Monday, April 2, 2007

Softball and th Stock Market

I work in the financial services industry and for some reason my Rain Man mind started thinking about how similar the Stock Market and Softball really are so ......

Top Ten Reasons Why Softball is like the Stock Market

10. In both you buy low and sell high - maximize value - Get Rich or Die Trying to Win
9. In the stock market you have Blue Chip stocks, in softball you have Blue Chip Stud players
8. Performance is all that matters - it;s teh bottom line - you have winners and losers
7. Both are very unpredictable
6. Both require long run thinking while being mindful of the present - a contradiction
5. Don't get emotionally attached in either or you will lose more often than not
4 You have to be full of shit to succeed
3. It's not where you are that counts its where your going - Projections
2. Rumor are everywhere - It's about to you to decide who and what has substance

and the Number One Reasons Why Softball is like the Stock Market

1. They both require hustle

Holler Back Softball Nation - much love

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