Sunday, March 30, 2014

Alvin Lewbel ... He Was Good... He was Loved

Recently I received the following message "More blogs please" your right I owe you all, I owe myself, but for one more day at least I owe someone else

Alvin Lewel

Al - Ironically Marc R was sleeping in back of this picture - crazy

He passed away last week. Bad news comes in three's and this one was tough b/c as his longtime friend Jimmy Bitros said "He was a good man, a good father, a good husband, a good grandfather and a good friend always eager to take that extra step to help those in need. He will truly be missed. "I understand his daughter would like to place a plaque on a bench near Heckscher Field #2 in his memory.  I will look into it."

Below I've posted all the Facebook comments on Al that were posted through out this week when the news broke.

Facebook Comments 

"Alvin (Al) Lewbel passed away last week. He was a member of the Rangers about a decade ago and a regular player in the Heckscher #2 Sunday pickup game for many years. RIP, Al."
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  •  My condolences.
  • Al who recently moved to one of the Carolina's? If so, I liked him and considered him a friend and am a better person for knowing him. So sorry to hear!
  •  oh o!.
  •  Sad to hear, he was such a nice guy and always put a smile on my face!
  • I learned so much from Al. He loved the game and all of us. A true inspiration. Tired of losing people I love
  •  Was that Al the catcher who also played in the Great Lawn Sat pick up games?
  • rip Al, miss you brother.
  • RIP Al. You will be in my prayers and thoughts.
  •  R.I.P.
  • RIP, Al.
  •  AL. Your were my friend and a great,kind and generous man...I will miss you.
  • Wow... Please someone put a picture of him.
  •  Al was the heart and soul of our Saturday Great Lawn Softball game.
  • Al will be greatly missed
  •  Loved this man - RIP, Al
  • R.I.P Al you made us all better players knowing you will always be missed in our hearts
  • Thank you for posting. Al was a class act and a great player. He has been missed by many for a while as his trips to New York became ever more infrequent. Now, he will forever live in the hearts of all those he touched. Rest in peace old friend. We shall remember you.
  • Lucky great pic that captured Al right there only thing better would have been him giving a big hug to a friend! The "U" hat never looked better!
  • Thanks Nick that pic came from his good friend Martin who has used it as his profile pic for years. Al's love of the game and for the players he called pals will live forever. Hugs would a been great, no doubt...
  • Alvin talked me through so many hitting slumps, throwing slumps - and slumps off the field too. I will carry those lessons with me - and will miss him a lot.
  •  A true Warrior. .. He was loved...this hurts
  • Alvin had balls and a heart of gold. His weekly movie reviews from his grandchildren were priceless. ohy ge vault
  • the pix was taken by bitros. 9 Across was a champ team with Al as skip.
  • He was a good man, who was absolutely fearless!
  • He now playing catch with god he was a great person to be around with he will be missed by all he touched on the softball diamond he made us all better ballplayers R.I.P Al
  •  about 3 years ago I was crossing 56th & 8th heading south with the light. an SUV turned right fast enough to get my NY up and just as I started to yell and flip the guy off I realized it was Al driving his wife - both of whom were laughing. he did it on purpose! wise guy. I loved Al, he will be missed.
  •  I think he knocked me out at home plate once on Fridays

    March 26 at 8:12pm · Like - I am devastated, we all lost a real mensch. GOD bless you all for caring, We're all family under the bubble of hechsher

These comments are a true tribute to the man because so many people on this list argue and dislike one another over petty stuff like at bats, playing time, balls & strikes, competition, power, leagues, politics, money etcs, yet everyone on this list loved and respected Al. Anyone who can connect with so many different people was definitely so special.

 As for me I felt a connection for Al in :
  • We had the same birthday - June 19
  • His wonderful sense of humor. I would make fun of his ears calling them satellites used for Internet connection and long distance phone calls. He laughed at those jokes. He was awesome
  • Al was always on me to lose weight and keep it off, but not for softball for life. We got on his knees and praised me when he saw I dropped 30 lbs 3 years ago. I should have been the one bowing to him. He cared
  • Inspiration - All played softball until he was very elderly. He blocked home plate without fear and sacrificed his body. Whenever it was hot and I was tired I looked at him and it was an inspiration
  • When he got on base the crowd would applaud. I though that was so classy
  • He never took a courtesy runner form home to first.Refused. A True Warrior
  • I think Al as Jewish and would call me to wish me a Merry Christmas. He knew it was more than just a game. Classy and Nice.
  • He called me about two years at Christmas and thanked me and everyone for Central Park and all the years. He cried. He loved playing ball. Again I should have been the one thanking him. He was special
  • My best Al moment was about 10 years ago in a 10+ run blowout pick up game Jimmy hit a line drive down the left field line, I was playing left field, and I didn't run after it. Everyone scored and the game ended. Everyone hated me and got mad at me. They all told me to stay out of the game and not ruin their day. Honestly, I didn't care, not until Al sat down next to me and told me you have to respect the game or no one will ever respect you. It woke me up, I will never tank it in any game again. Thank you Al
Thank you Softball for helping me meet Al. I may not be perfect, but I definitely am a better person for know Al. 

We all are.

He was Good. 

He Was Loved