Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Monday Morning Manager rides the NYC Subways

Sunday is the highest profile day in softball and when you manage every little move or non move you make is scrutinized and you hear about it on Monday, hence the term Monday Morning Manager.

As I detoxed on the way to work on the NYC train on Monday from all the unnecessary managerial stress, I realized managing is like riding a NYC train.

Top Ten Reasons Why managing is like riding the NYC subways trains

10. On a NYC train people think you crazy if you start up a conversation like "How's the weather or What do you do for a living". In managing your crazy if you tell anyone your moves before you have to.
9. Doing both involves getting your hands dirty
8. The manager is like the train conductor taking everyone through a journey through a dark tunnel toward a destination.
7. Passengers on the train get annoyed at the conductor if a delay occurs, just like players get annoyed at a manager if they don't get what they want. BLAME BLAME BLAME
6. Conductors asks everyone to tuck in their personal belongings, Managers ask players to grab all their stuff and pick up the bases before they go home
5. When the conductor says something on the Public announcement system people rarely listen. When a manager says a corny Denzel Washington speech players tune him out.
4. A metro card gets you a ride on the train. Paying the ump fee and league fee gets you a manging gig.
3. Both are dangerous if your not careful - anything can happen at any time.
2. On the trains their are a lot of bums looking for a handout and a free ride. In softball a lot of bums want to play and get a free ride on a winner

and the number one reasons why managing is like riding the NYC subway trains

1. In both all the passengers and players have different agendas and are very demanding. The conductor and manager just has to tune them all out, do his job, use their best judgement to get everyone home safely.


  1. Exposing yourself on the train can get you arrested.

    Exposing yourself on the softball field will get you a round of applause from Howie