Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Softball and Real Estate

I've been involved in the purchase of a new home/condo the last few months and I couldn't help but think the correlation that exists between Softball and Real Estate.

So ....

Top Ten Ways Softball and Real Estate are related

10 LOCATION!!! LOCATION!!! LOCATION!! are crucial in both - where you buy a home it is probably the most important thing, while in softball where a pitcher locates his pitches is probably the most key element of the game

9. The better the school system the more valuable your home becomes, while in softball the better the school system the likelihood of you playing on a nicer and higher quality Field increases

8. When selling your home you rarely get the "ASK" price. In softball unless your a stud player you rarely get the playing time and lineup demands you "ASK"for

7. In real estate, brokers tell you anything you want to hear as long as they get their commission. In softball, league commissioners tell you anything you want to hear as long as you pay them their money

6. Buying a home can be a frustrating process - dealing with lawyers, sellers, and the government sucks. Softball can be a very frustrating process - dealing with slumps, bad umps, childish people really sucks

5. The Real Estate Business deals with Land and Property, Softball has it's own special land called the field where business is conducted

4. Both have hidden costs. Buying Real Estate involves paying for loans, inspections, assessments, lawyers, furniture, etc. Softball involves paying for balls, bases, umps, and perks for your stud players like cab rides, pastelitos, beer, weed, and Malecon chicken.

3. Both require you to shop around before making a major investment decision. You have to look at several homes before you find the right one that was meant to be. In softball, you have to play on different teams in different leagues before you find your softball home.

2. Both are very competitive and can have an ugly side.

and the Number One Way that Real Estate and Softball are similar

1. There is a racial demographic factor involved. People only want to buy homes where people of similiar ethnic backgrounds as their own live. While in softball, players from certain ethnic backgrounds only want to play within their own group - for examples dominicans in Inwood have to play in a league of all Dominicans where they share the same culture. In both cases, people feel their investment, either home or softball will lose value if others move in to theoir neighborhood or game.

Point #1 may be a little sad and serious but it brings me to why Central Park softball is special - I'll get to that in another bog - tell then Holler Back!!!!!!!!!!!!

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