Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Een Draght Mackt Maght

Brooklyn is famous for many wonderful things

but did you know what it's official motto:
"Een Draght Mackt Maght"

means? It's old Dutch and it translates as :
In Unity There is Strength

The true spirit of Een Draght Mackt Maght is exemplified by my two Brooklyn softball umpiring gurus Tony Ferrazzo and John Smith
who together run http://brooklynsbestsoftball.com/ and have built a 20 year "Tradition of Quality Softball". This league is SoftballInsider.net 5 Star ***** Approved and Recommended. As someone who has had a softball partner since 1999, I salute these fine gentlemen on their unity, vision, and commitment to "Treating all their Teams like Champions"

Now before you brush this blog off as being another Softball infomercial, I want to emphasize that this league is top notch and these gentleman take pride in not only being professional ,but are also two of the finest umpires in NYC. They have fields all over Brooklyn and it is close and very convenient to Manhattan, Queens, and Staten island. Contact them at bknysofball@gmail.com for more information and an exellent softball experience.

P.S. http://www.citysoftball.com/, has built (and still updating) their user friendly website http://brooklynsbestsoftball.com/ and could do the same for your league. If your interested in an upgrade please contact me at rickysoftball2@yahoo.com.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Let Me Make This Statement Loud and Clear SB in Jersey is Here!!!!!!!!

New Jersey has always been New York's step-son, as it has always played second fiddle to the varsity. However, over the last ten years or so New Jersey has gotten on the social media map thanks to some famous TV Shows
but now I'm going to put it on the Softball Map. As Joe Budden and Busta Rhymes politically incorrectly rapped in "Fire"

I would like to make this Statement Loud and Clear Softball in Jersey is here!!!!!!!

From the man you brought you http://www.citysoftball.com/, I will be bringing the same enthusiasm, effort, and love of softball to Jersey City beginning the week of April 25th. Now before you shrug this off and say "Jersey????" I'm giving you the option to play on better fields, at convenient times, and get away from all those shiesty NY softball monopolies.

Basic League Details are as follows :
  1. 12 Games – Fields Mary Benson, Gateway, Lincoln Park, or Caven Point - all less than 10 minutes from the Holland Tunnel
  2. Days – Primarily Mon and Thursday, possible Wednesday
  3. Costs - $550 - $50 is a refundable forfeit fee
  4. Umpires are paid $25 on the field by each team. Prepaying for the regular season is also an option at a cost of $350 ($50 refundable)
  5. Each team must provide 1 new clincher ball a game
  6. Prizes – 1,000 Champ, Champ Loser $500 – based on a 6 team league
  7. Playoffs – Top 5 teams, 4-5 Seed play one game playoff, Semi’s are 2 of 3, Finals 3 of 5.

It is my number one goal to provide a competitive, fun, stress free, and exciting softball league for all my members.

Please contact me rickysoftball2@yahoo.com to discuss further.

Don't miss your chance to break away from all those wack NY leagues and help me build something special in NJ. A good league is so much better to build than another one of those overpriced yuppy high rise condo's across the Hudson. This is a golden opportunity.

Friday, March 18, 2011

First Time Long Time

Baseball was made for the radio. The game's sometimes slow but dramatic pace allows a good radio announcer to capture your imagination by describing events as they unfolded. Moreover, an insightful radio host offers analysis and opinions that grabs your attention and strengthens you connection to your team. Over the last 20 years the radio has evolved into beyond simply broadcasting games. Sports Talk Radio now dominates the airwaves as its format is devoted entirely to discussing the world of sports.

A popular format with an almost exclusively male demographic in most areas, sports radio is often characterized by loud, negative, confrontational, obnoxious, impulsive, boisterous, and goonish behavior/commentary by both the host and his loyal callers. I listen to Sports Talk Radio a lot and couldn't help but wonder: What if Sports Talk Radio would cover the world of softball? So let's role play today, I will be the caller and ask a sports talk radio host a softball question and analyze the host :

Call #1
Caller : Mr Top Ten from Inwood
Host : Michale Kay
Question: Is it OK to pay pitchers in softball?
Kay response : Well the Yankees spend money to make money and they sign my paycheck so every answer I give you will always reference the Yankees even though you didn't ask about them b/c I am their shill.
AVOID AVOID AVOID !!!!!!! Kay is not a bad TV baseball play by play guy and interviewer, but as sports talk show he sucks. He doesn't know anything about sports, has a personal agenda, is dull, and honestly I wouldn't even listen to or call into his show b/c I don't respect his poorly thought out and biased opinions.

Call #2
Caller : Ricky from Inwood
Host : Chris RussoCaller Softball Question: What teams should I play on this year?
Russo Response : Anywhere except Sirius
Analysis: Russo classic goon shtick is based on yelling and pissing off callers. He made one of the worse career moves of all time going to Sirius radio, clearly the wrong team. So cancel your Sirius subscription like I did years ago and move on to the next host.

