Friday, September 26, 2014

Lochness Monster Scores a T.D Gig "B/C it's More Than Just a Game "...Professional

Urban Legend Low Profile Inwood Commission
Juan "Lochness Monster" Moreiras
He Exists
has volunteered to help me Fight Cancer, come out of hiding,  and has taken on the Role of
Tournament Coordinator "TD" for Tomorrow's

"B/C it's More Than Just a Game" Charity Event at Inwood Hill Park

He's definitely the most qualified for the role as he has experience, is fair, respects others, and respects himself. I would be nothing in the game without him and his helped has really helped me this week.

As his 1st act he sent out the following wise declaration:

Hello Managers

Thank you for taking part in this charity event! Ric is proud of guys and he will write nice things about you on his blog lol...  

For those who don't know me, my name is Juan Moreiras and I'll be helping Ric with the tourney this Saturday. I'll be the tournament director (that's the guy you buy beer & pastelitos). I will do my best to make it a good time for everyone.

Here are the tournament details:

FYI: The park rangers at Inwood are vigilant about drinking alcohol at park. They sometimes write summonses and revoke permits. So my advice - use discretion.

Inwood HIll  Park, Manhattan (Zip code 10034)
The park extends from 207st to 218st along Seaman Ave. The main entrance is on Isham St and Seaman Avenue. Our fields are at the center of the park. Inwood is a great park, the fields are good, there are bathrooms and shade.

West Side Highway North to Dyckman St. Exit. Make left on Broadway, proceed to 207st.
FDR North to Dyckman St exit. Stay right on 10th Ave, make left on 204st, then right on Broadway to 207st.

Parking on weekends is not great, but not impossible. Get there early and park anywhere in the Inwood area. There is a big parking lot on Broadway and near 216st and 10th Ave (by the bus depot).

Take A train to the 207th St and walk WEST on 207th.
Take 1 train to 215th St, walk west on 218st

The following Buses make stops in the Inwood area:
M100, Bx7, Bx12, bx20, BxM1
Exit the Bus on Broadway at 207st and walk west towards the park.

Insider Analysis of TD : Professional


"But what happens when karma, turns right around and bites you? And everything you stand for, turns on you, despite you?" - Eminem When I'm Gone

I've said it before and I said it again, 
Baseball/Softball is an Unforgiving sport as the softball gods 

at times have no Mercy, no Rhyme or Reason, no Remorse. Examples of Cruel things I've seen or experiences this year:

The list can go on and on and on and on. It's a unforgiving game. The key to healing is to somehow someway keep going, forgive yourself,  try and self-correct.

Don't know how softball became so spiritual at times to me. it really shouldn't be, but somehow it is.

Beware Dark Side SB "Al Bundy 4 Touch Downs at Polk High Syndrome”

Recently there has been talk of a spin off to one of my favorite TV Shows of all time - Married With ChildrenLove that Show.

Remember Al Bundy?

He was that funny lovable loser living a miserable existence 
  • Selling shoes at mall
  • Being poor
  • Hot but lazy wife
  • Dumb daughter
  • Social misfit son
  • Weird neighbors
  • Dog smarter than he was
  • Dreaming of the Nuddie bar
but no matter how matter how bad things got he clung on to his legacy leading Polk High to the Championship and scoring 4 Touchdowns in One Game at Polk high"

He never let that moment go. It was his legacy.

Legacy is important in life. 
  • It's what one leaves behind.
  • What one is remembered for.
  • What one has accomplished.
In softball "SB", we all have special moments that we cling to and define us. That's why most of us play the game. These memories are to be cherished and motivates us toward excellence. Being proud of what you've done, who your are, and embracing competition is the True Warrior Spirit and fun. Gotta love it

However, There is a dark side to legacy and we all know the SB type who brags about the Greatest Game they ever had. I call this the

 “Al Bundy 4 Touch Downs at Polk High Syndrome” 

Motherfucker just loves to remind you how good they are. 

Top Ten Ways  SB "Al Bundy 4 Touch Downs at Polk High Syndrome” is Dangerous

10. Past Performance is Not indicative of Future Results. Lou 22 always says "Judge a player for what they are now". Not what they were. Forget Al Bundy type homers, rbi's, shutouts, and catches. Are you getting the job done now? Be honest

9. Lie - See #10 above. You lie on what you've done. Who your are. Worse of all you lie to yourself and deny your softball health.

8. Excuse making - Blame Blame Blame. Excuse Excuse Excuse. Cling to the past instead of trying to correct current struggles.

