Saturday, May 21, 2016

The Will of the People

The Will of the People has been fulfilled!!!

The batters box on 128th and 3rd avenue has been fixed!!!!!!!!!!!

The moronic plank is gone

The following letter (likely final) was sent to the Park's Department

"The attached pictures show that the batters box on 128th and 3rd avenue has been fixed. Great job for your immediate attention to this very serious matter.

Thank you

I would be remiss to not mention that the pitcher's mound has not been fixed and/or replaced (see attached). This is also an unsafe surface that needs attention. Please advise as to what the plans are to upgrade its quality.

I again would like to again thank and commend all of you for correcting home plate. You guys came thru in the clutch.

Best Regards"

Insider Analysis

Fuck the Man.  The likely the threat of a future lawsuit waiting to happen made this happen. Someone should have been fired for that gross negligence and blatant incompetence. 

On a good note, the insiders little bird are saying the young man injured last week got off easy with a sprain.

Thank you softball gods,

Thursday, May 19, 2016

The Wheels of Progress Are Turning

As a follow up to the instant classic posting :"Gross Negligence"

The parks department has responded as follows:

Parks & Recreation Manager #1 "I have copied the appropriate managers and Supervisors responsible."

Parks & Recreation Manager #2 (D10 & D11): "They have started working on that field over the weekend but will follow up."

 Insider response :
"Thank you so much.

Your professional attention to this serious matter is deeply appreciated.
I see xxxxxxxxx reponse is  very positive and encouraging. 

I will pass by the field tonight and take a look.

When is a realistic timetable for me to follow up or get a progress report? 

Again thank you so much this really means a lot. Great job."

As sad reminder this is what the field look like as of Saturday 1:30pm

and as a result this is what happened

No Justice No Peace

Monday, May 16, 2016

Gross Negligence

The following letter was sent to the Park's Department today:

"The attached pictures show the unsafe Field quality of the 128th field and 3rd avenue field at home plate and the pitcher's mound."

A wood blank covered by old turf is a terrible and unsafe method to repair a field. The Mound is also damaged, worn, and uneven.

On Saturday a poor kid was hurt sliding into home plate.

This is very sad and unfortunate.

This needs to be repaired immediately as New Yorker's this represent gross negligence to safe and healthy recreation.

Please forward to the appropriate person or provide me with their contact information.

if you have any further question please let me know."
This is gross negligence and needs to be addressed. 

Utterly irresponsible and ridiculous.