Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Models and SuperStar Players

I went on a photo shoot today ( a story for another blog) and as I stood like a brain dead zombie while some photographer clicked away on his camera I couldn't help but think that
Supermodels and Superstar Softball Players have a lot in common

Top Ten Things
Supermodels and Superstar Softball Players have in common

People pay way too much attention to them - They need to be ignored
9. Both are moody high maintenance Divas -
.irresponsible and never on time - extremely difficult to deal with
8. Both look good on the outside but lack substance on the inside - Beauty is only skin deep in life and softball
7. Supermodel Naomi Campbell was arrested and had to do community service - so have most stud players
6. Models wear the latest fashion, Stud players rock the newest gear and equipment
5. Models perform on stage, they know how to walk and work the runway, Stud players perform under the greatest stage of them all - The playoffs - they now how to walk the walk at crunch time
4. They both act like you need them more than they need you - ARROGANT!!!!!
3. Models never pay for anything - Stud players never pay for umps and league fees
2. Models usually have an entourage, Stud players also have an entourage like a scrubby friend who must play if you want to get to the Stud play with you (Castillo and Rick????)

and the Number One Thing
Supermodels and Superstar Softball Players have a lot in common

Both want to get paid !!!!!!!!

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