Tuesday, November 27, 2012

November Rain

It was a cold damp dreary day here in NYC and on days like today I'm reminded of the Guns and Roses classic "November Rain" 
as "Nothing lasts forever and we both know hearts can change, it's hard to hold a candle in the cold November rain"

As much as we would like it to go on forever, the on field action for 2012 will soon be over as the the last few remaining leagues are finishing things up. Yeah you read that right some leagues are still playing. While many of you have put away your gear until spring many brave souls 

are still playing at this time of year.

Your probably thinking its late November why is anyone playing? Let's explore

Top Ten Reasons People are Still Playing Softball at this time of year

10. Hurricane Sandy

All fall leagues got pushed back 

People would rather play outside in November than watch that pathetic team.

8. Softball Developmental Fall LeagueMLB sends prospects to play fall ball in Arizona to hone their skills. Softball sends them to Inwood

7. They are just stupid. Get  a load of the weirdo wearing #5 with only a t-shirt on in under 40 degree weather- Kuku

6. Recession - Leagues and Umpires sucking every last dollar out of players before the Christmas

5. Nothing Better to Do

4. Like a bad relationship they just can't let go - Denial

3. Daylight Savings - "So never mind the darkness we still can find a way Nothin' lasts forever even cold November rain"

2. Exercise - Trying to work off the couple of pounds gained over the Holidays

and the Number one Reason people are playing softball at this time of the year

1. Love - the heart wants what the heart wants

OK OK I know 'nothin' lasts forever Even cold November rain ' .. the games will return

Friday, November 23, 2012

Anniversary Marks Jet Math How 31 Divided by 25 Equals 44...Perpetual Pain

Flashback:  November 22nd, 1981 - 31 years ago exactly yesterday. 

On that day a little fat Spanish kid who had barely picked up a football in his life (and knew even less), had family in Miami (built in Dolphin hate), watched a team in green play in Shea Stadium vs. the Miami Dolphins. 

Both teams were 7-4-1 at the time. and it was a good game. The Dolphins lead 15-9 in the fourth quarter when a pass to Jerome Barkum
from Richard gave the Jets a one-point lead, and moved them into 1st place. I thought to myself, wow these guys are good.

That's the day my 25 to Life 

Jet Fan prison sentence began

Flash Forward: November 22nd, 2012

Patriots 49 Jets 19 - Pathetic. Just fucking Pathetic.

The team is just a joke, a bad joke.

A 4-5 year cycle of Perpetual Jet Pain continues

  • Phase 1 - Hope - New regime
  • Phase 2 - Excitement - New players
  • Phase 3 - Heartbreak - Steeler Loss
  • Phase 4 - Anger
  • Phase 5 - Clean house
We have entered phase 5 and I am a true fan, but this not even Pro football anymore. 

Clean House

  • Mr T (GM) out - get a football man to run the team, not a capologist (numbers guy)
  • Fat Boy Out - he's embarrassing
  • Sanchez Out - getting worse, not better
  • Teebow out - nice guy bum should never even have been brought here
  • Holmes Out - asshole
  • Cromarte Out - thug has gotta go
  • Scott Out - older player at end of career
Except for returning Revis Start over - again

It's now been 44 years since the Jets have won the Super Bowl.

44 years and counting, I'm a good fan but it hurts and I am sick of it

Thursday, November 22, 2012


The NFL was the George Halas, Lamar Hunt, and Vince Lombardi Trophy.

The NHL has the Stanley Cup 

 Now Citysoftball will have the Castillo Award.

Named after CitySoftball Hall of Famer and Legend Johnny Castillo (left below).

We used to have a championship belt

 but it kept getting lost. This year we have had a demand for a Championship Trophy from the Afternoon league so we have decided to name the award after our friend who moved away several years ago and Inwood hasn't been the same since.

This week The Aguillas and Parrilla will now vie for the coveted award.

Deal with it 

P.S. The naming of this award occurs today November 22nd, Castillo’s B-Day.

