Saturday, August 30, 2014

SB Modified GodFather Blessing

The Softball Modified Godfather Sal Guerriero has given my "B/C It's "More Than Just a Game" Cancer Charity Tournament on September 20th his blessing both in his
10 Man Modified Softball

This weekend - 2 big events. 10 Man Majors in Wisconsin (24 teams) and 10 Man Bs in Drifton Pa (34 teams).

The Softball Insider - MAJOR NEWS "B/C It's More Than Just a Game" Softball Tournament September 20th
On September 20th, Ricardo Ronda "The Softball Insider" is going to prove that Softball is "More Than Just a Game"as he and their softball warriors will go to battle against Cancer by playing a competitive Tournament in Inwood Hill Park (Manhattan NY).

Ricardo says, "Cancer is relentless and does not discriminate.We have all lost to CancerI hate losing and I hate this dreadful disease. To fight back we have to be relentless and this is my way of doing something about it."

Charity is: The Cancer Research Institute

and on his website

Thank you Godfather.
Interest has been strong and gaining momentum. More news to follow and remember "It's More than Just a Game"

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Sb Twighlight Zone "The Crossover Episode"

For those of us old school enough to remember the Twilight Zone

you know that a lot of weird bugged out unexpected shit happened on that classic TV Show.Well beginning yesterday I have officially entered the Softball "SB" Twilight zone and after today's events I officially just can't get out.

Yesterday's Softball Twilight Zone Championship episode ended with our Right Fielder getting abducted by Aliens and one of the more accurate throwers of a softball I know tossing the ball into the bathroom. Today's SB Twilight  Zone episode was as follows:

Situation: Game 1 NY Fast Pitch Championship Game
Score: Weintruab (my team) 5  Mashers 3
Inning: Bottom of 7th
Outs: 0
Runners: Bases Loaded
Count on Batter: 3-1
Next : Deep fly ball Right Field. Our RF, Justin, goes back on the ball, has a beat on it, and then BAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Translation: Field Cross Over impacted the last play of the game. Justin ran smack dab into some lady playing a Co-Ed game like 400 feet from her game's home plate. She had no business standing there. None. Of course all 3 runs score. Game Over.Final Score Mashers 6 Weintruab 5. That how we lost game one of the finals.

So Bizarre.


I cannot make that up.

Oh yeah, The Mashers undefeated season was preserved on that play. That game will forever be labeled as "The Crossover Game"

Luckily our Big guns

built us a 4-0 lead in game two, but the game was stopped after 4 innings because of darkness.

Patience is a virtue as this suspended game will continue and hopefully so will game three, if necessary, in two weeks as permits are unavailable next week. Hopefully, during this long break I can find some way to convince the softball gods to free me from the SB Twilight Zone.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Back to School

NY Show Business League Championship game

Prime Time 6
Old School  5

It was Intense

It all came down to this: Scored tied bottom of the 9th, starter Jimmy Meyers takes himself out as he hurt his left hip. Rich Collado came in and did great , 1st batter single, second batter filed out then next batter had 0-2 count and hit blooper down right field that dropped. RF threw to cut off but the relay man threw it wide of Catcher and it went through opening of fence. 

Only in softball can you go from one of your greatest, most thrilling victories to one of your worse defeats in one week. 

Just like that. The Softball Gods are Cruel

I know it’s better to lose on the Field than Win by Forfeit, but this was miserable. Miserable. Just fucking miserable, it was over in an instant, now it's Back to School for Old School.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Better Late Than Never, but Never Late is Better

but in the end it was the  

On a perfect late summer afternoon on the hallowed grounds of the Heckscher Ballfields; the two best teams in league - JOSHUA TREE/RJK and LATE SHOW (both 16-3) - squared off in a one game, nine-inning-winner-take-all affair to decide the Performing Arts Softball League Championship.
The crowd was abuzz in anticipation of a knock-down drag out, low-scoring affair. What they got instead was a decisive LATE SHOW throttling of JOSHUA TREE/RJK, 8-1, to take the Championship Series 2 games to 1 and win the Heckscher Cup for the third time in five years.
Playoff MVP Christian Goris 

was masterful, keeping a very good offense off-balance and limiting them to the one run that they scored, in the ninth inning, with the game out of reach.
Caps off to manager Buddy Mantia and his band of merry men. This one was truly for Dave!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Red Alert


All Softball Hands to 2015 Battle Stations.

I repeat this is not a test as the

Congrats, they were definitely the best team and their accomplishment was well deserved. Special Shoot out to Classy Mike "Honey I Shrunk the Kids" Leiman

Great Guy - again Congrats. Well Done

Saturday, August 23, 2014

MAJOR NEWS "B/C It's More Than Just a Game" Softball Tournament September 20th

Between the lines there is no question that Softball is only a game, but outside the lines there is no doubt that 
"It is More Than Just a Game". 

