Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Time Heals All Wounds

A few months ago, I blogged about a bad knee injury incurred by Nick Ross player/manager of RJK and Brother Jimmy's. At the time, the injury was believed to be season ending, but after receiving clearance from his doctor, and not knowing when to stay down for the count Nick has returned to playing softball ball. Not only is he playing , but he is playing well as he has recently pitched effectively in the Big Apple and Performance Arts League. This is a positive step to moving on.
Time heals all wounds. Good Luck and take care.

B Movie?

Everyone loves summer "A List" Movies like Leonardo DiCaprio's latest cinema blockbuster INCEPTION (highly recommended). But what about famous B movies like the Toxic Avenger, The Rocky Horror film show, and now Mickey Peckins pitching

Just kidding Mike I'm just jealous and much props for wearing your Knockout championship shirt on this video you filmed with Mark Gasper several years ago on the Great Lawn. Thanks for the clip.

Keep pitching your determination, talent, and effort will be rewarded.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

2010 Robert Trillo Charity Softball Tournament - Enjoy Above 96th Street on July 31st

Arguably one of my favorite softball days of the year is fast approaching as the 6th Annual Robert Trillo Charity Softball Tournament is set to take place on
Saturday, July 31, 11:00AM

The Host is founder : Juan "Blonde" Moreiras

Location: beautiful Inwood Park (Field #3) Seaman Ave New York, NY US View Map


This is a truly classic **** FOUR STAR **** rated Above 96th street event that you will truly enjoy. I know Saturdays are tough b/c you have errands, beach, kids, vacations, softball playoffs, etc to do but you definitely should make time for this one as you will not be disappointed.
We do this every year
and have fun while remembering our good friend, Robert Trillo, who passed away in 2004. Robert was a star football player at Cardinal Spellman High School in the Bronx and also suffered with Diabetes all his life. He was an avid football fan and simply loved playing football for his school. Funds raised from this game go in his honor toward the Cardinal Spellman High School football team (coincidentally my Alma Mata as well).


So please come join us at Inwood Park (Field #3) for Softball, Food, Beer, see some ol' friends or make some new ones. Get your softball groove on and raise a few dollars for a good cause. The game is Co-ed and you may invite friends. Everyone plays regardless of skill, ability and sobriety. Please Bring any donation you can, your glove, your kids (great playground), your appetite, and a chair (if you want to lounge around) for this special cause.We had a great time last year and raised close to $3000.

If you can't make it, but would like to donate, please contact me at, but I would much rather see you at Inwood playing and/or hanging out.


The A Train to 207st, walk two blocks west to Seaman Avenue. (you'll see the park).
The 1 Train to 207st, walk six blocks west to Seaman venue.
West Side Highway to Dyckman Street Exit, at 3rd light make left on Broadway. Proceed 4 lights to 207st, make left and go to blocks to Seaman Ave. Start looking for parking!
East Side/ FDR Drive to Dyckman Street Exit (last exit), make right and proceed to 204st. Make left at 204st and go until street ends at Seaman Ave. Right on Seaman Ave and start looking for parking.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

No Country for Old Men

No Country for Old Men was a great moviewhere in the end, everyone is both a hunter and hunted, members of some endangered species trying to forestall their extinction.

Softball is no different as the powerful forces of competition, money, and time make everyone both a hunter and hunted, members of some endangered species trying to forestall their extinction.

One team, Merrill Lynch,
could no longer forestall their extinction. Due to the sub-prime mortgage crisis of 2007-2008 the actual firm Merrill Lynch no longer exists as they were ("bailed out") purchased by Bank of America. Though they tried to fight it for 2 years, the recession and overall difficulties of keeping a good team together finally claimed the softball team known as Merill Lynch.

