Friday, June 29, 2012


“Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.”…Albert Einstein

Yesterday the U.S. Supreme Court's upheld the health care law championed by the President that many have dubbed ”ObamaCare”. It’s a controversial law where Democrats are celebrating millions of Americans getting access to insurance while Republicans railed against what they contend is a dangerous expansion of government.

This decision affects how Americans get medicine and health care and also provides new court guidelines on federal power. The ruling prohibits insurers from denying coverage for pre-existing medical conditions and allows parents to keep their children on family policies to the age of 26. The most controversial provision -- an individual mandate requiring people to have health insurance - is valid as a tax, even though it is not allowed under the Constitution's commerce clause. In other words, the federal government does not have the power to order people to buy health insurance, but does have the power to impose a tax on those without health insurance.

Whether you agree or disagree the bottom line can be summarized by Obama's quote "I know the debate over this law has been divisive," It should be pretty clear that I didn't do this because it was good politics. I did it because I believe it is good for the country." He is tryong to help by taking a controversial stance without regard to gaining a political advantage. This is admirable and honorable.

Softball has its own version of "ObamaCare" which I have dubbed "ModCare" and as a self-appointed guardian of 10 Man Modified Softball I am also taking a controversial position for the greater good without regrad to gaining an advantage.

Before I continue I would like to say that I have discussed this issue in this forum for years at nausem and was resigned to not discuss it anymore becuase of all the jockeying, hypocrisy, and manipulation involved until I read the following highly intelligent comment left on one of my blogs regarding pitching

"Teams paying pitchers = Overachieving. Teams without paid pitchers = last place. Paid pitchers mask an otherwise average team.”

That statement really hit home because teams have for quite some time now have engaged in an arms race to acquire top pitching without regards to modified pitching rules. After years of warnings, this can clearly be seen in The Central Park Big Apple League where the floodgates have opened. The league seriously needs some "ModCare" as they rules are as follows:

(1) With respect to the legal pitching motion. Any pitcher who uses a modified fast-pitch motion is approved to pitch in the BASL. The BASL specifically prohibits "slingshot" or "windmill" pitching motions as set forth in the BASL Rules and the ASA Rulebook. The pitcher MUST start with one foot in contact with the pitching rubber. The pitcher MAY take a step back with the lead foot prior to moving forward provided that the rear foot remains in contact with the pitching rubber. The pitch shall be delivered on the throwing arm side of the body and not behind the back or between the legs.

(2) No restriction of the position of the ball on the back swing or on the downward motion + during the complete delivery (ASA rule 6, sect. 3 F1). On the forward swing of the pitching arm, the elbow must be locked at the point of release, + the shoulders + driving hip must be squared to home plate when the ball is released (ASA rule 6, sect. 3 I2, Please note: No mention of breaking the wrist is currently mentioned as their appears to be no restriction on ball position in the hand (big mistake).
Pitchers in this league not following these rules and are on several modified pitching ban lists throughout NYC are as follows

1. Armondo – on my team The Rangers. More on this below
2. John Brown
3. John Miranda

4. Cedric

5. Langer

6. Rocker

7. Ramish

8. James Parker

9. I am missing at least 2-3 others

I specifically mentioned Armondo b/c he is on my team and is not a modified pitcher. He is a classic example of what almost every team in this league is doing which is escalating an arm race by adding dominant pitching without regards to modified pitching rules. He and everyon eon the list mentioned above, may not sling or windmill, but they certainly are not modified as they either:
  • Break their wrist in throwing the ball or
  • Throw sidearm or 
  • open their shoulders and/or hips at some point in their motion
These pitchers all belong in 9 man softball leagues with bunting and stealing. Do not call yourself a modified league if they are allowed to pitch.

Team in this league are are frustrated. For example, perennial championship contender West has stated "We feel we are being punished for using modified pitching" and Revolution ace Chris Lutkin was quoted as "I feel I shouldn't even be pitching in this league anymore". There is a deep problem here. Solid teams without non-modified pitching like Revolution and Gotham have suffered with poor records of, 1-12 & 3-11, respectively. They are no where near that bad. Not even close. Despite the beautiful venue this league enjoys this schism in the pitching will destroy a league as struggling teams will eventually drop out and go elsewhere.

