Friday, March 22, 2013

Putting the IN back IN the INsider

Nah man, Not quite finished yet, so let's get right to then as its time to put the IN back IN the Softball INsider as the season is almost here. 

The first piece of INsider news is that everyone has been INside because March has been unseasonable cold. The INclement weather may have stopped the action on the field, but what it has done is made the softball hot stove blazing hot. The hottest INsider Information has been emanating from the creme of the creme leagues - Central Park Big Apple.

You your read that right, the Big Apple League is back on the blog and I ain't holding backDespite the idiotic, self absorbed  political, manipulative, back stabbing nature of their pitching rules being jockeyed back and forth among league members at nausea, with the cunning and deceit of a tobacco Industry lobbyist on capital hill, I still love this league. It's the competition, the bragging rights, the history, the friendship, the enemies, the venue. Like a loyal sucker I keep coming back year after year.

But let's forget their pitching mess for now (they have been warned for years) let's get down to the real INsider worthy issue driving the league right now - Recruiting. I've long said that when it comes down to Recruiting Ethics you can forget it  and this year it's been no holds bar gangsta style recruiting IN the Big Apple League.

For years poaching players policy IN this league has been taboo, but not this year. Why? Many reasons
  • Egos -  Players think they are Josh Hamilton Represented by Scott Boras
  • Everyone wants to Win at all costs. Any cost. Fuck Loyalty. Win
  •  Existing Teams folding - talent pool expands. Divide and Conquer
  •  New Teams joining - Divide and Conquer 
  • Familiarity Breeds Contempt
  • New Champion - teams smell blood
  •  Charter &Legacy Franchises don't like losing and are IN all out recruiting assault mode
  • Age - We ain't getting any younger
  • Ghetto, Goons, and B96 business make player movement a nature process.
  • All the Above

Hell I am one the most ruthless cutthroat recruiting bastards out there. IN this league you have to be as softball remorse gets you nowhere. The competition is stiff and your competing against dynasties, money, loyalty, narcissists, and liars. I like it, that's just the way the game is. However, the longer the off season has gone the more I realize like a small market team in baseball I cannot compete against the big market teams as :
  1. I have never won - Close only counts in horseshoes and handgrenades
  2. Personal factors - loyalty, convenience, morons
  3. Economics - $$$$$$

These factors are stacked against me and gives others the INside track, So instead of staying on the outside, it's time to look for solutions from withIN and think differently.

More on that on another edition of the INsider. 

It's going to be a great season.

Till next time

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

My Greatest Moment

Every great player was a signature play in their career.Whether it be the Jeter flip.

Comeback Recovery No Hitter for starved Met fans like Johan Santana

or Hitting an emotional meaningful Home Run like Piazza

Great Moments define athletes.My my greatest moment as a player has come off the field. The day I met and then eventually Married Astrid.
 True M.V.P.

Happy Birthday Love - Your My Greatest Moment. I look forward to many more with you