Much like the economic ripple of a firm that goes out of business, the loss of Merrill (and long time championship rival Morgan Stanley) from the NY Chapter of the Wall Street league has left a tremendous void. Long known as a team with loyal strong players like Larry "Tony Soprano" (left below),Steve Acosta (right)(had to throw this real Tony Soprano picture in here - love you Larry)
Johnny Castillo (left) and Frank Degnnaro (right)
they played strong ball and built a winning tradition and lasting friendships
These guys were around so long that when Franks' son Joey (left below)
grew up he played on the team from 2007-2009. C'mon how often do you see that? Now don't get me wrong these guys, including me, were all far from saints, but much like the A's/Yankees of the 70s, Mets of the 80s, bad Boy Pistons, or "Americas Team" Dallas Cowboys of the 90s they were the guys you loved to play against, beat, and of course hate.
They are missed.
But the circle of softball life must go on so I've hung up my Merrill jersey
and moved on to my new corporate team, Pershing, who has done an excellent job keeping the NJ Chapter of the Wall Street league alive and kicking thanks to efforts of manager and excellent player Jason Dee (middle below)
I would be remiss in this blog if I didn't note the efforts of former Merrill player/manager William Jomarron (far right - nice hair)
who has served as the leagues commissioners for years. Through these difficult economic times he should be commended on keeping the Wall Street league alive as he has put his heart and soul into the league. When asked about the Merrill Lynch team Willie had the following to say "perennially we were always in the finals and our winning tradition and competitive spirit to succeed far exceeded all other teams except for Morgan - our old nemesis"

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Boss

A Legend has passed away.

I'm not a Evil Empire Yankee Fan, but I am a a baseball fan. Steinbrenner's may have been many things but he was never boring. It was either his way or the highway. Love/Hate him or the Yankees, there is no denying The Boss successful legacy. Ironically last night I couldn't sleep and stayed up late watching the TV series The Bronx is Burning and today the news of Steinbrenner's passing hits. Coincidence? I think not.
My condolences are with Mr. Steinbrenner's family, friends, and the entire Yankee family.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

New #1

I've said for the longest that the Uptown Chiefs have the ugliest softball t-shirt. well, now move over as Juan Parra
in the NY Fast Pitch League has the ugliest custom made softball jersey. Please note the generic Joe Torre Yankee imitation commercial purposes pinstripes plus the hand written with a marker"Legends" logo so he won't get a strike called on him. Proof that ghetto exists below 96th street.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Softball Lebron Free Agency

Where will Lebron James sign?
That's the #1 question in the sports world today and we will find out tonight at 9pm on ESPN when he makes his much anticipated decision. This got me to thinking what if Lebron played softball? Where would he sign?

Here are the Odds on Possible Softball Destinations for Lebron:

Saphire 1,000,000 to 1 - might go to the strip club, but not a good match

Lawyertime 100,000 to 1 - Can you see Lebron doing a injury commercial?

Knockout 1,000 to 1 - c'mon Lebron ain't going above 96th street

WestLanders 500 to 1 - Lebron can't share the spotlight with Dio

Cardinals 400 to 1 - a very good team that plays below 96th street but Lebron doesn't drink while he is playing and wouldn't fit in

Westies - 350 to 1 - Lebron ain't playing at 9 am

Pershing - 300 to 1 - Jersey City Softball - Unless he signs with the Nets forget Jersey. On that note you can forget any league in Yonkers, Brooklyn (until Nets move there). Queens, and Long Island

Merrili Lynch Softball Wall Street League - 250 to 1 - Lebron might like playing in a corporate league but wouldn't choose Merrill b/c they would expect a grand slam and dunk every at bat.
Bravery - Monday Day league - 175 to 1 - Lebron ain't playing weekday day softball but would consider Bravery if their manager Jack "Bandana Man" Cutler promises to never to bet on him again

Diesel 125 to 1 - Lebron would like the diversity on this team, but for that he would play softball in Cleveland

Choice Parts - 100 to 1 - The Evil Empire is a back to back champion, but that would be like him going to the Lakers. It wouldn't be fair and he wouldn't have the same legacy.

Upton Chiefs 75 to 1- Playing Saturday's in high profile central park would be cool and appealing, but Lebron wouldn't wear that god awful shirt
There are many other choices and softball possibilities for Lebron but only 1 makes sense for me and it is ......
Charter Fabric - "Bob's League"
- 2 to 1 odds under the lights on the new 54th street every Wednesday Night, below 54th street, Bob is the Forbes list of Softball with softball stars like Cedric, Omar (below)

Lebron would be welcomed with open arms.