Call #3
Caller : Ricky from Union City
Hosts : Boomer and Carton Caller Softball Question: Is it OK to tell ladies watching softball that I used to be the backup catcher for the Mariners in the 90s to pick up hot naive girls?
Boomer/Carton Response : Boomer would say No and Carton would say Yes. These two different personalities contrast each other nicely (classic format) and help your day get started with a smile.
Analysis: Not a hardcore sports talk show, but it's fun and a good way to start your day

Call #4
Caller : SoftballInsider
Host : Stephen A. SmithCaller Softball Question: Yo fellow Insider! Whatup Playa!!! Keep it Real now and Holler at your boy : Is Softball better Above or Below 96th Street?
Smith's Response : Different Strokes for different folks son!!!
Analysis: Smith is both book and street smart. I really like his intelligent use of slang and strong opinions. If you ask me ESPN should fire that loser Kay and hire him.

Call #5
Caller : Ricky from Miami
Host : Sid RosenbergCaller Softball Question: Hi Sid. I'm like you a former NY living in Miami and it's great to hear you down here. I want to know is softball better in NY or Miami?
Rosenberg Response: I don't know, but Softball sure as hell is a lot more fun in NY!
Analysis: Rosenberg is probably the best sports talk show host out there. He's zany, smart, fun, entertaining, and talented. He also has demons and skeletons, but has recovered nicely as a sports talk show host in Miami. I love a comeback. So I would trust his NY-Miami opinion.

Call #6
Caller : Life Long Jet Fan Ricky
Show Host : Joe Bendigo Caller Softball Question: Which championship will come first the Jets or Diesel?
Joe's Response: The Pain The Pain The Pain!!!!!!!
Analysis: He represents the most impatient and emotional goon callers out there, I mean the guy used to be a caller and became a Host. I overlook his flaws b/c of his love of the Jets and know he would understand the Diesel Big Apple pain.

Call #7
Caller : Mr Met Porn Star
Host : Evan Roberts (left below and Joe Bendigo's midday partner)Caller Softball Question: Could the Mets win a softball championship?
Roberts Response: I'm a Jet/Met/Net fan and I just want to see one championship so sure maybe the Mets playing softball will get me a Chip.
Analysis: Roberts is mad young, gotta give him credit for becoming so successful so fast, but he's a little too nerdy for me. The guy keeps score at every Met game he goes to and he goes to like 60+ games a year! That's a red flag.

Call #8
Caller : Ricky from New York
Show Host : Mike and Mike in the Morning
Caller Softball Question: Is Modified Softball a Real Sport?
Mike and Mike response : Yes. They then would go on to explain the skill and dedication it requires to play.
Analysis: While they use that classic opposite personalities format, these guys are professional. I actually met them a few years ago while attending their show in Atlantic City. Very nice, approachable, and qualified.

Call #9
Caller : Ricky from Washington Heights
Show Host : Mike FrancessaCaller Softball Question: Hi Mike First Time, Long Time and I love your show, but honestly I disagree with you always bashing Diesel. Please tell me what are their chances this year on Sundays?
Francessa Blunt Response : I don't bash Diesel. I say the truth. You've never won. Win one first and then talk. As for this season, if you decide what type of team you want to become, then you have a chance. Otherwise, same shit different year. Improve your pitching and defense and you will be right there at the end.
Analysis: He's arrogant, raw, blunt, and opinionated but he's a good listen. I disagree with him sometimes, but I can respect him b/c he doesn't come across as a phony.

OK I will hang up now and let you the readers talk and call in

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Quantum SB Leap

Last week on the SB Time Machine, I traveled back to wild and outrageous Central Park 80s http://softballinsider.blogspot.com/2011/03/sb-time-machine.html

This week I'll take a queue from the classic 80s-90s Sci-Fi TV Show

Quantum Leap
and become lost in time to temporarily take you to Central Park Softball in the 90s and early 2000s where I wish I could take other people's place to "put right what once went wrong".
My 3 favorite pictures from this set that I wish I could "put right what once went wrong" are:

(1) Blonde in a beach chair
Blonde "Yoda" has retired from softball and now only coaches Little League. If I were him I would un-retire and play at least one day a week.

(2) John Rosenmiller, looking like a skinny version of the guy from the Movie Knocked Up,
I wish I could go back and "influence" John to go into law as he missed his calling as a master debater. Instead he became the leader of the Evil Empire and the rest is NYC softball history.

(2) Skinny John Castillo

Love him or hate him, the game has not been the same without him. Like many of our favorite sports figures he had his flaws, but he was my favorite player. I wish I could go back and make sure he didn't chew tobacco.

I also need to take one more Quantum Leap of Faith and spring forward to the 2010 division wining Diesel Express squad
http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2073118&id=1289213571&l=3e2868a19e where I wish I could go back and fix what went wrong in our semi-final failure. We should have made the finals, but we didn't. A bitter pill that we had to swallow and now must regroup and take a quantum leap forward in 2011.

