Tuesday, October 28, 2014

"Dewey Defeats Truman" ...Inwood Vibe - A Champ is crowned and Final Four is All Set - Correction

Afternoon League

Parrilla capped off an undefeated fall season by sweeping Las Aguillas and then partied all night

Congratulations to Gallon and Leo

Morning League

Two great series highlight the Morning League Quarterfinals

  • Scrappers vs. Los Selecionados was a Highly Competitive Match-up

Game One: Inwood Legends Jose, Andy, Juan, Alfi, Carlos, and Danny all played well in 5-1 Scapper Victory

Game Two:With their backs against the wall, frustrated Selecionados manager Juan

gave his non hustling troops a tongue lashing pep talk

and they responded

but couldn't hold the lead as the Scrappers mounted a furious rally. Congrats to  Jose, Andy and company as they advance.

  • Hell's Kitchen vs Sandlot

In a rematch of last year's quarterfinal. these two teams squared off in a classic series:

Game One: Belonged to HK's vets Bennett, Dino, and Chino. as they edged out a 3-2 win.

Game Two: Trailing 2-0 in the bottom of the 6th Sandlot scored three runs only to see HK take a 4-3 lead thanks to another clutch Chino's at bat.

However, Sandlot Grinder Dan came through with a walk off sac fly to push the series to a decisive game three where HK's Luis hit a bottom of the 5th grand slam to secure a 8-5 victory. Awesome

  • HK will now play the #3 WolfPack who threw two shutouts to stop the Tigers 2014 roar.

  • In the final quarterfinal, a short handed Old School used their roster depth well

against Brew Crew and advanced to play the Scrappers in the Semi-Finals.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Inwood Vibe "The Return of Championship Manager"

Inwood Week 7 "Position" and Playoff Week got off to a good start with the Unexpected Return of 
John "Championship Manager" Sheppard

As for the onfield action:

Afternoon News
  • The Best 2-8 team ever, Las Aguillas Shocked Los Bizcocheros and Advanced to the Afternoon league Finals winning 4-3 & 8-7.
  • Parilla stayed undefeated, sweeping the Kings, and now play Las Aguillas in the best of five series.

Morning News
  • The Hard Hitting Brew Crew and Scrappy Sandlot both earned post season berths by splitting a pair to earn the 8th and 7th playoffs positions, respectively.
  •  In game one, Old School clinched 1st place thanks to 2 homers by Jrod and timely relief pitching by Mickey P
Classy Wolf Pack showed love and respect to the Softball gods by returning a jacket, helmet and glove to Old School that they picked up the week before. Very Classy and Thank you

After game one, Wolf Pack left to finish a softball commitment elsewhere, but before rushing out SBI caught up with Two Inwood Legends Nelson and Georgie to get more information on why their schedule is so hectic?

  • The Inspired HK continued their winning ways by sweeping the Panthers to clinch the 2 seed.
  • The NY Tigers slugged their way to a game one 16-15 victory over Red Rage. The Tigers actually led 14-9 in the 7th, until the Rage scored 6 to take the lead only to see the Tigers scored 2 in the bottom of the seventh for the victory. The win propelled the Tigers to the the 6th seed in the Playoffs. Congratulations Edwin.
  • The Scrappers unloaded a Tank of Whoop Ass on the Dodgers and earned the 5th Seed
  • Los Selecionados selected  this Sunday to produce a huge offensive day and clinch 4h place with two big victories over Chaos
Playoffs Next Sunday.

Old School vs Brew Crew
Hell's Kitchen vs. Sandlot
WolfPack vs. NY Togers
Selecionados vs Scrappers


Softball's Version of Arod

In 2014 Alex Rodriguez was Suspended by MLB for the entire season for allegedly obtained performance-enhancing drugs as part of the Biogenesis baseball scandal. A-Rod at first denied everything

but eventually dropped his appeal and spent a year in shame.

Unfortunately, Softball now has it's version of A-Rod as my boy Gil Gonzalez Sr has been suspended from Noble Avenue Softball League for the Entire 2015 season.

As has been well document on SBI, Candela's  has had it's problems in 2014, but despite all of Gil's managerial madman rantings and ravings they were in the championship.

Championship Situation:  Down 2 games to 1. It rained on two consecutive September and October Saturdays.The first Saturday all games were canceled (As an aside even when it rains everyone goes to the field to hang out).

