Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Central Park Men's Softball League New York... Big Apple Softball League 2017 : Excellent Entry Point : SBI Analyst Coverage BUY; Market OUTPERFORM

League Insider Rating: Market Out Perform

When buying a stock the most common advice people get is "buy low sell high"

and timing the right Entry Point is the Key to investing as it is the lowest cost right before the stock you like takes off. As a Softball Insider I have a major softball "Buy Low" opportunity it's the Big Apple Softball League

The 2017 league fee is only $850

This represents tremendous value as teams get:

  • To play on the nicest fields/venue in all NYC in front of a live atmosphere full of fans, tourists and true New Yorkers

The Value can also be seen as the league provides: 
  • Permits, 
  • Doubleheaders every Sunday
  • Guarantee approx. 22-28 regular season game schedule plus Playoffs 
Forget about all those greedy leagues that sucker you in with small money prizes and make you play in terrible fields under inhumane conditions with no competitive balance.

If you love softball this is the league for you as this league will pay off tremendous softball dividends and growth in the form of:

  • Competition
  • Rivalries
  • Effort
  • Passion. 

This is where softball is at:

  • Invest in softball. 
  • Invest in yourself. 

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