Again another special thank you to Jimmy Bitros for all the amazing pictures, we will bring you a championship to one day.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Can't Buy on the Street

A few years ago Ja Rulewas (I guess still is) a commercial music rapper who made catchy & corny hits with the J Lo's of the world. Everything was going well, until he pissed off much more popular and skilled rappers like Fifty Cent, Busta Rhymes, and Eminem who tore his street credibility to shreds and labeled him as a Sell Out. After he got trashed, his career for the most part was absolutely obliterated. You see Street Creditability among your peers and audience is crucial in the rap game and equally difficult to repair once damaged as you just can't buy Respect.

It's no different in Softball. Credibility as a player, manager, and recruiter is built on a combination of performance, winning, money, and loyalty. Once you have a leak in one part of your reputation, then the ship starts taking on water. Signs of weakness in any area can causes players to leave, performance to falter, and worse of all your reputation to become stained.

I'll be honest, lately I feel like my street credibility has been damaged for a lot of reasons most notably :
  • Not winning the Big One enough
  • Uneven Performance
  • Blowout Playoff Losses/Disappointments

One could debate whether some of these factors were in my control, but what's done is done. No Excuses.

Needless to say, it has made the never easy task of recruiting talented new players/pitchers even more difficult. However, the most difficult part of the whole experience for me has been losing long time loyal players who have gone to where the grass is greener.

However, I do draw inspiration from rappers Jay-Z and Eminem who have had well publicized bouts with diminishing street credibility and mediocre performances only to Move on to the Next One and Recover quite nicely.

The wise softball philosopher Jack Steinman once told me

"never let anyone take your power and what you love the most away from you". good words to live by and remember, as It's not approval from others that matters, it's Self-Respect. You just can't buy that on the street.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Crazy Eddie and Doctor Inspiration

Firms will do anything to get attention and sell their product , like paint ads on lovely woman,

which has plenty of visual value.

Everyone is looking for a catchy gimmick or jingle so that their target audience will remember them. Two of my favorite memorable ads growing up were Crazy Eddie
and the Vicks "I'm not a Doctor but I play on on TV" ads.

In the spirit of these cool and funny old school 80s ads, today I am throwing a plug to the modern versions of Crazy Eddie - http://www.qbaseball.com/ and Alex "The Glove Doctor" Goldman theglovedoc@gmail.com

In the spirit of Crazy Eddie, http://www.qbaseball.com/ is having the following Insane blowout promo for both baseball (little league and higher) and Softball until May 1st:
  • right now for just $99/team, each player can have an action shot & a team portrait in 8x10 size, up to 12 players. that's 24 prints!*
  • yes, that's two 8x10 prints per player for around $4 per print vs. the usual $15 single or 2 for $25 price, which will return when this promo ends. as always, these are my pro lab prints on high quality Kodak stock, not the cheapo kiosk garbage that you'd typically find at these low prices!
  • Please Note: Must prepay when ordering. $99 includes photography plus 2 prints x 12 players (24 prints). if more than 12 players in order, just add $10 per additional player. orders ready for pickup or field delivery in 7-10 days.
Q does Professional work - I highly recommend him.

Most of you who know Alex Goldman (who a lot of you behind the scenes TRY and steal from our team - and that was not directed at the evil empire) as one of Softball's best young impact hitters but while he may not be a real world doctor he is the Glove Doctor

Every players connection to their glove goes beyond words. With the upcoming season approaching rapidly, it’s time to get the old glove out of the closet and ready for top form! Got a broken lace on your gamer or just and old glove lying around that needs some restoring? Alex has been restoring and re-lacing baseball and softball gloves for many years and is conveniently located in NYC!!!!

He's the right man for the job as he is :
  • Fast and Professional - Most gloves repaired and returned by the next day!!!!
  • Affordable Prices -$40 for complete fielders glove restoration and $50 for catchers and first baseman's mitts. You won't find a better price anywhere!
  • Can do individual lace repairs as well.
  • Will clean and condition the glove for no extra fee with high quality glove cleaner & conditioner.
  • Major League quality Tan and Black laces available. Other colors available upon request!
Get your glove fixed NOW before the season as bringing an old trusted friend, I uh mean, glove back to life is so much better than buying a new one!

Check out my Facebook Page for before & after photos!

Contact me him with any questions you have :

Alex Goldman
"The Glove Doc"
Glove Repair and Restoration Services
New York City, NY
New Facebook Page!

These Entrepreneurs are SBI endorsed and approved!!


Friday, March 4, 2011

SB Time Machine

I've been down for a few weeks, I apologize for that, but now that spring is in the air the SB fever is back. But I ain’t back just for the sake of just saying I'm back, I could relax and stack SB tracks, but that would be wack. I prefer to be proactive and look for new stories in old places. As seeing that I am a corny nostalgic sucker, I feel it's important to look back


at the softball past before moving forward. These old school pictures from the 1980s make me appreciate all the guys in the frames that are still playing today. You gotta love that spirit, not the shirtless pictures, but the spirit.

If only I had a DeLorean or Hot Tub Time Machine to go back to the 80s play some ball with them. Something tells me they might have had more fun in the wild 80s. In any case, when you see one of these guys now give them a shout out and enjoy playing with a Legend.

P.S Special thanks to Jimmy Bitros for the amazing pictures