Thursday, September 25, 2008


Yo What up Everyone

It's been a while but between softball, work ( yes I have a job) and my Mets collapsing again and I haven't had time to write softball.

In the meantime, Inwood Fall softball has started (checkout and with the exception of the umpiring the league is off to another successful start.

One of the best part of our league is that people like to hang out.

Some people like to hang out more than others.

Like Mickey Rouke in the 1987 Classic

Inwood has developed their very own "BarFly" community

Here's a quick list of Inwood BarFlies

(1) Harroo - Knockout - The hangout starts before the game for Aaron.
Last week showed up lately b/c he was hanging out with other noted Inwood Bar Flies.
It's in his Knockout contract he gets a beer for every hit.

(2) John Shepparda and Dio

A BarFly match made in heaven.
How they find their way home after games is a miracle.

(3) Chelo - no explanation necessary

(4) Looch the ump - doesn't drink just eats pasteles all day

(5) Georgie - new Knockout player.
Knockout picked him up to be it's nice guy goon.
Between the hot sun shining off his head and 100 Coronas the guy loves Inwood park

(6) Angelo, Joe Soto , and Booby - Westlanders - they are like softball's version of Norm, Woody, and Cliff Klaven from cheers

The field is open come on down to Inwood where everyone knows your name and will soon start heckling you.