Thursday, August 30, 2007

Anonymous Classic

The strong reaction to my "Late start West vs. Choice Parts" has been overwhelming.
Thank you and keep them coming.
A few Choice parts players who have read the blog have complained that the comments are bitter and hidden behind an Anonymous" name. They argue that if people are going to speak up they should not be afraid to place their name by their words. There is validity to that argument. But I'm way ahead of that arguemnet b/c back in June under my "Doubleheader" blog I addressed the Anonymous reader comment.

So read below on the Classic Softballinsider blog below

June 2007

My most loyal reader is someone with the unique name of Anonymous.

Mr. /Mrs. Anonymous always has something to say, and most of time the feedback is witty, on point, and original. But why doesn't Mr/Mrs Anonymous come honest and list their real name?

I know why

Top Ten Reasons Why people make Anonymous comments to Softball

10. They don't want anyone to know that they actually read Rick's blog and fear public humiliation if identified
9. Scared of having their identity stolen on the web and used in a card card commercial
8. Too Scared to list their name for fear Rick might write a blog about them
7. They are killing time at work and don't want their Boss to know they are goofing off so they leave no name to reduce the evidence.
6. The person leaving the comment plays for Rick and wants to avoid being benched
5. Why sign a name when everyone knows only Blonde, Astrid (my wife), Evil Palma and John Castillo are the only ones who read my blogs anyway - process of elimination will find the person out - no need to sign
4. Anonymous is in one of Rick's fantasy league competitors and doesn't want Rick upset because he is hoping to get Prince Fielder cheap in a trade
3. They are high when they write a comment and just forget to sign their name
2. Their freaky like that - they even have their lovers call them Anonymous in Bed

and the Number One Why people make Anonymous comments to Softball

1. Who cares !?!?!? Most of time any comment is a good comment because it means people actually read this stuff - HOLLER!!!!!!!!! Extra
P.S. The only way to change things is to speak up and be honest. The Late Start Blog was a sensitive issue b/c it challenged the establishment by provoking thought and fair play. Anything that inspires people to work together and get things done right can't be that bad - even Anonymous comments.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Panic Room

I'm in a best of five championship with my job Merrill Lynch against Morgan Stanley in the Wall Street league out in Red Hook. This is a long series for softball, most softball playoffs are usually only 2 out of 3 on the same day. We won game one, but we got totally outplayed in game two and now I sense a bit of Panic.

Panic Room was a horrible movie starring Jodie Foster and going into the Panic Room to press the Panic Button in softball is even uglier.

Top Ten Reasons You Know your team is panicking

10. BLAME BLAME BLAME!!!!! - you do more Finger pointing and 2nd guessing than running, hitting, catching, and throwing
9. You start thinking about losing instead of how to win
8. You worry too much about how good they are, instead of remembering to do the things that got you there - You forget that your good too - Lack of Confidence
7. The other team talking trash and heckling is starting to get to you
6. You make too many changes trying to cover up one hole that you open up another -
5. You feel nervous on the field - you expect the bad to happen
4. You make more Excuses for poor play than Lindsey Lohan does for falling off the wagon
3. You feel like you have to out slug your opponent all at once instead of being patient
2. On Merrill Lynch I know when we are panicking when Willie J starts going postal criticizing everyone, gets major mood swings, and warms up in the bullpen for 2 hours even though he has pitched like 7 innings all year

and the #1 Reason You Know your team is panicking
1. You've done it before


I've written a lot of blogs and a lot of bullshit but the feed back about on my last blog was classic so much so that I will post it as a blog in and of itself to further expose Rosenfishy as the manipulative evil Sith softball lord that he is - he is problem #1 in the Big Apple league - too bad great fields and good players are cheated b/c of him

Anyway, enjoy the comments .. you guys are awesome

"LATE START - something smells Rosenfishy" -

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Anonymous said...

