Friday, August 28, 2015

Original Highlander would be proud

"Jack" Doyle was an Irish-American first baseman in Major League Baseball at the Turn of the 20th century

whose career spanned 17 seasons, mainly in the National League.but spent the 1905 with the New York Highlanders. His aggressive playing style earned him the name Dirty Jack,” as he often feuded with umpires, fans, opposing players, and even, at times, his own teammates. On one occasion, in Cincinnati on July 4, 1900, while in the 3rd inning of the second game of a doubleheader, Doyle slugged umpire Bob Emslie after being called out on a steal attempt. Fans jumped from the stands as the two got into it, and players finally separated the two fighters.

Something tells me that Jack would have been proud of the Softball Highlanders who this year played under his name sponsorship to capture the Chelsea Fast Pitch Championship.

The victory marked the Triumphant return of Mount Rushmore Manager Dio Jackson (didn't he retire???? Decide already!)

Gotta give Dio credit, at least he has style, as another championship belt notch was earned

as his talented hard nosed team

defeated Three Time Champion Brugal in a great series. Classy and Talented

Frank "Frankie Fastball" Cammallare was their MVP!

Inwood is next on their list and Dio's Return Tour

Softball Sign of the Times

It's Softball Sign of the the TIMES again


as the The New York Times won its fourth straight New York Press League title with and 8-0 win over Sports Illustrated.

Mike Peckins won his second straight MVP of the playoffs with a 6-hit shutout and threw 16 scoreless innings in the post season.

The New York Press League has been playing since 1977 and this is the first time a club has won four straight post season titles.

The New York Times did win four in a row from '77 to '81, but the League did not play in 1978 due to the great Writers' Strike of '78. The game marked the end of the line for long time Sports Illustrated pitcher and utility man Doug Goodman. Goodman, who took the loss allowing only 5 earned runs, was one of only 2 active players left who played in each of the 38 seasons of the New York Press League. Goodman also served as the Commissioner of the Press League for 10 seasons.

Congrats, True Dynsasty

Monday, August 24, 2015

Softball Gods Get This One Right

Yesterday Josh Rodriguez drove in the winning run in a playoff game and earned a game ball.

Pops is always proud, yesterday just a little more

The Softball gods got this one right

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Sandlot.. Great Movie and a 3 Time Championship Softball Team

Sandlot was a great baseball movie

and on Saturday's in Central Park Sandlot is now a 3 Time Championship Softball Team

As good teams do the Team had many key contributors like:
  • Chiquito (small)

  • and Shy Joel Ortiz

Their version of Championship Manager Aneudy Perez adjusted and made key moves that won

and in the end he enjoyed a Championship Moment

After an easy regular season the team earned this championship with 4 post season victories in their last turn at bat. Excellent.

Well Done and congrats Aneudy.

Time for You to Go....Staight Out of Chelsea ... ...FreeStyle Lives... Tianos Champions 2015

The Insider salutes the 2015 Chelsea Lob Ball Champions Tianos 

led by manager and free style artist Jorge Luis Anthony

Great Team and Jorge is a great guy. I may not like free style anymore, but I have to admit Jorge is an excellent singer. The music to the brief team highlight video below is his very own freestyle song "Time for You to Go"

Lol- He's awesome and so were the Tianos. Congtas

Saturday, August 15, 2015


Very Sadly Victor"Pops" Rodriguez

passed away yesterday.

We all called him Pops because that's what he felt like to us. Such a strong supporting father to his son Josh and all of us.

This one is shocking and deeply hurts.

Gone too soon

Friday, August 7, 2015

Franchise Four Softball Managers.. SB Mount Rushmore

Recently Major League Baseball honored every team's top four Mount Rushmore of players

and that got me to thinking why can't we do that in Softball? But instead of players let's do a Sb Mount Rushmore of Softball Managers. My Franchise Four Softball Managers are:

Franchise Four Softball Managers John "Championship Manager" Sheppard, Juan "Blonde" Moreiars, Dio Jackson and Bob Morrello

My criteria for these manager were:
  • Played under for more than five years
  • Knowledge obtained
  • Championship Pedigree
  • Charisma and Entertainment
Upon their selection I interviewed Sb Mount Rushmore skipper for his reaction. Enjoy

Dio Jackson

Bob Morrello


John  "Championship Manager" Sheppard

Only thing I Know

Where Do Blogs Come from is a cool Old School posting of mine from 8 years ago that came across my mind today. Whenever I haven't written in a while I like to go rewind back to older topics to see if they can be rebooted or reopened. However, there is a danger in that as sometimes I feel like all I ever do is find different ways to word the same, old blog.

For example, I wanted to do a rebooted on my hardcore  baseball vs softball swing blog from several years ago. I even interviewed my original interviewee John Cordero

Good interview, as John is an excellent line drive power hitter whose hitting opinion I value, but something was off and I decided to scrap the blog. I needed something fresh, or so I thought.

It's too late to start that blog over, but not to late to learn, Lately a lot of softball rage is gone and now I'm frozen cause there's no more emotion for me to pull from. The Truth is scrapping that blog was just an excuse, I was afraid to write the same old boring blog. You can't be afraid to fail. Some postings suck and you gotta take the criticism when people rub it in your face and learn from it. I guess it's like being a good player.. you keep plugging away because you know it's your only outlet and you care about it.

The best thing to rely on right now is my enthusiasm for the game and combine it with my bizarre outlook on life. In other words, Just balance my damn self and  "Stop Giving a Fuck".  That might mean recycling the same, old blog sometimes But I'd rather make "ModCare 2" than quit.

It's the Only thing I Know

Monday, August 3, 2015

True Class.. B/C it's More than Just a game

Yesterday a Remembrance was held for Philly Joe Musetti

 led by classy Big Apple legend Pat Frenni

It was a classy ceremony

with words from legends that came from the heart

Pat sent out the following thank you message last night

Friends of Philly Joe,
On behalf of Joe's family represented today by his niece Gina and grand
niece Sylvia I want to thank you all for sharing in this moment of
remembrance. It was personally gratifying but not surprising to see so many
of you on this beautiful summer day.  Joe had a New York family as well as a
Philadelphia family and we joined together today to insure that he would
always be a part of the ball fields he loved so much.
Rest in peace, Joe, and enjoy the games.

True Class.. B/C it's More than Just a game

Legends Never Die