7. Lack of Hard WorkSitting on Laurels is the worst thing you can do for yourself. Refusing to improve, work hard/smart, stay in shape, adjust.

6. Overconfidence - So prevalent. Confidence so important I've seen no talent bums succeed just b/c they think they are good. So when does over confidence happen? That's a thin line, but a precarious slippery slope, than can hurt a team or player irreparably

5. Not Humble - Goose Gossage once said "Those who have not been humbled will soon be humbled". Softball Gods don't like people who brag. 

4. "Needs of One Outweigh the Needs of Many" - Someone with an Al Bundy syndrome puts himself or another legacy player over the needs of the team by either comprising the defense, pitching staff, or lineup. Inexcusable and a recipe for defeat against good competition. I hate selfish. Hate it.

3. "P
rove he's a genius" - now Al Bundy wasn't that smart, but he cherished his accomplishment. I've noticed some manager try and grab the spotlight and shine by trying to outsmart everyone else with moves rather than let players play. I've done this in the past. I was wrong. 

2. "Bullet Proof"
Managers, players, or player/managers who feel bullet proof b/c of past accomplishments or financial status makes command decisions based on sentiment or feel entitlement b/c prior stud player status. No accountability is a recipe for disaster.

and the Number 1 Way SB "Al Bundy 4 Touch Downs at Polk High Syndrome” is Dangerous

1. Pride 

Love Al Bundy, just don't become one

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

1st Class Ride for a 1st Class Guy

Radio Free Manager Pat Freni has retired from the Big Apple League. It's kind of appropriate that Patty drives a classy car for a living because he's always been such a classy guy. 

He's a throwback 

and in my experience he's always been a good fair stand up guy. In the heat of the moment I've had exchanges with him (hell who haven't I had one with?) and when he's been been wrong he has personally reached out to me and apologized. I may hate Contact, but I like Patty. He's a True Class Act and a winner.

Patty first joined the league with the Contact Hitters as catcher and field captain in 1983.

They won their division that year and reached the BASL Finals in 1984 and first won the B.A.S.L title in 1988. Pat played on 9 BASL champions with Contact in 11 years, including an unprecedented 6 in a row from 1993-98. Pat was voted BASL all-star catcher many times during that period. 

Contact went on hiatus from 2000-02 during which time Pat played for the Rangers. When Contact reassembled in 2003, Pat was the new manager. He led them to 5 straight division titles from 2004-08 and 3 consecutive BASL championships in '04-'05-'06. 

He continued to manage the squad through this season (the team was known as Luckey's Famous Burgers for a few years and more recently as Radio Free NY). He also got them to the BASL Finals in '07, '08 and '13. Pat won several BASL Manager of the Year Awards and has been a respected member of the Commissioner's Committee. In all, Pat has played on 12 BASL champions, 17 BASL Finalists and 12 division winners. He is leaving behind a legacy that will be hard to match. 

Best of Luck, Pat---you deserve it.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Get Em Next Time

They say baseball/softball is a game of failure. One of the hardest thing is dealing with failure and the best way I know how to do that is be honest with myself. The Truth is while I wouldn't call delaying my tournament a week a failure, it was a disappointment. However, all true lovers of the game know that baseball/softball is also a game of Perseverance and Patience. This one week delay was hard, but in no way diminishes my resolve to fight cancer and "The Tourney Must go on" and Will go On.

In Softball and more importantly the fight against Cancer all you need is a Breakthrough

This is the Breakthrough week. On this Saturday  September 27th, I am going to prove that Softball is "More Than Just a Game" as my softball warriors and I will go to battle against Cancer by playing a competitive Tournament in Inwood Hill Park

Cancer is relentless and does not discriminate.We have all lost to Cancer. I hate losing and I hate this dreadful disease. To fight back we have to be relentless and this is my way of doing something about it.

I carefully selected this charity because I wanted one that used a large percentage of donation dollars to fight Cancer and, more importantly, they are trying to prevent Cancer using 
Immunotherapy, That's smart and forward looking. 

Charity Game Details

Basic Rules: 
We will get them this time, we will breakthrough and help save lives

Friday, September 19, 2014

VERY IMPROTANT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!VERY IMPORTANT !!!!!!!!!"B/C it's More than Just a Game Tournament" POSTPONED 1 WEEK "If you're going through hell, keep going."

"B/C it's More than Just a Game Tournament" 

New Date: Saturday September 27th 9AM

Reason:Fields were taken away from us and the Inwood Little League for another tournament that has seniority.