P.S Let's Go Knicks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

SB Interview .. Necessary Evil

I went on a job interview the other day. I didn't get the job (what else is new). More importantly, I've always hated job interviews. I've been both a job interviewer and interviewee and honestly it is a very stressful, draining, and difficult experience. They say pressure busts pipes and prospective employers ( "The Man" ) will poke and prod you with uncomfortable questions to see what you know, how you will react, and whether you can cut it or not. It can be a phony, cruel, unfair, and overly judgemental process.
However, as much as interviews fucking suck they are a necessary evil as they help gather information, serve as an introduction, and if done properly, serve as an intelligent conversation between two parties with mutual interests. This got me to thinking, if the cold hearted "Man" can use interviews as a screening device, why don't most softball leagues use interviews? With the exception of the Big Apple League, who interviews prospective new teams, most people in the softball world don't use interviews.
Mostly money of course. Most leagues could care less about competitive balance as long as a new team can balance their check book and pay in full, then it's generally no questions asked. OK greed I get it. But why should softball interviews just be limited to teams? Why not players? pitchers? umpires? managers? fans?????? The blog possibilities are endless so let's look at a couple of Interview scenario's using 3 basic questions, and basic wright or wrong answers as our template
Scenario #1
Softball Interviewer : Commissioner - Should always ask the following 3 basic questions:
(1) Where has your team played before?
(2) How many players do you have?
(3) Who are your pitchers and do you know the proper pitching Rules

Softball Interviewee - A New Team

Right Answers
(1) Always answer this question honestly save your lies for when you really need them like sneaking someone on your roster. It's important to be honest b/c you don't want your team going in a league where it doesn't belong (too weak or strong)
(2) Always say "you have 12-20 guys and it's a tough managers job to find playing time." This will ease the commissioners forfeit fear
(3) Answer what you honestly think pitching rules are and who your starters are b/c you can't hide slingers and will get a bad reputation for bringing one. Interviewee's should also asks for the leagues pitchers ban list at that time.

Wrong Answers
(1) Pickup
(2) 9 or maybe 10 I think - never use the words "I think"
(3) I don't know what you mean by modified.

Scenario #2
Softball Interviewer Manager should ask the following 3 basic questions:
(1) What positions do you like to play?
(2) Can you commit to the team at least 75-80 pct of the time?
(3) Can you pay the ump fee?

Softball Interviewee - A New Player
Right Answers
(1) My best position is x, but I can also play at either y,z, etc if needed.
Let your new skipper know right away what your favorite position is but also let him know where you can help out.
(2) Unless your a known stud wringer - always say Yes
(3) Same as #2
Wrong Answers
(1) "I play anywhere you want" Too much of an ass kissing generic bland answer. Be specific.
(2) "We'll see" - so weak and sounds like you are doing him favor - bad
(3) No. Only Studs and Wringers can say yes.

Scenario #3

3 Basic League Commissioner or head umpire should ask a new umpire
(1) Experience Question : Where have you umpired before?
(2) Availability Question: Are you available to work on x days?
(3) Umpiring Mechanics Question : What are the proper mechanics in working a two man set? For example, explain the In/Out field mechanics approach to me?
Softball Interviewee New Umpire
Right Answers
(1) Depends on how bad you need the job. Always start off my explaining how you were referred to the league (name a respected source) and then cite a competitive league that you have umped or played in (don't tell him play) that gives you credibility.
(2) Yes - otherwise your done
(3) As a field umpire when the ball is hit in the infield I stand behind "outside" the infielders to get the best possible view. When the ball is hit into the OF I button hook into the IF and follow the runner looking to see whether he he touches the bases and get myself in a good position to make a safe or out call if necessary. Professional!!!!!
Wrong Answers
(1) Only Yorkoff, I uh mean Yorkville - fire before your hired
(2) No or Sometimes - your done
(3) Never heard of "in/out theory", but I always stand inside the IF next to the pitcher with runners on base that's what Mr Johnson taught me. So wrong and out of position. Also, never mention Mr. Johnson-he's the worst
There are many more important interview questions, answers, combination, and possibilities out there but I guess the bottom line is never be afraid/embarrassed to ask a softball question and be careful how you answers b/c the fun, playing time, or income that could be affected the most will be yours.