Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Malo Pa Fuera .. Best/Worst 2014 and Beyond

It's New Year's Eve. Be careful out there everyone as it's strictly amateur and newbie night.

New Year's Eve is a bittersweet night, one year older, a new year ahead. It is also a night filled with many traditions like:
  • Countdown
  • Time Square
  • Drinking
  • Partying
Three of my favorite B96 New Year's traditions are:

1. Eating 12 Grapes at midnight, one for each month ahead, for good luck

2. Spinning Suitcase - It's tradition to grab a suitcase and spin it around in all directions as a symbol for safe travel. - LOL - Very hickish but funny

3. Malo Pa Fuera (my favorite)- filling a pot of water and throwing it our door. It symbolizes throwing out the past year's bad luck and starting anew

So ghetto - so fun

 So for my final blog of the Year I would like to do a Malo Pa Fuera for Softball 2014

Top Ten Malo Pa Fuera for Softball 2014

9. Three Last Inning Championship Losses - Old School, Weintraub, and Old School Fall. "I've always said "losing hurts more than winning feels good". These always stay with you

8. Slumps and lack of Clutch Hits- Learn from it. Adjust. Overcome. Courage, Confidence

7. Big Apple League Shrinkage - Has to be corrected. Softball will not die on my watch.

4. Selfish People -I'm done with them. Team 1st only. Ironically, sometimes you have to selfish to put the team first. A mistake I've made for years.

3. Softball Drama - playing time, egos, inconvenience, head cases - Pa Fuera

2. Leaving the Rangers - it was mutually beneficial for both sides. Just something bad about how it all ended. Good people over there. Never got that Big Apple title for them.

and the #1 Malo Pa Fuera for Softball 2014

1, Unfairly Being Left Out - Sucks when you do well and left out b/c of politics or numbers game. I can understand loyalty, defense, or talent. But getting left out for "other reasons" is wack (see #4).

 SB Malo Pa Fuera!!!!!!!

Now while 2014 had its bad points I would be remiss and be an overall "Softball Debbie Downer" if I didn't mention many good people and moments as well like:

And of course wonderful people and teammates like:
  • Glenn R  - great guy
  • Eric Brown
  • Angelo Gonzalez - never thought he would make this list. I was wrong.
  • Entire Choice Parts -Miranda, Chino, Mickey P, Francis, Mickey P, Eric Z , Kip, Sandy Clay, everyone, etc - everything just clicked
  • Gil Jr - "Like Father Like Son" does not apply
  • Jimmy Myers - Thorwback. 
  • Old School Tuesdays - Richie, Andy, Kirk Albie and all the other crazies (including me)
  • Chris "Kennedy" and Bob - Charter Fabric
  • Entire Ronda's Grocery Team - Knuckle Lou was awesome. Thank you Dio and Blonde
  • Jose "Skywalker" Martinez - great future
  • Carlos Ramirez and Sito - just awesome A+ players
  • Guby - yeah I love Guby even though he's Guby
  • Jimmy, Joel. Jack, Paul many of the other locos
  • Roberto
  • Ralpha
  • My softball sons - Christian, Many, Oliver
Going forward I've set my goals (will keep that private) but over the years I've learned a few things in softball/life that I will; apply in softball 2015 and beyond:
  1. People - Be kind to the people on the way up. It's the same people you see on your way down. 
  2. Softball is about winning, playing, challenges  - If that ain't happening get out
  3. Like Ernie Banks famously said "You gotta be a man to play baseballbut you gotta have a lot of little boy in you. “ so important
  4. Follow the Love - good things will happen
Happy New Year Everyone!!!!


Monday, December 29, 2014

Just Once

This blog has only 4 things in common softball in regards to Winning:

1. Some people win year after year.

2. Some people win multiple championships in one year.

3. Some people only win once.

4. Some People never win.

Unfortunately, the Jets fall into the last category

Even when we win, we end up losing, as after winning a meaningless game in Miami yesterday,

we in reality lost as we dropped 2 spots in the 2015 draft. 

So Frustrating.

Anyway, today the Lysol was taken out and the Jets cleaned house by firing their Coach and G.M 

Good Move

It's 46 years and counting now. Can we get it right this time, so we can win Just Once.