Thursday, April 19, 2007

Softball Nicknames

A cool part about softball is that people get nicknames.

Some people get nicknames for how they play.

Other people get nicknames for how they act.

Some people get nicknames for how they look.

In any case most nicknames are appropriate and fitting.

There are so many nicknames in softball selecting an elite Top Ten is very tough but that's what I do so.......

Top Ten Softball Nicknames

10. "Cabezza" - means Head in English - My teammate Eric has this nickname it's just funny - what's even funnier is when white people who can't say cabezza call him HEAD
9. "GUBI" - my boy Isaac Delgado has been called Gubi his whole life - I don't know what it means but it's a cool ghetto nickname
8. "Twinkle Twinkle" - I gave this nickname to Isaac "Gubi" Delgado - Gubi leads softball in nicknames. It has a song attached "Twinkle Twinkle Superstar, wow you hit the ball real far. Always saying your so hot until you throw the Ball over the backstop"
7. Fat Freddy from the Bronx's nickname is Officer Bar Brady from South Park. Officer Bar ady on South Park is a cop that always says "Nothing to see here People Nothing to see.". And as long as Fat Freddy is getting paid his league and ump fee he sees no evil. If a illegal player or pitcher shows up or the field is unplayable Freddy just says "Nothing to see here people Nothing to see just pay me my money"
6. Crazy Lou and Crazy Ricky (me) - the only difference between these too highly intense guys is that Lou is a much better player - they are both crazy
5. Willie "El Loco" Ferrer - El Loco is just Spanish for crazy - same thing as Ricky/Lou above just the ESL version - PS Willie is a softball legend and ike a fathyer to me but his mental issues go far beynd teh scope of this blog
4. Angry Jack - pickup softball Central Park - Jack is always angry - no one knows why, he is just always angry - some people march to their own drum - Jack marches to his own band/orchestra - Anger Management counseling is sorely needed
3. John Cordero nickname PLANET ZERO - We mere humans cannot even hope to comprehend the celestial plane he exists on - The irony is he has the nastiest stuff in all of softball - too bad he never met a batter he couldn't walk
2. Cedric "El Pitcher de WaWa" - English translation the pitcher of the bus - Cedric is one of the best pitcher's in all of softball and if you want to ride the Cedric bus all you have to do is pay the fare

and the Number One Nickname in all of Softball

1. El Nino = John Castillo - John won't talk to me for like 5 years after this Top Ten but the nickname Child is perfect. He is arguably the best player in all of softball - He's Babe Ruth - a stud pitcher and hitter. Heck he's my softball idol and I owe a lot of my softball success to him But he can be prone to adolescent bouts that can only be understood by those closest to him -kinda like a talented problem child in school. Hence the nickname El Nino


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  2. dont' forget
    and of course THE GATOR


  3. well haha im on a softball team!!! anyone got a nickname for me??

    1. and it better be good haha anyone got anything

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