To be fair, the league is supposedly employing a Pitching Ombudsman, who acts as an independent expert to determine the legality or illegality of pitching motions used by any and all league pitchers. but its July already and nothing I mean nothing has been done. In fact, things have gotten worse.

It’s time for “ModCare” don’t let mediocre minds tell you otherwise. Something has to be done for the greater good.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Death of a Cost Basis Analyst... Kindest Cut of Them All

In the classic story

the main character is an aging, burned out, and mentally troubled businessman with deep family issues. He eventually gets fired and kills himself so that his oldest son can use the life insurance money to start a business. However, at the funeral his son decides that he does not want to become a businessman and instead his younger, care free son chooses to follow in his father's footsteps. Deep American beauty shit there.

While I have neither suicide plans nor any deep family issues, I still see a comparison with myself and the main character from Death of a Salesman. I am an aging, burned out, and a mentally troubled businessman. It’s definitely the Death of a Cost Basis Analyst as my temporary job ends tomorrow Friday June 29th as Changing positions just wasn’t for me. My release wasn’t handled in the classiest manner as I was originally told I was extended through August 31st only to have the offer unceremoniously and abruptly rescinded a few days later. But honestly I am so happy this gig is over as I didn’t wanted it or deserve it as much as the other temps
who were willing to play the corporate game during the recession.

There were good people there

and I wish them only the very best as this is definitely the case of where my release is a blessing. You see getting released in business in no different than sports as the reasons in both can include:
  • Poor Performance - You Suck
  • Big Contract - Cut you to save $$$$$$
  • Injury
  • Bad timing
  • Bad luck
  • Recession – Salary Dump
  • Your a dick or loser
  • Politics
  • Public relations move
  • Age
  • Desire
  • Unwillingness to suck up to the Powers that be and play the game
Some athletes when they are released just tank it and get their check in the mail like Oliver Perez or Luis Castillo

while others like R.A. Dickey
and Jamie Moyer
show their character, class, determination, and pride to transcend their past performance to become so much more. Those are the guys that inspire me as I firmly believe that something great is just around the corner as when one door closes another soon opens up. Sometimes getting cut is a blessing and it’s all about how you handle it. Hell something great is already here as I have been working nights for my old boss on an attractive consulting opportunity.

Since this is the death of a cost basis analyst at least I still have Jack
on my side and here's hoping he puts me me in his Monday and Tuesday Centreal Park afternoons lineup.

Deep Softball Beauty There

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

12 Wrong Number

I like the number 12 in life where you have :

• 12 in the form of a dozen eggs or

• 12 Months in a Year

• On a clock - lunch or midnight

• Football - Joe Namath #12

• Math where 12 X 12 = 144

but it has no business in Softball especially when formulating a winning lineup.

Top Ten Reasons a 12 Man Lineup just flat out Sucks and is Moronic

10. It's 10 MAN Softball dude, not 12, we are not 90 years old and play 6 Of’s
9. 12 is awkward. I write Top Ten lists not Top 12’s lists and certainly not top 12 lineups.
8. Your better hitters get up less. That makes NO sense. None whatsoever.
7. Do I need to keep going? Like a moth to a flame I must so in keeping with the numbers theme let’s do some math: 12 Man Lineup + Stud Opposing Pitcher = Loss. Your 12th guy may only get up once. Why bother?
6. 12 Man lineup creates no Rhythm for your hitters. None. Again you are hurting your chances to score
5. Helps the opposing pitcher - Ever hear of 3rd time through the order factor? Again 12 man lineup helps the opposing pitcher.
4. Nice guys finish last. Nice guys make 12 man lineups to get guys playing time, but your only hurting your team, players, and your public image as a manager.
3. Its a waste of everyone time by playing a whole game and getting only 1-2 at bats. Useless.
2. If you have guys on your team that are giving you a hard time about sharing, sitting, and waiting even after you make a 12 man lineup to "accommodate" them, then you are really playing yourself for a sucker and making your life miserable for some ungrateful bastards. Stop it. Show some Self-Respect. Why do you want these guys on your team anyway?

