Friday, February 27, 2015

Sad Insider wishes you ...Peace and Long Life....Live Long and Prosper ... like his main man

Today Leonard Nimoy, Actor, Director, and 'Star Trek' Icon, Died at 83.

Yeah, I know another obituary. Sucks.

I will put out a softball and life blog this weekend, but today as a lifelong Star Trek nerd I just wanted to honor my favorite character/actor the best way I know how and wish you all

"Peace and Long Life and Live Long and Prosper"

Mr Spock Will Be Missed

Life is too short. Make it count. See you out there on the field soon.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015


Martin Josefski was a softball lifer.

He passed away over this last weekend from an apparent heart attack.As unique a character as any you'll ever run across, Martin was a fierce competitor who loved the game and every league in which he played. And they numbered quite a few.
2011 Turtle Rock Champions - Martin Standing Far right

The Insider and Martin may have clashed, but that's irrelevant and so meaningless now as your love for the game was undeniable and deserves respect.

Rest in Peace, Martin.