Sunday, April 8, 2007

Softball and BlackJack - plus a Zagats Hechsher Park Rating

I was in Atlantic City Saturday night wasting away my money at the casinos when an old thought crept into my mind - Softball is a lot like Blackjack - here's why?

Top Ten Reasons Why Softball and Black Jack are alike

10. In Blackjack the dealer usually has an ace up his sleeve - In Softball every league has a team with a wringer pitcher up their sleeves to give them a competitive advantage
9. In Blackjack the odds are less than 50% that you will win - In softball the odds are usually less than 50% that you will get a hit - Both are a game of Failure
8. In Blackjack you have dumb players that ruin the game - same thing in softball
7. Everyone is greedy in Blackjack - Same thing in softball - Managers want the best players - will cheat, lie. steal and do anything to win
6. Everyone blames the dealer when they lose in blackjack. In softball everyone blames the umpire
5. They both require Risk - Scared Money Don't Make Money
4. In Black Jack if you go over 21 you bust and lose - In softball if your down by more than 12 (inverse of 21) you lose - mercy rule
3. Everyone thinks they know how to play Blackjack and that they can beat the house - In softball everyone thinks they already know how to play and can win the Championship
2. Your always trying to win your money back in Blackjack while in Softball your always trying to win your league fee money back

and the Number One Reason Blackjack and Softball are alike

1. Both should be played for fun - but somewhere along the way it gets personal and become an Obsession

and oh yeah by the way, after gambling till 3 AM in AC I drove all morning to NYC to play softball at Hecksher - loser

OK enough Top Ten babble - let's get to Zagat's Softball Review of the New Hecksher ball fields in Central Park

Review Rating Guide

**** 4 Stars - excellent
*** Very Good
** Average
* Pathetic

Infield Quality **** - awesome
Outfield Grass Quality - **** - PROFESSIONAL
Batter's Box **** - No ghetto whole for Right Handed Hitters
Pitchers Mound *** (rated by Jimmy Bitros Central Park Pickup Legend) - very comfortable
Field Crossover/Interference - * sorry but this will always suck at Heckshier - very dangerous
Dugouts - **** - Excellent - enclosed - protected from public - protects both players from foul ball and bad throws as well as their keeping belongings safely away from public reach
Spectator/ Stands **** - Wood Benched - very nice and comfortable
Bathroom - * - still under construction - Portable Potty's - Horrible
Bike Stands * - none
Fans - **** - midtown proximity draws numerous tourist and spectators

Overall Rating *** 1/2 stars - Great Lawn and 103rd street are still better - but its an awesome place to play


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