Monday, March 2, 2015

No Apologies

This blog isn’t for you; it’s for me, a true Softball lifer. 

I need this outlet to vent otherwise I’d be a savage goon beast with no other way to release. As the song by Eminem goes"Hard headed and hot headed, bull headed and pig headed, Dick headed, a prick, a big headache I’m sick. Quick witted, for every decision spitted there are 6 critics who wait for me to slip with it" – No Apologies

The last 2 weeks have sucked, been frustrating, and not fun.

Playing is Fun.

Winning is Fun.

On field success is fun.

Seeing my Friends Succeed is Fun.

Unfortunately, not everything in life or softball is fun and helping save the Big Apple Softball League definitely falls into the "not pleasant" category. During the last several months and specifically the last 2 weeks myself and others have sacrificed our valuable time. energy, and at times our very softball soul to make massive changes to ensure the league "Lives Long and Prospers".  

Here is the finally summary on how the League was Saved or at least Survived:

1) Five New teams have joined and two other may possibly join. As of now the league has 8 teams, up 2 from last year and possibly up 3 or 4 more.

2)The League has moved to modified. I will post the exact league rules on modified in a later blog. 

Right now the quick summary of the rules is as follows:

A) Pitcher must start with both feet on rubber and 1st movement is forward
B) No breaking or throwing outside the wrist, opening the hips, opening the shoulders
C) Pitcher arm cannot be wild on release. meaning parallel

3) A Pitcher's full ban list has been implemented.

 The full list will be posted on the Big Apple Website. but for now all the well-known pitchers top "non-modified" pitchers have been added i.e. Brown, Armando, Ramish, Rocker. 

This list is final and binding.
4) It has been decided that four pitchers who's motion, footwork, or release must be adjusted to continue pitching in the league. They will be given a tryout to comply with the pitching requirements and be instructed on proper modified technique to address their modified. flaw.  These pitcher's will then be allowed to pitch in a game and if they fail to comply will be warned and if they fail to comply again will banned. That's It.

The pitchers are Doc, Matty, Christian Goris, and Jimmy Myers. They were selected based on being very close  to the modified rules listed above, length of time in league 9whether long or short), and ability/willingness to adjust 

Was this political? Was this fair? Was this annoying? Yes. Yes. Yes. 

We all have our opinions, but the bottom line is that it fair. The pitchers most closely conform to this league's modified rules and will be given a chance. That's it.

5) Pitchers on new teams joining will have to be reviewed before the season.

6)If you pitcher on your team has not pitched by August 1st he must be declared and throw 5 innings and be reviewed. Otherwise he cannot pitch in post season.

7) Grandfathered designated players still cannot pitch in the post season.

Insider Analysis:

  1. Is this perfect? No. It never will be. 
  2. Who made the ban list and pitching rules? The 3 remaining managers, commissioner, and myself. 
  3. Who will now enforce these rules? Me. Judge, Jury, and Executioner. This job sucks, but I will do it to keep the league alive. Now I will be the most hated for sure. 
  4. What are the penalties if I see pitcher's not complying (other than the 4 listed above)? 1st a Warning by me, then a 2 week suspension by me, and then the ban list by me. Kind of long and wack, but whatever, It's on me,
  5. Will people complain?  Yes. Someone will blow this whole thing up, it’s stupid. I keep saying it, I can’t stress it enough, this was necessary. Just play now. Feel the love of the game. You feel me?

Whether willing or unwillingly, you still must agree, these changes are for the positive and proves as long as there’s still this softball hunger and fever inside of us we will find a way to created a longer softball life expectancy. I’m sick of talking about this anymore, time to Play Hard. Play to Win.The time for whining and complaining is over now; I've helped give the league a chance.  The rest us up to the players.

No Apologies