Monday, April 16, 2007

Breaking Up

Breaking up with your significant other can be very stressful and/or difficult.

They same can be said of breaking up with a softball team.

Top Ten Ways that Breaking up with a softball team is like breaking up with your significant other

10. The "It's not you it's me" breakup excuse is the easiest way out in both . They are also both lies , that really mean "It's really you now get lost scrub"

9. When you break up in a relationship you want to hook up with someone else to help you forget, in softball after you quit or are cut you want to find a team where you can get more playing time for yourself and forget the old team

8. Your looking to upgrade in both - smarter hotter companion in life and better team in softball

7. They both hurt but sometimes you gotta do it for the best - do the right thing

6. Both involve an emotional attachment - you leave a little bit of your heart behind

5. You don't leave a team or a lover unless you got another one lined up as a replacement

4. When you see your old girl/boy friend after the breakup it's awkward, just like when you see your old teammates again after you quit it can be kinda "Weird"

3. In life Hell Hath no Fury like a woman scorned and in softball hell hath no fury like an ex teammate released - both want to come back and beat you

2. In both instances you stop picking up the phone when the person that got dumped starts calling

and the Number One Way that Breaking up with a softball team is like breaking up with your significant other

1. You been with the other person so long you don't know what to do with yourself now that it's over. The same can be said in softball, now that you no longer play with the team you have no idea what to do with yourself - Loneliness and Displacement sets in

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