I laughed my ass off when i saw the late start. It goes to show, John Brown is the whole team. The guy is a great pitcher. If it was a single game, id say 100% i agree with getting whatever they want. However, being that its a 2 out of 3 series have some faith in the rest of the team. 3pm is to late, 2pm is a better compromise because of daylight, if it goes 3 games. If we go 2 games and then have to come back another week then they will have Brown again. Teams play without their ACE SP and won, lets see CP try it. I dont think they can win without him so what the hell, go for whatever advantage you can if you have a choice. They wont impress me if they win. You think any team Brown plays with wins without him? Thats why leagues need to change or enforce PITCHING RULES!!! Thats why ill always root for the UNDERDOGS!!

August 27, 2007 10:17 PM

Anonymous said...

You are sooooooooooo right. Anything to finally beat us or, if they get their wish, WC. He's all about BS and now he's showing his true colors which everybody already knew about anyway. SAD!!! How is the league letting him get away with it? He has more power than the commissioner?


August 28, 2007 5:42 AM

Anonymous said...

Best of 3 playoff series start at 3pm? Completely ridiculous!!!. This league has been exposed this year as a joke. The scheduling was ridiculous, most of the umps are bad/indifferent, some rules are unfair and dumb, the pitching guidelines are non-existent (slingers roam free). Only 2 good things in the Big Aple league: the fields, and for the most part, the players. All else needs an overhaul and it should start the top with the commissioner.

August 28, 2007 6:47 AM

Anonymous said...

Why dont they just list start time as TBA-WBS. To Be Announced When Brown Shows. I would respect that because your up front. We all know other teams dont want to face Brown, thats no secret. I heard at a meeting John Rosenfishy voted to have Brown not in league until he was reported to join CP, then his integrity went out the window.HaHa. Lets hope it starts at 3pm on the dot, no 15 minute forfeit time or batting practice BS. Have some real umps with guts to call illegal pitches, wishfull thinking on my part.

August 28, 2007 10:27 AM

Anonymous said...

If the Bombers or Excelsior.... two teams with only 3 wins each.... had John Brown as one of their pitchers, they would probably make the finals or win the championship. All they would have to do is score one or maybe two runs.

Maybe we should think about making the league a true modified league next year. The games would be more exciting and the fielders would have something to do.

August 28, 2007 10:49 AM

John Albert said...

As manager of West, I totally agree with some of the comments made here.
1.Umps are pretty bad, please have 4 best umps on the 9th, please.
2.Only reason we are starting at 3PM is because of John Brown.
3.CP's Doc has been there all year and they have won, but obviously he is not trusted enough to win for his team. John C. should also take this as a slap in the face.
4.But on the other hand when you are in 1st, it's you're perogative!
5.The only thing that really bothers me about this is having to possibly play 4 games on Championship Day. This is BULLSHIT!
You're tired after 2 or 3 games, but 4, GARBAGE!

August 28, 2007 11:31 AM

Johnny said...

Lets make this a lob ball league next seaso? the bombers in the chip? maybe? Rick you lost to Cedrick not Brown....

August 28, 2007 12:46 PM

Anonymous said...

Doc and JC are used to being bitch-slapped. Why dont they just stay home, even if they win how could they celebrate as a "team". Id feel like a used piece of meat. Their teammates wont even thank them for getting the choice to decide when they play since they won 1st place. I guess you could look at it like that, Doc and JC did their job by getting them to 1st place so they could decide when and where to play. Im shocked we arent playing in Red Hook. Who knows, we have 2 weeks to see whatelse is up JR's sleeve. Maybe CP is spraying the fields or the drainage pipes are sticking out of the grass so the games have to be moved!haha

August 28, 2007 7:41 PM

rosemiller serves fatboy donutsis that a crime? said...

yeah you are all so right- john brown has all the wins this season and choice parts sucks with out him-i mean no defence -no hitters- its all about the illegal pitching.....NOT... you whiney scared bitches just face it choice parts is going to sweep the fields with red mesh jerseys when this season is over.

August 28, 2007 8:17 PM

Monday, August 27, 2007

LATE START - something smells Rosenfishy

West Plays Choice Parts at late at 3pm on September 9th in the Bog Apple Semi-Finals

hmmmm inquiring minds must probe deeper what's up with this late start for a best of 3 series?