All I can say is sorry.  I put my heart into this and this is a setback. I spent 2 hours at the Park's Department resolving this  issue for next week, Melissa Pitre, the permit coordinator, was very professional and helpful in securing a new permit for next week.

In both Cancer and Softball Perseverance is need as you go though Hell to Win.

As Winston Churchill once said "If you're going through hell, keep going."

I will keep going. We will be back next week. We will keep fighting.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Jimmy Myers has been playing softball in Central Park since 1986 and played with many great players. Tonight at Championship party for Late Show team, he was given an award by Curt Chaplin a person who has played and managed teams he played on. 

He was inducted into Radio Free New York Hall of Fame , a softball franchise he has started since the late 70's and wanted to honor players who played with or against him in Central Park and he started inductees in 2006, he earned top 10 status and this great honor.

Jimmy said " it surprised and meant a lot to me and the greatest award comes from the respect you get from your peers on the field and this makes my greatest moments in my life. Curt painted this ball and made it a great night!!!!! I can't thank him enough."

Curt Chaplin called Jimmy "a leader" "it was MY honor. and not just me, everyone in Central Park"

Class Act and Peer Jonathan Libman commented "normally I would make a wise crack (which I still may) but you believed in me way back when I was a rookie and I am proud to say I played with/ and against you and enjoy every inning."

Elizabeth A. Burbach Gallardo "Awesome! Congratulations, Jimmy. So proud of you. And proud to have played for and against you. You always teach me something. Even if I don't want it . Mr. Chips!!"

Jim Bitros "Congratulations Jimmy. Some people make a difference and you are one of them."

The guy is a True Gamer.

Well done

Monday, September 15, 2014

Greatest team Ever Assembled?

Choice Parts 2014
That was for you Lou 22

Are they the Greatest Team Ever Assembled? 

Yes that's arrogant to ask, but a fair question. I don't know, but It really was an amazing season. 

One of the best I have ever been through.  From beginning to end.  

Here are Some Facts

  • League Champion
  • 24 Straight Wins
  • Down 0-2 in Championship and won 3 straight. 2004 Red Sox Style
  • Great Players hustling. Stars that don't play/act like Stars
  • League Hit Leader
  • Likely Rookie of the Year
  • League Batting Champion
  • Gold Gloves
  • Undefeated "B" Pitcher

The 5 game Championship was such a great series as the celebration was really one of the best I have seen.

Great softball by a great team.

Also, a salute to a classy Empire team who played very well till the end. True Championship play

Friday, September 5, 2014

Game-Changing Breakthrough ...Shameless

Oftentimes a game comes down to one Game-Changing moment.
  • A homer
  • An error
  • A catch
  • A Base running decision or non-decision
  • A managerial decision
Life is the same way. A wise man named Jose Carrion

once told me "Your Life can change in a minute" and he's right.

As many of you know I have "Shamelessly

plugged my Charity Softball tournament on September 20th benefit ting the Cancer Research Institute:

The Tournament will be competitive and it will have many Game-Changing moments but none will make more of an impact at what the Cancer Research Institute did this week as

"the FDA approved a new immunotherapy drug for the treatment of cancer. This game-changing breakthrough has the potential to dramatically improve treatment of many different types of cancer.  Known as Keytruda (pembrolizumab), the drug belongs to a class of immunotherapies called checkpoint inhibitors. These drugs “take the brakes off” the immune response to cancer. They represent the most promising new cancer therapies to emerge in decades. It targets a molecule called PD-1. The drug has been approved for the treatment of advanced or inoperable melanoma in patients who have failed prior treatment.

The Cancer Research Institute has played a central role in the basic science and clinical research that paved the way for the FDA approval of this important new drug. Checkpoint inhibitors like Keytruda as well as other immunotherapies in development, especially when used in combination, will ultimately transform the treatment of many if not all types of cancer. It is a wonderful day for patients."

This approval once again demonstrates the power of cancer research to save lives.

That's what I call a Game Changer and why I am doing this event. 

To save lives

You can donate directly to the event directly at The Cancer Research Institute, on my page at :

All Donations are made directly to  the *Cancer Research Institute; *

To Stop Cancer I have No Shame.

Thank you

Holler Back!!!!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Time for Revenge

Christian Goris and Michael Peckins have been facing off a lot recently.
In the Performing Arts League it was Christian 

leading the Late Show to Glory, but in the Press League it was

                        "Mickey's turn to pitch good"

and lead the Times

to a 3rd Straight title

Hell, they even got their own cool Championship video

Well done and deserved.