Saturday, April 7, 2007

Cellphones and Softball

I'm not going to front - I love talking on my cellphone.

I talk long distance on my cell phone all the time.
I talk on the cellphone while driving.
I talk at the cellphone when I'm at a bar or club.
But Cellphones have no place whatsoever on the softball field.

Top Ten Reasons Why Cellphones have no place on softball field

10. It looks superficial and tacky - Softball is a sincere game it should be respected
9. The softball gods do not approve - they want you to play and forget your worries
8. It makes you look desperate - calling players to show up - very Chicken headish
7. Softball is an escape from reality - Cellphones take you back to reality
6. Your likely to break or lose your phone if you take it on the field - waste of money
5. They don't help you play better - in fact they make you play worse - distraction
4. Using a cellphones during softball is like using one at the dinner table - it's inconsiderate and rude to others
3. The only exception is if you have a family or business emergency - and even then don't take you phone on the field - call from the dugout or better yet text message
2. It looks ghetto

and the Number One Reason Why Cellphones have no place in softball

1. They are annoying - stupid ringing, listening on other people domestic issues - GO AWAY!!


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