Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Watered Down Drink

Top Ten Reasons Why Softball can be Like a Watered Down Drink

10. Clubs that serve watered down drinks are usually trendy, superficial and all the hot girls are unapproachable. In softball it's trendy for all the good players to follow the good pitchers resulting in a ridiculously stacked team creating watered down competition.
9. Watered down drinks leave you feeling cheated. Softball with watered down competition can leave you feeling cheated.
8. Both leave you unsatisfied - You have high expecations for both but reality leaves you disappointed. - Your still thirsty for more liquor after having a watered down drink. After playing in a watered down softball game it leaves you wanting to play against better competition.
7. Watered down drinks suck and watered down softball leagues suck - no competition sucks
6. If you buy a hot girl watered down drinks all night she won't get drunk as fast, you spend too much money, and your probably not getting laid. If you bring a stud player to a watered down league it's waste of time, money, and the player probably won't want to play there anymore.
5. After having a watered down drink you never want to have one again. After playing in a watered down softball game/ league you never want to play there again.
4. A watered down drink has no taste or buss. A watered down softball league has no taste and competition buzz.
3. Watered down drinks turn something you love, liquor, into something cheap and useless. Weak softball leagues turn the game you love into a trivial useless joke.
2. Greedy club owners and bartenders water down the drinks they serve. Shiesty commissioners who have a team in the league water down the competition in the hopes of winning the prize money

and the number one reason why softball can be like a watered down drink

1. Even though a watered down drink sucks you keep going back to the bar for more because your a sucker for liquor and have nothing better to do. In softball, even though the competition, field, league, etc. sucks you keep going back for more because your a sucker for the game and have nothing better to do.

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