Saturday, June 25, 2016

1st Annual Strike Out Cancer Softball Tournament

Time To Strike out Cancer.

The Highlanders, led by legendary Dio Jackson, are fighting Cancer in style on July 29th, 2016 at 4PM at the Brooklyn Cyclone Baseball Stadium.


His Charity is Cancer Research Institute and his fund raising page is:

Dio Jackson- Highlanders Softball Strike Out Cancer Tourney 

Softball/Baseball is a relentless game, Cancer is a relentless disease, This 1st Class event at this top NYC venue will bring the softball community together to play ball on a professional field to raise money, awareness, and knowledge to stop, prevent, and one day cure Cancer.

Softball lives. Softball Cares.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

6-19-16 BLESSED

Father's Day and Birthday on the same day 6-19-16 - Wow!!!!

Regardless of wins, lose, or draw today I am blessed with a great personal family

and Softball Family

The Insider is glad you all out there are part of my life - Blessed.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

SBI Reboot Series: Kobayashi Maru

A reboot means to discard all continuity in an established series in order to recreate its characters, timeline and back story from the beginning. Reboots have become popular in our society lately as evidence by:
  • TV Shows
  • Music
  • Comic Book 
  • Video Games
  • Movies
One of my favorite Reboots is the Star Trek

In the scene above they reboot the Kobayashi Maru:  a test in the fictional universe of Star Trek. It's a training exercise designed to test the character of cadets in a no-win scenario. Yeah I am a geek and know and love this shit.

Actually the Kobayashi Maru is a classic insider blog from a few years ago that needs to rebooted. You see recently I was place in Kobayashi Maru softball position.

Situation: I was asked to view an audition of a pitcher who currently resides on the BASL pitcher ban list.  This is a a no-win scenario; a true Sb Kobayashi Maru.

Why? If pitcher is granted an audition, then

(1) If he is reinstated the ban list becomes like a crack in the damn and the whole thing bursts. Everyone wants back in. The league loses and completely falls apart.

(2) If he is given an audition and told no, Everyone's time has been wasted, I get yelled at by the team requesting the audition, and I also get yelled at by everyone else as they all have a fucking opinion. Another Loser Scenario.

The league is in a fragile place now. The last thing we need is more Klingons firing phasers.

So what did I do?  I did what Captain Kirk did in that scene above; I changed the rules of the SB Kobayashi Maru. I disallowed any auditions on the grounds that rules cannot be changed mid-season and the new lists supersedes any prior audition rules. I broke tradition. Yeah I know this is a bit outside of the lines, but I'm not afraid of sticking to my non NRA guns, fuck it, and to borrow another star Trek Reboot phrase "The Needs of the Many Outweigh the Needs of the Few or the One".

Is this a mistake?  Let's see. I know we are all conditioned to avoid mistakes, play it safe, but everything in my being tell me now is the Time to Play, not squabble.  The only scenario that matter is Win or Loss on the field, not off of it.

Beam Me Up Marcus.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

SB Warrior Down,, but recovering

I have seen a thousand wars, through eyes accustomed to death
Trod a thousand battle fields, in bare feet, sandals,
On horse back, and in boots
Thrown a thousand rocks, a thousand spears,
Shot a thousand arrows, a thousand bullets,
Launched a thousand rockets,
I know the thousand faces of death
I have seen them all, a thousand times over
I have been them all, through a thousand different hosts
I have left thousand of grieving families
Still, like time and war
I go on
But I grow tired
I would like to pause
No matter what I may pretend
I would lke to feel the sun on my face
And turn my back on the spectacle of war
I want to lay my defenses down
And pick up faith
I am tired of fighting
No one cries harder for peace
Than a warrior who has lost the will to fight
But I am forced to fight on
I dare not stop fighting now
For if I do
All that has been gained in my thousand wars will be lost
So I will fight one more battle
One last war, to its brutal end
Then I will pause
And sit down with my friends
We will share a drink and a laugh
And perhaps a tear
But for now, I fight on
For I am the Spirit of a Warrior
And I cry 

One of my favorite Softball Players and People Neftali "Flaco" Arroyo

Is improving, feeling better, and is staying overnight in the hospital after a very bad bout with Kidney Stones. 

Relax Warrior, follow instructions, take your medication, hope to see: 

" ah ah ah bombito everywhere"