Friday, April 27, 2007

Softball Draft

The NFL Draft is this weekend, where NFL clubs pick the best college players available to fill their rosters.

This got me to think what if there was a softball draft? What would be my Top Ten Draft Picks?

Pick #10 John Brown - Pitcher - some may ask why do you pick the most dominant pitcher in softball at #10 - easy because he's not a legal modified pitcher, nice guy, excellent player - he's just a slinger - looks like he's throwing a freebie. But if a league lets him in he's un-hittable.
Pick # 9 Kip - Choice Parts - stud hitter, good fielder, and a very nice laid back guy who0 dates only models - any team would be lucky to have him
Pick #8 Gubi - I know this is a bit of a stretch - he's like the Alphonso Soriano of softball - HIGH RISK HIGH REWARD - but he's a very good player who is loyal and responsible - that's a very good quality - only downside is that it's only a matter of time before he gets arrested for road rage
Pick # 7 Hector from West - arguably the best defensive player in all of softball - is also a gamer the only downside I see is that he loves freestyle music too much :)
Pick #6 Geo from West - gamer - bad hamstring only prevents him from going higher in the draft - outstanding lefty power - is a class winner - only downside is that he has umpire rage
Pick # 5 Carlos Con from West ( why not put all of West on this list) - stud switch hitter with power, ridiculous sling pitcher who pitches modified very well - nice guy who is also an intimating enforcer - always a Rick favorite - actually was a Rick player but Rick got him too soon before I knew how to win or at least have a chance to win
Pick #4 Herman - Highlanders - there are players who are faster, bigger, stronger - but few are smarter and more clutch - I call him PBS because he's boring but informative - you need him
Pick #3 tie Lefty - Destroyers - simply a hitting machine , Weechie - Destroyers - when he's not a guest at the hotel - he's absolutely AWESOME
Pick #2 Crazy Lou Gonzalez - sometimes I think he invented softball - he truly lives from this - a true winner - only downside I see is that he puts his #22 on all the clothes he wears

and for the Controversial #1 Pick

1. C'mon - You all knew I would pick John "El Nino" Castillo - ironic that I pick Castillo #1 even though I can't even count the number of times people have told me "I can't play with this guy" - Face it he has a Power on and Power off switch - and when the Power is On he's in the top echelon on players in all of softball, when the Power is Off then it's a whole different ballgame

Honorable Mention Draft Pick - Gilberto - Destroyers, Knockout - old school guy who I can barely understands - but the man is a winner - Is the most confident player I know - he once told me "Give me a team that can field and I can even beat the Yankees" - he definetly has the 6th Tool - CONFIDENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!

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