Thursday, December 9, 2010

A Softball Carol

When last we left the Insider he was a tired man full of only resentment, hate, and disappointment of unfilled/unrealistic softball expectations. He swore not to blog again in 2010, and as the Holidays approached his softball spirit was still broken, full of only negative thoughts, and Bah Humbug, then after falling asleep watching MLB Hot stove he was visited by :

Lead SBI analyst John Sheppard

After that frightening visit, I just shrugged it off as drinking too much Bacardi and went back to bed when lo and behold :

The Ghost of Softball Past showed up as - Freddy Gonzalez


Could my bad John Sheppard's haunting prophecy be true? Nah. So I decided that tomorrow I would throw out that old bottle of rum and start drinking tea or something organic like that. I went back to bed and when my head hit the pillow I heard the following distinct voice from :

The Ghost of Softball Present - Jeff Marcus

I've watched episodes of Lost that where less weird than this, but Marcus's speech gave me visions of some of the special people

that I have been fortunate to meet b/c of softball. It made me feel ashamed of my most recent behavior. Visibly shaken I dreaded/feared the next visitor as he came with such eerie silence and honesty

Ghost of Softball Yet to Come - ?????
all he did was show me the consequences of my actions as he pointed to the following empty image

I wept and begged the ghost for a chance to change my ways. Please Spirit Please!!!!! I can Change!!!!!!! He said nothing and then a big white light flashed as I awoke on my bedroom floor.

I wasn't alone, dead, or benched, rather I had been given an opportunity by the softball gods at Redemption and vowed to enjoy the game again in 2011 and beyond. America loves a Comeback!!!!! In my second chance I vow to spend a little more time on more important things like :
Player development Enjoying The good times and appreciating the good life that I do have each and every day

Feliz Navidad !!!!!!!!!!