On the second rainy Saturday game time for game four of the series was 12pm. The league commissioner informed Gil at about noon that the new game time was 4pm. Gil said that it was too late and his team could not play at the time. It should be noted it was rainy and cold at noon that day. Terrible conditions for Softball. As a result, commissioner Ramon charged Candela with forfeited which eliminated them for the series. In addition, Gil was handed a suspension as manager for the entire 2015 season because of the forfeit.

Insider Analysis #1:They hate him in Noble. He's a wrap in 2015.

As crazy as Gil is, and as much fucked up shit he put me through this year, he's actually right on this one. A four hour delay on an ugly cold rainy day is ridiculous. But this UGLY situation and it is UGLY is part in parcel proof that the softball gods exists.

Gil loves Noble. This hurts him

Insider Analysis #2

Am I happy this happened to him? Half Yes Half No. I was hated on him to lose but I would have preferred it with him on mound. This is insane

The Softball Gods exist

There is Another Jet Skywalker

There is Another Skywalker

No not Leia, Alexandra, or Caley rather the Jets have acquired Percy Harvin

to bring Hope to the long suffering fans.

There is now a Reason to Watch Jet games agai. He have Hope of getting better.

Yes he has a dark side.
Yes he has demons.
Yes he is thug.

But let's be honest.
  • We need play makers.
  • The NFL is Full of Thugs
  • We were not going 3-13 to get a top pick anyway.
I love this trade.
  • This Trade wasn't about selling tickets and getting attention

  • This Trade wasn't about carrying out a personal vendetta against your best "Diva" player

  • This trade was about getting better.

There is no financial, clubhouse, or winning risk in this trade.

Great move regardless of the outcome.

Give him the ball 20+ times a game. It makes the whole team better.

There is Hope.Now Play Football. Not Fools ball.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Special Inwood Exclsuive "Urban Softball Legend" on this week's "Inwood Vibe"

The Insider literally went in the field to uncover the truth about the Urban Softball legend that "Dominican's don’t like to play early"

 Interview #1

 Interview #2
The evidence is inconclusive. Only the playoffs will tell

As for the Sunday, Oct 12th recap

Afternoon League:
  • Parilla capped off an undefeated fall season by sweeping The Kings
  • Aguillas forfeited 2 games to Los Bizcocheros – BOOOOOOO!!
 Playoffs begin this week in the Afternoon league. Guys just show up and play ball.

Morning league:
  • HK celebrated manager’s Petey “Mr. Bill’s” Birthday with a sweep over the Scrappers. With the hardest schedule in the league, Scrappers are now 6-6 and face a must win week versus the Dodgers.
  • The Panthers kept their playoff hopes alive by sweeping the Dodgers for the 2nd time this fall.
  • Chaos and Brew Crew exchanged beat downs as they both kept the post season dreams alive.
  • Los Selecionados calmed Red Rage 12-6. But like the Hulk Red Rage
    smashed them 8-5 for the split.
  • In a later afternoon affair, Wolfpack swept Sandlot and now will play Old School.
  • Speaking of Old School, Gil Jr homered twice on the day and led his squad to 5-2 & 17-8 wins.
Week 7 is the last week before the playoffs and it has been an Excellent Fall Season so far as 11 out of 12 teams are eligible for post season consideration heading into the final week. Good job.

Here is the simplest Playoff Scenario:


With match ups set this week on Citysoftball.com by records, strength of schedule, and current standings, most teams that win 2 games this week will most likely make the post Season based on the following Tiebreakers

2 Way Tiebreakers are as follows:

(1) Head to Head record
(2) Best Run Differential on Season
(3) Best Run Differential in Individual match up against one another

3 way Ties will be decided by
(1) Head to Head record
(2) Best Run Differential on Season
(3) Best Run Differential in Individual match up against one another

If Ties get more co implicated beyond that the league will review


Friday, October 10, 2014

Inwood Vibe

  • After yesterday's Jet goon rant it's time to get back to the fall action on the softball field and the best place to do that is Manhattan premier league in terms of location, enthusiasm, and true modified Softball - Inwood.

Last week's results can be seen at Citysoftball.com, but more importantly what's going down is a renewal of rivalries, competitive balance, and softball fever.The season is coming to an end and many burning questions persists in Inwood:

Stay tuned as October/November softball is still alive and getting better each and every week.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

"Hate to Say I Told You So" so Sit Back and Enjoy the Show

Fuck Fall Softball for a few minutes and let's talk football.