And the Number One Reason a 12 Man Line up just flat out Sucks and is Moronic

1. Its Stupid – See items 10-2. Sure fire way to get a loss versus good competition. Simple Bat 10 in the playoffs and versus good teams. Always

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Day at the Dentist with No Novacaine

The best way I could describe today's West-Rangers (my team) game in Central Park today is as follows: Imagine you go to the dentist for  a routine checkup. His office is modern, clean, and your insurance covers everything. You get called in for your appointment and his lovely assistant

  puts your bib on and rubs her tits on your face. You feel happy until the doctor comes in and he resembles Dennis the Menace
and informs you that you need a root canal. Oh yeah he also tells you that he has no Novocaine and his assistant leaves the room as he begins work

Today none of the Rangers pitchers showed up against in Central Park. Vacation. Injuries, etc. We got smoked and fell apart.West was very classy about "one of those days" and took it easy us but make no mistake it was a day at the dentist with no Novocaine. Let's see if we can recover

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Its Friday "you ain't got no job, and you ain't got shit to do"

Friday is a classic 1995 stoner comedy-drama-buddy film and who can ever forget the famous line "you ain't got no job, and you ain't got shit to do "

Well if your free for the next few Friday's and are interested in playing some good organized "Dogs Chasing Cars" pickup at Heckscher Field #2 between 12 noon and 4pm please let the softball Mayor Jimmy Bitros know. It's a great group of guys approximately 1/2 of whom play in the Big Apple League and several who are his  team The Rangers. He's only looking for 5 or 6 new players so if you are interested please e mail him at asap.

I wish I could go but I work for the Man, but I highly recommend as a classic NY softball experience.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

No No Recognition

A No Hitter is Special and should be recognized... just ask this sideways version of me

after Johan's masterpiece.Well the insider would also like to recognize West's Edgar Jr
last years picture - over 25 pounds ago

for throwing a 6 inning no hitter (mercy win) over a good Empire squad last Sunday. Edgar is a true modified pitcher and his accomplishment deserves respect. Like Johan he was made a major comeback as has changed both inside and out (lost over 60 pounds) and is truly enjoying the game and life.
Well done Natural

Secret Weapon

The Jersey City Softball League has had 21 games and 20 rain-outs this year.


Makes me think what legendary Big apple Commissioner Jeff Marcus would do in my situation. Hell why wonder? Let's just ask Jeff Marcus

Alrightie then. Anyway, I have secured a large amount of fields and with just a little luck we will have a strong second half of the season.

One team hoping to finish strong this year is my team - West NY

A big (and fun) reason we are off to a solid 3-1 start is the use of our secret weapon - Wil Enriquez.

Throughout every entire game, the 53 year old team catcher

amazing serves as our main courtesy runner

The Insider recently caught up with Will to ask him how this all came about and who the hell he was exactly running for? 

Cool stuff. Fun Team

Perception is not Reality - Latin Fallacy

A big stereotype in baseball/softball is that Latin players are dumb and/or lazy.

You hear things like:

  • "Latin players are dumb"
  • "Selfish"
  • "You can't win with only Latins"
  • "Egotistical"
  • "Can't take a walk"
  • "Moody"

Stop. Just Fucking Stop

That is so fucking racial, myopic, and ignorant that it really bothers me.Yes there are numerous Latins that fit that description
 but don't let a few bad apples ruin your perception. Latins love the game, are smart, and have mad heart. Pros like Rivera, Carew, and Clemente are revered for their ability, dignity, wisdom, and class.

Recently I caught up with 2011 Big Apple Rookie of the Year Christian Goris and asked him about the subject

Yes Christian is a hick but he is smart, gritty, and never quits. The Face of America is changing both on and off the field don't be afraid to embrace it.