Sunday, April 1, 2007

Rookie Manager Loses His Virginity

Top Ten Reasons why it's appropriate that my 1st official day as manager of Gallagher's falls on April Fool's day.

10. I'm a fool - obviously -
9. Only a fool would want to manage
8. Softball has a way of playing cruel practical jokes on you
7. I'm a clown
6. No on takes me seriously just like no one takes practical jokes on April 1st seriously
5. I planned it that way - Idiot Savant - there is a method to my madness
4. Only fools fall in love - and I love softball
3. It was the only day Astrid let me out of the house - even fools get whipped
2. The Mets open on April fools day and I'm a Met fan - Only fools are Met fans

and the Number One Reasons Why it's appropriate that my 1st official day as manager of Gallagher's falls on April Fool's day.

1. April Fools Day and Ricky - of course it makes perfect sense

On to the business of softball ( is it business ? - hmm that's another blog)

The day started out on a funny note as the entire team got lost - but we all ended getting up lost in the same exact spot on some desolate NJ soccer field.
But it wasn't so bad - kinda funny and Rob soon came along to rescue all of us directionally challenged people.

But after that everything went smooth.
We ironed out all the kicks on defense and got our swings in on offense.

One thing I liked was the versatility the ball club has two offer. I'm pretty much at least 5 deep in the IF & OF. Now it's up to me to come up with the right combination to make it all happen.

We far from where we need to be. We are not instant oatmeal - just add water and serve.
I have to find the right combination of ingredients to stir the pot.
I know we are going to get better so be patient and give it time.

Anyway, more corny stuff to follow in future blogs

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  2. i'm worried... you really might become who you've always wanted to be.. the most hated man in central park.