Monday, April 9, 2007

Gift and Curse - Managing

In Spiderman, Peter Parker refers to his powers as the Gift and the Curse. - Jay-Z evens rhymes about it - It's all about an unappreciated contradiction - just like managing.

That's what managing is - A gift and curse.

The Gift is spending numerous hours of blood, sweat, and tears with the goal of only getting a $5 championship softball signed by your team at the end of the season.

The Curse is the 2nd guessing, the hate, the selfish behavior, the back stabbing, the aggravation, the pressure, that comes with managing - face it - it is impossible to make everyone happy.

Don't even try.

But just like Spiderman figured out "With Great Power comes Great Responsibility" - be responsible, be fair, be honest - the softball gods will reward you one day

Anyway, that all from your friendly neighborhood Idiot Savant

P.S. No I wasn't high when I wrote this wack ass blog


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