Sunday, April 15, 2007


Rain Rain Go Away come back another day

Yeah it's absolutely pouring today - No Softball For You!!!!!!!!!!

What do softball junkies do during rain outs???

Top Ten Things Softball Players do during days that their games are rained out

10. Pretend to be normal - cook, clean, watch movies, catch up on DVR'd shows, do their taxes
9. Watch Porn
8. Write out Lineups
7. Go to the batting cage and strip club - same thing remember?
6. Annoy their normal friends by calling them all day
5. Eat a lot if junk food and get fat
4. Nap and dream about softball
3. Drink liquor alone while spanning the web and shopping on-line
2. Complain about the weather

and the Number One Thing Softball Players do during days they get rained out

1. Nothing

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