Thursday, April 26, 2007

The Sixth Tool

Most people say that the best player in one that has 5 tools:
Hit for Power
Hit for Average
Great Defense
Strong Arm

But perhaps the most important tool you can have as a player or in life for that matter is CONFIDENCE!!!!

Some Confidence is sincerely earned, others is fake and can be shattered easily, while some people obtain a sense of confidence because they are disillusional and are just out there.

Confidence is very fragile - especially to someone who cares about what others think.

I've seen horrible players, flat out scrubs, who truly believe they are good never lose confidence. While I've seen talented players lose all confidence their confidence and fall apart.

Hell I've lost confidence in myself plenty of times - I'm not ashamed to admit it.

Most normal people lose their "MOJO" in life at one time or another.

Softball is no different than life.

In life your girl or man dumps you for someone else and you lose your confidence, that belief in yourself, and the opposite sex can smell it and then you go into a dating slump and start watching Cinemax after dark on a consistent basis.

In softball if you lose your confidence due to an error or slump the opposition and more importantly your teammates sense it. You start pressing more and then your done.

The best advice I can give someone is Confidence comes from success.
Focus on improving your skills through hard work and setting realistic goals.
Building confidence is a process - and if you don't invest in yourself no one else will.
Second guessing yourself and stressing over every details is a sure recipe for disaster.
Getting your mojo and swerve takes time - Confidence is like Rome, it wasn't/isn't built over night - there are no quick fixes.

Holler Back!!!!!!!!!!

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