umpire Washington to another game.But Washington decided to stick around. Our loss, well almost, more on that later

Just when you think things were bad Gama 2 rolled around.

The game begins with Contact scoring 1 run and having a man on 3rd with one out ( 3 Batters have taken their turn), all of a sudden the game stops for well over 10 minutes.

No hits.
No runs.
No errors.

Why b/c Contact cleanup batter was not there.
He was off on his bike somewhere.
Contact had not submitted a lineup.
And Mr Magoo umpire stands around and does nothing.
He stands their like officer Bar Brady from South Park "Nothing to see here people Nothing to see"

He doesn't tell the starter to pitch.
He doesn't say batter up.

Of course by this point West is mad.
Sorry I meant to say very fucking mad. With good reason.
Allegedly West starting pitcher Jimmy Meyers then asked Mr. Magoo to get the game going and Mr. Magoo told him to don't fing talk to me, Then Meyers cursed at him and Mister Magoo tossed him.
Are you Fing kidding me!!!?!?!??!
You and your incompetent partner blow game one and then you ejected our Starter in the 1st inning of game 2 without a warning after you instigated the situation

It's embarrassing and deplorable.

You Both Suck.

I asked my manager John Sheppard to vote Mr. Magoo out of the playoffs in umpire review. Now I will ask him to get rid of Washington as well.

Then again Mister Magoo is "The Head Ump" so it's tough for him to get a negative review.

P.S. We won game two salvaging our day and keeping our playoff hopes alive.

P.S.S. As a final act of protest we refused to hand the umpires their money and gave the funds to commissioner Jeff Marcus to disburse. They did not deserve any respect

Between game Wezst manager John Sheppard

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

WHY SO MUCH RAIN!?!?!?!?!?

Rain outs are part of the game.

I can deal with them, heck at some point most players/teams "pray for rain" for one reason or another. But this year has been fucking horrible.

Not only has it rained like almost everyday, it rains driving to the game, or minutes before a game begins, or during games, or between games, it just rains.


One of the worse rain out I experienced was tonight when 2 hours before game time it rained enough to cancel the game, then when the game was postponed it all of a sudden got nice outside. damn

I'm fucking sick of it.

Top Ten Reasons it Rained so much this year

10. Rain goes perfectly with the recession, high gas prices, the real estate market crash and not to mention unemployment ( which I am still part of ).

9. Prevent me from coming up with new blog topics - OK that's a positive

8. George Bush - I don't know why I wrote that I just felt like blaming that moron again.

7. Softball Gods why have you forsaken us?!?!?!?!?!
We must sacrifice something to get the SB Gods back on our side.
Perhaps a commissioner .. maybe CJ??? from EMS


hmmm . nah I'll pass, I don't like EMS but CJ can live.

6. Softball Gods testing to see which commissioners has the fairest and smartest remake schedule skills or at least the best schedule software to account for all the rain outs.
5. Patience is a Virtue - nice saying made up that is basically telling you to stop complaining - 3rd best corny cliche I can think of that applies to all this Rain
4. Life a Bitch and then you Die - 2nd best corny cliche I can think of that applies to all this Rain
3. Everything Happens for Reason - best corny cliche I can think of that applies to all this Rain
2. Global Warming - OK now I'm really stretching to get 10 items, I'm just stalling for number 1 and .....

and the #1 Reasons it Rained so much this year

1. Make the dry (hopefully) Fall season off the hook. is coming soon plus a spin off Saturday CO-Ed league.
I know shameless plug, but all this rain has left me no choice

Sunday, July 6, 2008


Too often we play softball for the wrong reasons - For the money (greed), bragging rights, to embarrass someone else. - We overlook simply having fun.

Well their is plenty of fun at he Robert Trillo Annual Softball game and more importantly it is a good cause as a bunch of guys who grew up above 96th street remember a friend who has passed away.

Read the details of the event below.

If you make it out one time this year this is the event - plenty of softball, food, liquor, prizes, and laughs all day long.


Host: Juan Moreiras

Location: Inwood Park (Field #3)Inwood Park (Field #3)

207th and Seaman Ave, New York, NY US

When: Saturday, July 12, 10:00AM

Phone: 917-334-6081

You are invited to the 4th Annual Robert Trillo Charity Softball game(s). This year, we're officially calling it a "Softball-Marathon" where you can play ball all day and raise money for a good cause.

We do this every year to contribute to the Cardinal Spellman High School football team in honor of our good friend, Robert Trillo, who passed away in 2004. This year, we also hope to make a gift in Rob's name to The American Diabetes Association. Robert was a star football player at Cardinal Spellman High School in the Bronx and also suffered with Diabetes all his life. He was an avid football fan and simply loved playing football for his school.

AS USUAL, THERE WILL BE A RAFFLE AND PRIZES - In that past we've given away an IPOD and a fancy dinner. This year can anyone say IPHONE???

So come and hang out with us at Inwood Park (field #3), see some ol' friends or make some new ones. Get your softball groove on and raise a few dollars for a good cause. The game is Co-ed and you may invite friends. We'll provide some food, drinks and t-shirts, but you should bring your own chairs. We had a great time last year and raised close to $3000.


