Friday, March 25, 2016

24/7 Softball News and Friends Visit Orlando's Softball's PIMP For Easter

New York has been training for weeks

for Big Tournament in Orlando which has finally arrived this EASTER weekend.

Many New York softball celebrities are in the House

to play some serious ball and look forward

to meeting up with there boy Flaco a True Softball PIMP

Hurt but still has the love to play

Enjoy yourselves guys.You have the love

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Gunn & Apple Spring Sales

With beautiful 70 degree weather here this week, softball season is a coming fast so it's time to go last minute softball league shopping. As your softball infomercial source I'm featuring two Old School leagues that will let you get your softballs swerve on

Spring Softball Sale #1 - Gunn Sports.

I hate guns, but I love softball. So does Gunny

Gunny left

Gunny has been running his league for over 20 years. He has the love. They play on Saturday's and the information is as follows:

  • Mandatory Meeting!! 
  • Website: Gunn Sports 
  • Saturday, March 12th 
  • League fee deposit due 
  • Pick up your folders 
  • Place: Gunn Sports Community Room Address: 309 East 118th Street/ 1st Floor 
  • Time: 3pm 
  • Men's Division Opening Day April 9th 
  • Coed Division Opening Day April 30th 
The league may be B96, but it was an Old School  A96 feel that can't be beat in Manhattan.

Spring Softball Sale #2Big Apple League

The Apple of my softball eye

Best League in NYC by far. 

League offers the following:
  • Plays softball on finest fields in Manhattan Central Park
  • Softball Care - on the field insurance for players.
  • Excellent Competition
  • Permits
  • ASA Membership
  • Score book
  • Rulebook 
  • Guarantee 22-28 regular season game schedule 
  • Doubleheaders every Sunday
  • Playoffs
  • Championship Prize
If you love softball this is the league for you.

Please feel free to contact Ricky or Jeff at your earliest opportunity at or

Thursday, March 3, 2016

SB Ride or Die 2016 ... Be Careful What You SB Wish For

Breaking News: The Softball Insider hasn't written a blog in 62 days. 

Is it a sabbatical or the end? Was I just taking a break?  

It has been quiet:
  • No rumors
  • No speculation.
  • No phone calls.
  • No emails
  • No comments
  • No anger.

The only thing it has been is Softball Apathetic, which is probably one the worst things to be. Winter will do that.

But spring is almost here and at this point I have to ask "Do the 822 posts and 9 years I've put into mean anything?

 Since I started this blog I've been through a lot of shit like:

  • Cut/Released/Unwanted by teams and friends
  • Quit teams
  • Hypocrite
  • A Winner - Multiple League Champion
  • A Loser, Choker, Failure
  • Married
  • Manager
  • A Father
  • Softball Consultant
  • Batting Title
  • Unemployed
  • Lost and Gained and Lost 30 pounds
  • Injured
  • Last Place to 1st Place to Last
  • Poor Then Rich Then Poor Then Rich Then ??
  • SB Analyst
  • RMBS Analyst
  • Tax Man
  • Distressed Asset Analyst
  • Coach
  • Commissioner
  • Outfielder
  • Infielder
  • Catcher
  • Forfeit Avoider
  • Softball Whore
  • Lost a Father
  • Cancer Philanthropist
  • Father to Be again

It's been one hell of a ride, hasn't it? After all it is more than just a me anyway. 

All these years later, I feel like my SB heart and back has been broken, but somehow I get up and SB walk gain.

1st blog of 2016 and this is real talk.  

What's next? 

No. Not Yet.  

I still feel there is more ..yes I'm crazy. It ill only be harder. 
      • Another year older.
      • Competition. 
      • Family commitments.
      • Money
      • The SB game in general is in danger (more on that at another time)

But still the softball heart wants what the softball heart wants and I want softball. 

This is it probably for me in a hardcore capacity. "2016 Ride or Die" is my corny but honest motto. 

My instincts tell me this could and will be a big season if the softball gods allow. But even I know I have to be careful what I softball wish for.. there will be consequences... more on that in future blogs. Yes there will be future blogs.

See you all on the field soon... where we belong.