Usually I hate the expression ""Hate to Say I Told You So, but I told you so"  and in this case I really hate to say it because in regards to the 2014 Jets "I told you so" last winter in my Jet goon blog "Letdown Blog PosterChild... 45 years and counting"

This year's Jet team sucks and is so bad that our "Quarterback" didn't even go to a team meeting Saturday night "in preparation" for a Sunday Game with the Chargers b/c supposedly "he went to the movies"

We lost 31-0. Pathetic. Our record is now 1-4 and now it's time to say "46 years and counting" for my beloved Jets.

I'm angry.
I'm hurt.

All I can hope for now is a top draft pick. I love this stupid team, and I'm sick of losing sick, Sick of embarrassing off the field shit. Sick of it all. Enough.

So in Honor of Geno Smith night at the Cinema:

Top Ten Reasons You should go to the Movies Instead of watching the NY Jets

10. Rex Ryan. He stayed one year too long. He has No discipline. No grasp of an offense. Mismanages injuries. Mismanages timeouts. No Balls. No Leadership. He's gotta go!!!!!!!!

9. Plenty of Movies have happy endings. There is no happy ending for 2014.

8. Jets are on a 4 game losing streak. No we play Denver and New England Next. J-E-T-S = Just End The Season.

7. Geno's backup Michael "Dog Killer" Vick didn't prepare all week or practice either for the Chargers. Vick has no desire to play he's just collecting a check. Fuck Vick. He's a dick.

6. It’s a passing league. We can't pass and can't defend pass. Terrible. I'd rather watch a corny Jennifer Aniston romantic comedy than this horror show.

5. Geno who is off to a brutal start and obviously does whatever he wants without repercussions
Fuck Geno. 

Next time I have a meeting at work and miss it let's see what happens when I tell my boss I'm at the movies. 
Fuck Geno. 

He’s just as bad as Sanchez. He has a good arm, is fast, and strong but he's too dumb and obviously doesn't prepare. Just like Sanchez. Impossible to root for him.

4. Speaking of rooting, the Movies has Heroes like Wolverine, Captain America, or Iron Man to root for. This team has no one I want  to root for. No one. 

3. The Stupid Owner, Woody Johnson, let his personal feelings about Diva Revis keep him from re-signing Revis. 

Stupid. Fucking Stupid.

So what happens the hated Patriots sign him.

Steinbrenner or Rosenmiller would never do that.

2. We haven’t drafted offense in the 1st round in 5 years. Stupid. Just fucking stupid. A dumb and dumber movie is smarter than this team. 20 Million under cap unused to make us better. Stupid

and the #1Reason You should go to the movies Instead of watching the NY Jets

1. Until they take out the Lysol out and clean house no sense in watching.
46 years and counting now. I don't want it to be 47. Fire Ryan by Thanksgiving

Enjoy The Show

Friday, October 3, 2014

The Return of Sb Mr. Bill

Unlucky Mr. Bill is a Saturday Night injury prone Legend
 and Softball's Mr. Bill - HK Manager Petey is also an injury prone legend
 P/S/ Glad your Ok Pete - Your the Man

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

There's $4,495 of Gold Up in Them Inwood Hills

In 1848 Gold was discovered in California and a Gold rush took place. Hence, the expression "There's Gold Up in Them Hills" was coined (excuse the corny $$ reference).

Last weekend there was Gold up in Inwood Hill Park, Hearts of Gold that is

as numerous people and players both from above

and below 96th street

gave their time, generous donation dolars , and effort into making the 1st ever

a very good event.

As the Competition and Players were Good

Enthusiasm was High from Beginning to End

People Played to Win

Leadership was on display
Dio Jackson came out of retirement and was on a mission to Fight Cancer
Renegades were Warriors
and The Behavior/Sportsmanship Mostly Good

as the softball and Inwood Community Good was out in Full Force

to Fight Cancer.

There were some mistakes that next year we will address:

But the good so far exceeded the bad as at the end of the day the Event Raised an
Impressive  Pot of Gold 

for The Cancer Research Institute "CRI"http://www.cancerresearch.org/ 

As my donation page currently has $4,495!!!!! on it

That so far exceeded my goals and dreams. 

As for the Winner of the Event, that honor went to Ronda's Grocery

led by Tourney MVP Knuckle Lou Robles and Manager Dio Jackson

I have so many people to thank for this event as mad people showed love and respect.

  • All The Donors
  • All The Volunteers
  • All The Managers - Jason, Larry, Joseph, Eddie, John Rosenmiller, and Dio
  • All the Players
Cancer is relentless and everyone's dedication to making this event a success was Relentless.