Top Ten Real Reasons WEST plays CHOICE PARTS so late at 3pm on September 9th

10. ARE YOUR READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL!!! NFL begins maybe the guys want to watch the 1st half of Jets- Pats - nah that's not it - watch highlights on ESPN later
9. Best fall league in NYC - Inwood , , begins on that date - maybe some of the guys will play in the morning - nah that's not it - week one is wack anyway
8. Maybe some of the guys want to watch The Working Cedric's play Contact at 1pm - nah that's not it - no runs will scored there anyway
7. My team Gallagher's is playing the Bombers in the loser's bracket at 1pm - yawn - nah that's not it
6. Rain is in the forecast until 2:59pm then there will be a window of opportunity to play the games - like Yanks-Tigers last Friday night - nah that's not it
5. Lights must be getting installed at Hecksher b/c playing a best of 2 out of 3 in one day in only
3 1/2 hours of daylight when the permits are about to expire otherwise seems impossible-
nah that' s not it my bad - no lights at Central park ballfields
4. Networks have targeted the West - Parts match up as getting higher ratings in the 3pm spot - oops my bad no TV revenue on that - Smokey and Panama have exclusive licensing rights on all beer and weed
3. Someone on the parts must be getting to the game late - maybe Kip's supermodel girlffriend has a photo shoot or something - nah Kip is a gamer he wouldn't be late
2. Shiesty - hmm getting warmer - but who could be so shiesty and manipulative?

and the #1 Real Reasons WEST plays CHOICE PARTS so late at 3pm on Spetmeber 9th

1, Obvious stall tactic by trusted league official John Rosenmillier and coincidentally manager of Choice Parts. He wants slinger John Brown (actually he's a nice guy) to pitch in game one.
Bown pitches in the playoffs in Red Hook with the Clemente Pirates earlier that same day.
I guess Rosenmiller doesn't trust sidearm Doc or Castillo to pitch game one of the playoffs. We have all stalled for a good player to show up, I know I have (Marty and Mark did it this past weekend) that's OK. But this down right ridiculous and an abuse of power. What if they run out of day light? Does someone have to play 4 games the following week when this could be avoided by a 2 or 1pm start? Foul

Thursday, August 23, 2007


Elimination. One word says it all.

Tonight I was eliminated in a softball league (thank god I hadn't had a hit there in 4 games).

Sunday I'm up against Working Class and Cedric, el pitcher de wa wa, and you better believe they will be out to eliminate us and move on (I know your reading Marty).

Elimination is part of life and part of softball.

Time to Top Ten

Top Ten things that strike you about Elimination

10. They are both sudden and abrupt. Kaput you lose and it's like months and months of blood, sweat, and tears are all gone.
9. It's permanent - you can't go back and change the past
8. Emptiness
7. You have to find your own unique way of dealing with it
6. It pushes you to play harder - gives you a sense of urgency, makes you take risks - You fight so hard to avoid it - but you know the Grim Softball Reaper is coming for someone you just don't want it to be you
5. Like Apollo said in Rocky III "There is no tomorrow"
4. You find yourself saying "What if I had done this" - basically 2nd guessing and window shopping
3. The words "We'll get em next year" - offer little condolence
2. It sucks

and the #1 Thing that Strikes you about Elimination

1. Like an ex-girlfriend that left you it's over -only you don't even get breakup sex out of it

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Last Week of Big Apple Season

The Big Apple league wraps up it's regular season this week so....