It is a
  • Forum - to express views
  • Personal Challenge to improve and prove others wrong
  • Cherished Friend - When things are good you feel so young, so happy, so fulfilled.
  • Cruel fickle game at times. The Softball Gods exists and their vengeance is swift and blinding.
  • Social Experience to enjoy - Drinking, Partying, laughter
  • Diversity training for people above and below 96th street of all races, religions, and colors
  • Way of creating wonderful and painful memories that we cherish or motivate us.
  • Escape from reality - for 7 innings their is no war, no politics, no money, no disease. Just competition
On September 20th, I am going to prove that Softball is "More Than Just a Game" as my softball warriors and I will go to battle against Cancer by playing a competitive Tournament in Inwood Hill Park

Cancer is relentless and does not discriminate.We have all lost to CancerI hate losing and I hate this dreadful disease. To fight back we have to be relentless and this is my way of doing something about it.

My Charity is: The Cancer Research Institute

I carefully selected this charity because I wanted one that used a large percentage of donation dollars to fight Cancer and, more importantly, they are trying to prevent Cancer using Immunotherapy, That's smart and forward looking. 

Charity Game Details

Basic Rules:

Additional Donations opportunities such as :

  • Bid on home team; You can donate extra money to be the home team. Top Bidder wins. 
  • Bid on using a new ball anytime; Minimum $20 donation to Charity. 
  • Bid on picking a field for the Championship game. 
Fundraising on this event is not limited to participating teams. As individuals and businesses are strongly encourages to donate to the Cancer Research Institute. We are all in this together. Cancer has to be stopped. 

I've set up a Facebook page for this event at : 

and for additional information please contact me directly via email at 
or phone at 646-337-3535.

Remember ... "It's More Than Just a Game" 

Thursday, August 21, 2014

CitySoftball 2014 Has Been Saved...

It took letters like this one

" I am writing on behalf of the Citytsoftball Fall League that has played in Inwood Hill Park since 1999. 
Unfortunately, we were recently informed that the Inwood Hill Park would not be available at all after September 28th of this year."  

"Last fall the fields were closed and receded and this has been a summer with reasonable rain fall. The fields are in very good condition and we are surprised at this decision.  It is a rarity to see dead grass or any indication that the grass is suffering or needs additional rest.  Everything appears in good shape so will you kindly explain to us why the Inwood Hill Park fields are closed?"

"I am humbly asking that our permits get reinstated and the fields remain open until early November as has been the norm. We love Inwood and playing fall ball there every year is our last real outdoor enjoyment before another long harsh winter sets in. The opportunity to play in September, October and early November at the best fields in the upper Manhattan is a matter of great enjoyment and pride for all our players, not to mention the many other New Yorkers and tourists that come out to watch us play some of the highest level softball and baseball in the city."

and more importantly face to face meetings 

but CitySoftball has been saved.

2014 Fall Softball Will Take Place Exclusively In Inwood Hill Park where it belongs


  • Start Date September 7th
  • 14 games weather permitting
  • 2 Leagues – Morning and Afternoon
  • Morning League - all Games either 8:30 AM or 11:00Am Start. League Fee $500; Playoff Start Time 8:30AM
  • Afternoon League – 2pm start regular season; League Fee $675 Playoff Start Time 11am or 12pm. 6 team maximum.
The Inwood vibe is back on. Contact me at for further information.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Sb LetDown...No Honor

After winning a thrilling playoff game yesterday, The softball gods showed me how fickle they are today as I was punished by winning the 54th Street Wednesday Nigh Championship by forfeit. No Honor

The softball gods punished me further as longtime Charter Fabric manager Bob Morello
Bob Donating to Charity

picked a good week to go on vacation and leave Guby in Charge

The punishment continued as we played a meaningless half hearted pickup game and the final straw of
punishment was that I gave up a semi-final in Central Park NY Fast Pitch to show up at 54th street tonight.

Sorry Softball Gods. Tonight was bad

That Was Old School

In a thrilling NY Show Business League PM Division Championship game

Old School 7
McHales 6

Old School was led by the Original Softball Gangsta Jimmy Myers

and New School flavor players like Andy Santana

The Insider would like to congratulate and salute a very classy McHales team who went undefeated and fought to the very end today like true Softball Warriors

Next Week Tuesday Championship Game 9 Innings

No School Like the Old School

Monday, August 18, 2014

Performing Where it Counts... On The Field

Performing Arts Softball League held their championship today. The participants LATE SHOW and JOSHUA TREE/RJK 

did not disappoint as they split the first two games of the best-of-three Championship Round. 

  • LATE SHOW took the opener, 3-2, in 8 innings 
  • JOSHUA TREE/RJK came back to win in the nightcap, 5-4. 

Two great games from two great teams. 

The Heckscher Cup will go to the winner of next week's 9 inning finale at the Heckscher Ballfields @ 1pm

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Sunday Playoff Predictions...Look in the Champs Eyes

Charlie "Champ" Bailey 

is in the park from dusk till dawn every Sunday and is probably the most qualified, colorful, and biased analyst I can use to preview this week's 1st round action. So "look him in the eye" and enjoy


Monday, August 4, 2014

Chicks Dig The Long Ball..especially in Softball

Remember the late 90s early 2000's commercial "Chicks Dig the Long Ball" commercial with pitchers Glavine and Maddux

Well the same slogan seem to hold True in Softball as one of the game's best and most beautiful fans Suzanne van Dongen

attests to in this exclusive insider interview
 No Wonder Manny Angeles has so many friends on Facebook

The insider would like to thank Suzanne for her gracious interview; she's always a pleasure to see and play catch with as she has a rifle for an arm.