We will also collect donations that day. If you can't make it, but would like to donate, please send a check payable to Cardinal Spellman High School to:

Juan Moreiras

77 Park Terrace East, D29

New York, NY, 10034

OR via PAYPAL, send donations to



A Train to 207st, walk two blocks west to Seaman Avenue. (you'll see the park).

1 Train to 207st, walk six blocks west to Seaman Avenue.


West Side Highway to Dyckman Street Exit, at 3rd light make left on Broadway. Proceed 4 lights to 207st, make left and go to blocks to Seaman Ave. Start looking for parking!

East Side/ FDR Drive to Dyckman Street Exit (last exit), make right and proceed to 204st. Make left at 204st and go until street ends at Seaman Ave. Right on Seaman Ave and start looking for parking.

If you have any questions, call or write:

Freddy: 917-319-2023,

Juan: 917-334-6081,

Rick 646-337-3535

Thank You

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Sure everyone knows the Softball Superstar Celebrities - The John Brown's, the Lou Gonzalez's, the Johnny Castillo, The Elvis's and so forth - their (and other) softball stud reputations are well earned.

But what about those winning player that fly under the radar.
Talented players who most of you don't know about b/c they play in other boroughs or remote locations.

Here is my Top Ten List of Under the Radar Stud Players

10. Chucky Lamantia - Charter Fabric League and Staten Island - this is one fast white boy.
I call him The Flash b/c of his blazing speed.

Looks like a quiet little harmless guy, but when he plays the kid will literally run through a wall for you to win. Dead Pull hitter and an excellent outfielder who can play IF as well. Great Guy.

9. Larry Triollo - Wall Street/ Merrill Lynch - looks like Tony Soprano and is
just as tough as him.

Solid 3rd baseman.
Excellent and True 4-5 Hitter Power.
Not afraid of anyone.
If he is on you team you love him, if he's not you hate him.

8. Nicky Conesco/i - WHO??? - man this Staten Island player is so under the radar that I don't even know the true spelling of his last name. But what I do know is that he is a five tool stud lefty bat. Built like West Legend George Colon, Nicky can also serve as a sling pitcher.
This big little man is amazing in the field and at the plate.
Beautiful short compact power stroke makes him an impact bat in any lineup.

7. Enrique Perdomo - Actually is a Central Park legend. Excellent approach at the plate - can hit the ball with authority to all fields. The guy is in his 50's but defensively plays the field very intelligently. More importantly, as a pitcher has an absolutely filthy knuckle ball. Throws it hard, soft, medium speed, breaks in, out, up, and down and does not tip his pitches or pitch sequence. Unfortunately, does not like to play league games anymore.
It's a shame he's excellent and one of my favorites. I highly respect him.

6. Carlos Castro - Mariners Colgate - will only be 21 later this year.
He's not under the radar anymore as he plays everywhere.
I already have him listed as one of my favorite shortstops (see Classic Shortstop ranking blog)
Off the chart ability - speed, arm, power, instinct, bat speed, pitch recognition.
Should be playing baseball.
The type of player you build your team around.

5. Pito Rifokol - Plays close to home in the Bronx in goon 259th street league for the Maniacs. One of my all time favorite players/persons I've come across in softball.
Original Inwood player and Inwood Hall of Famer.
Is a 5 Tool player and extremely intelligent.
Only downside is that he listens to R&B music all the time, outside of R Kelly adventures I don't follow R&B much

4. Edgar Gonzalez Jr.

Edgar is definitely not under the radar b/c of lack of ability or exposure.
He has been playing NYC softball for years, but has cut back the amount of time he plays the last few years for different reasons.

His talent and ability as a pitcher is unquestionable.
He effectively changes speeds, throws a very good riser, has excellent speed/movement, highly intelligent, and has won numerous championships.
To top it off he is 100% Legal.

When I 1st started playing modified softball I think it took me like 3 years to finally get a clean hit against him.

When he is focused and committed he is a tremendous asset for any ball club.

3. Stevie Rodriguez - Highlanders/Sox/Broadway Stars/Tianos -
Stevie is a beast.
Not scared of anyone or anything.
The Man is indestructible, softball's version of Wolverine

He broke his wrist one season and came back to help lead the Highlanders to the 2005 Championship.

He is not exactly under the radar, but I threw him on the list b/c he isn't talked about as much as he should be. The guy has power and plays everywhere at a A+ level.

2. Alex Vasquez - Hurricanes/Merrill Lynch - My #1 Rated NYC Softball Shortstop
Incredible Raw Power.
The harder a pitcher throws the farther he hits it.
His quick hands and balance are the key to his power.
As a shortstop the man is simply Professional!!!
It's amazing to watch him play.

and the Number One Under the Radar Stud Players

1. Ray Ray - Sox Central Park
Such a good player we say his 1st name twice.
When I 1st saw this guy I thought he's OK.
But the more I see of him the more I believe.
Cleanup Hitter Raw Power.
Excellent Second Baseman and can fill in at other positions adequately as well.
Very smart player whose head is always in the game and works very well with his teammates.
A True Keeper.

Honorable Mention
The Other Lou Gonzalez from the Cardinals
- best drunk hitter in all of softball - sorry Aaron your 2nd
Issac "Gubi" Delgado - will never be under the radar b/c he likes to tell everyone how good he is