Saturday, November 24, 2007

Award Parties

So far this off season I have gone to a couple of softball award parties/dinners and it got me to asking why do people love award dinner/parties.

Top Ten Reasons People Love Softball Award Dinner and Parties.

10. Players love to walk the red carpet and get interviewed by Joan Rivers and her annoying daughter. The Fashion Police is out in full effect. Ballplayers love to get Blinged Out!! Gotta see which players have a big gold chain around their neck that is in the shape of their uniform number.
9. Sincere Friendship and Loyalty.
8. Chance to hang out with Pete Martinez the godfather of softball. Love his Outfits.

7. Free Food
6. Free Liquor - free is the common theme here
5. It's old skool - nerdy but cool.
4. The Speeches - Who needs to see the new Denzel Washington movie for a good speech when you can here the Oscar level quality speeches that go on at Softball Award dinners.
3. Can't play outside now and get away from wives, work, etc., so the award dinner gives them one last chance to get away and cling to softball.
2. Trophies provide a sense of personal achievement. I personally don't like trophies, to me they are just dust collectors. I really like Team pictures/plaques - they are classy and a provide a very nice personal memory.

and the #1 Reasons People Love Softball Award Dinner and Parties.

1. Next Year!!! Everyone clings to next year. People like to talk about who they will recruit, who will manage, and how good they are. Basically people love to Gossip, Bag, and Showoff.