Top Ten Reasons I'm glad the Big Apple season is ending

10. I suck as a manager -
9. I can't take being around the umps anymore - with few exceptions they are horrible
8. Playoffs?
7. I can stay home and watch football now for 5 months - nothing like wasting money on fantasy football and gambling
6. I'm sick of paying for parking at Tavern on the green
5. My wife is stressing me about getting home after 7pm every Sunday
4. Managing this year has further cemented my place as the most hated man in softball
3. The farther I am from John Rosenmiller the better
2. 28 games is about 3 weeks too long - Due to lack of rain outs a long season and short playoff structure is a bad fit

and the Number One Top Ten Reasons I'm glad the Big Apple season is ending

1. I'm tired about complaining about the illegal pitching

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Porn and Rookies

Top Ten Reasons Why Porn and Rookies are alike

10. You can find out more about both on the word wide web.
9. Both are young
8. Both work for cheap
7. EXPLOITATION!!!!!! Both are taken advantage of.
6. A lot of Rookies suck. A lot of porn stars suck
5. In ball Rookies replace veterans on their way out. In porn new talent replaces old 25 year old veterans on their way out.
4. Both are exciting at first but the thrill wanes as time goes bye
3. Rookies don't know hot to act. No porn star can act
2. Both have hot bodies ready for action

and the #1 Reasons Why Porn and Rookies are alike

1. People love Rookies b/c they are new. In porn everyone loves a new piece of ass

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Who Truly Loves Castillo?

Castillo week continues

If I can write a Blog on why people hate John it's only fair I write a blog about the people who love John Castillo

Top Ten People Who Love John Castillo

10. Pete Martinez - Pete loves John. John affectionately calls him "Pops". Pete gives John tough love at times. Pete's colorful pimp dressing style is a Castillo favorite
9. Blonde - Blonde is true friend to John because he tells him Fuck Off to his face for his own good.
8. Rick - Brother Relationship - no explanation necessary
7. Bob - Love of John and his playing ability almost rivals Bob's love of his only son Michael. The need for John is always there - I once lied and told Bob John was looking for parking and Bob put him in the lineup even though John was nowhere near the park
6. Gubi - Loves to torture John dying to write a Top Ten about Castillo called "Top Ten Choke Artists"
5. Pedro - Cardinal goon forfeit avoider - Obsession with John similiar to a teenage girls obsession with Justin Timberlake
4. John Rosenmiller - Choice Parts has to have all the nice toys underneath their Christmas tree
3. Jimmy Bitros - truly loves John. Jimmy is an excellent person who always sees the good in people and genuinely wants to help - even lost causes like Ricky, John and the rest Los Locos
2. Palma - duh

and the Number One Person (or group) that Loves John

1. Loafers - Danny, Seth, and the rest of the boys adore John. John can do anything he wants, Once John didn't want to walk and swung at a 3-0 pitch that the pitcher bounced and they laughed. - They now he's one of the best and a difference maker - They usually only see the Hired Softball Stud Power of version of Castillo

Friday, August 3, 2007

Why Do People Hate or Hate on Castillo?

Is there a more fascinating, polarizing, and complicated player in all of softball than Castillo?
The mere mention of his name invokes multiple emotions - love, hate, happiness, anger, rage, confusion
I love John Castillo. - most talented player I have consistently played with.
He hardly ever bothers me - I just ignore a lot of the stupid shit he does b/c he's my friend. Maybe that's a problem in and of itself but that's a different issue.
More importantly , Why do a lot people hate or hate on John?

Top Ten Reasons People hate John or hate on John

10. Famous Castillo Power Button - Power On can carry you, Power Off can kill you - predicting which button will be on can be frustrating
9. Famous Castillo Hold Out strategy is all about I'm the best and you need me, now f I don't show up you'll miss me even more and give me bargaining power - HIRED GUN
8. His Funny accent
7. The man has consistent 300+ foot line drive power but is infatuated with slapping the ball to RF - mind boggling
6. He's a Diva - high maintenance - Softball Super model - he's difficult - and clashes with other Divas like Gubi and Jose for example - He can be a Bitch sometimes
5. They just don't understand John - getting mad at him is like getting mad at a little kid - that's why we affectionally call him "El Nino"
4. Jealous? To only a very small extent - people are not jealous of John's talent - they actually want him to be stud player but get frustrated with is antics at time
3. In the movie Bronx tale Robert DeNiro said "There is nothing worse than wasted talent" - John isn't wasted talent - but he gets people mad sometimes b/c he shows up late or doesn't show up, or gets frustrated on the field - A player of his caliber should always lead - like Spiderman's uncle told him "With Great Power comes Great Responsibility"
2. He's a good person but let's be honest sometime she does stupid shit to piss people off

and the #1 Reason People hate John or hate on John

1. Why does the Sun go up in the morning and the moon come out at night - That's the way it is

P.S. I fully realize that Castillo will hold this blog against me for the rest of my life - and will miss at least 3 weekends of Knockout softball this fall

The Softball After Party Ghetto Zagat Review

Some people play softball to win.
Some people play softball for exercise.
Some people play for fun.
But after softball most people like to drink, party, and be merry.
Like R Kelly sang it's all about the After Party.

I put together the following Ghetto review of some of my more favorite spots for the softball After Party.

**** Excellent Holler!!!!!!!
*** Good - I'm feeling it
** Average - OK
* Horrible!!!!!!
- no stars is as low as you can go

Top Ten Places to go after Softball - Zagat's Rated

10. Bourbon Street Bar - 80th and Amsterdam - Rating * 1/2 - Dive Bar in rich white neighborhood - If your cheap and just out of college this is the place to go - cheap beer, dive place, pretty wack - this place sucks
9. Blonde's - 79th street - Rating *** - great, if not the best, wings, so so TVs, tough to get a seat
8. Brother Jimmy's - Rating **** - love this place - my favorite bar food
7. El Deportivo Restaurant - Hell's Kitchen - Rating *** 1/2 - authentic pureto rican food and low cost - on point
6. El Conde Steakhouse - Washington Heights - Rating ** 1/2 stars Churasco Steak (skirt steak) is huge, affordable prices - only downside is obnoxious loud merengue music than only Gubi could love
5. La Caridad - 77th and Broadway - Rating *** 1/2 stars Cuban/Chinese - rude service is worth the Delicious mix of cultural food - this is hot
4. Bounce - 2nd ave 73rd street - Rating ** - excellent TV's and friendly hoochie mama waitresses, food is mediocre - but it's like a club - fun place to watch a game
3. Mo's Caribbean - 75th and 2nd - Rating * - fucking horrible, AVOID AVOID AVOID !!cheesy, tacky - only time to go is Wednesday's - ladies night when poor drunk single upper east side white females go to pound down $1 margaritas - ghetto
2. CopperSmith's Hell's Kitchen Rating *** - love this place great place to hang after playing life threatening softball at 54th and 11th ave

and the #1 Place to go after Softball

1. MALECON - Rating **** - Excellent - Simply the best chicken and mofongo - love this place - 4 locations - even one located below the great white barrier on 95th and Amsterdam

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Ghost Writer Dio Jackson

Softball High Profile Manager Dio Jackson, a noted West Lover, has written the following blog and I'm going to print it so check it out it's pretty much on point

Top Ten Reasons Why Dio Loves West

10. They won 4 Inwood Chips. Back to back to get it. To be
the best, you gotta beat the best.

9. Who wouldn't fall in love with these guys. Probably only Johnny C.

8. Geo and Hec...nuff said.

7. They reminded me of my Yankees, the dynasty team.

6. John Albert. One of the best softball managers out
there. Was a pleasure going up against him for the
chip. He made me think. Opened up my psycho mind.

5. Love/Hate relationship with Angelo (Tony Soprano).
Played on the same little league team with him. Will
always have that City Sluggers connection.

4. Their starting pitching. How and where do they
find these guys?

3. How many Colon brothers are there? Will always
have 9 to play. Never have to forfeit. And can still

2. They celebrated with us (the Highlanders) when we
beat them for the Inwood Chip. Showed a lot of class.
Took photos with us.

and the # 1 reason why I admire West Players...

I won my first softball championship with them in
Chelsea as Hell's Kitchen (pretty much the same West
players). They showed me what it takes to WIN. The
rest is history...


Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Editorial Correction

On Tuesday I wrote "Jimmy can't pitch every game anymore" - I meant he's been battling injuries all year and can only throw one game a week this season. No insult intended Jimmy is a softball warrior.

P.S. Jimmy will trade Vlad in a minute when he's healthy