Congrats #5

Saturday, November 10, 2012

CitySoftball Responds to the King via Press Conference

In riveting and legendary press conferences
 Mayor (not King) Bloomberg did an amazing job of informing and updating the city of Hurricane Sandy relief efforts. One of his decisions that was not as popular was the closing of many NYC Parks the following weekend, even in non impacted areas like Inwood Hill Park. Many Inwood players were unhappy and one bravely came forward to file this commentary (his face is hidden by a hockey style catcher's mask to protect his identity)

In response to this controversy CitySoftball held the following press conference
(Please note due to Extremely High Permit Costs our budget could not afford a cameraman, lead speaker, and sign language interpreter so we had to make do as follows)

Bottom Line: The aftermath effects of Hurricane Sandy remain an ongoing tragedy, but closing the park last week was wrong. It was safe. Sorry but King Bloomberg 

you didn't need to flex on this one. Bad call.

Sb 8 Mile Friendly Reminder

Remember everyone that even though though the weather has been absurd
 the season is not over. I remind myself that everyday on my bus ride to work. I used to hate the bus, but now I look forward to it as an opportunity to jot down my ideas

and organize my observations, experiences, and thoughts. Kind of like that really bad movie 8 Mile (phat song but horrible flick (only good when Em' raps)) and I've been known to walk the Softball 8 Mile before 


and I am doing it again everyday to both work 
and games

On the Softball 8 Mile I've listed down the following posts coming to an Inbox near you soon:
  • SB Press Conference
  • 1 Inning
  • Managers vs Player - Winning
  • Empty Field
  • It Comes in 3's
  • When an email mattered "LT"
  • Game Ball
  • Ronda Beane
  • Hangover
  • Live by the Sling Die by the Sling
  • Kenepa
  • Season review - All Ronda's teams
Time to get off the bus and get to these pipeline topics are a friendly reminders out there to my beloved readers, as well as all you anonymous comment leaving folks out there, that I come in peace, and hope to cure the softball amnesia caused by my recent absence. Time to get off the bus and make my writings come to life

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


The blog has been gone for 2 months, but unlike previous gaps in postings my absence didn't have to do with work, family, or lack of time. rather it had to do with softball, specifically assholes in softball, who drained my life force.You see I've been playing in Inwood on Sunday mornings this fall and then umpiring there in the afternoon league. I've officiated high intensity goon games where motherfuckers were getting there goon on me on every pitch for 5+ hours. Honestly, I handled it well, but dealing with it did tire me out. It's like my main man Eminem raps "But what happens when karma, turns right around and bites you and everything you stand for, turns on you, despite you?" - WHEN I'M GONE 

The final breaking point was when I called strike three on a batter who took a slow lob down the middle that short hopped the catcher. Way to close to take. I mean swing the bat dude. After strike three the batter took his bat and threw it into RF, and then made a threatening motion toward me as to punch me. That really bothered me. I mean do I really need this shit? I am a player. I have a good career now. I needed a break and that break also affected the blog.

That break is over. 

I miss this blog. 
I miss my readers. 
I miss thinking.
I miss writing.

You can't be afraid to swing and miss in softball or life. They say time heals all wounds and this recent absence has really made me appreciate this forum. It has allowed me to connect with people on a totaling different level that transcends softball after all it is more than just a game and while the games may be ending in the next few weeks, but the Season we call life goes on.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

It Means Warrior

One of the highest compliments a player can be given is to be called a Softball Warrior. It denotes skill, desire, honor, and bravery on the softball battlefield. You would go into any game with this kind of player on your side regardless of overwhelming odds.

It should be notes that on the night of his Re-Election the name  Barack
in the bible denoted a valiant warrior who cooperated with the prophetess Deborah to win victory in a battle against overwhelming odds.

Don't hate fellow Americans. Embrace Your Warrior Presdient.

4 More Years. The Battle Never Ends

Saturday, November 3, 2012

A Good Sandy

The devastation caused by the Hurricane Sandy in our area

has been shocking and clearly will have long lasting repercussions both Off 
and even On
Great Lawn Field 4
the field. I hope all my readers out there are doing well after the terrible storm.

Ironically, the name Sandy will be synonymous with this storm forever. However  one of the players I've admired the most for his grit, talent, and determination is also named Sandy - Sandy Zinn.

The guy is a winner

Not flashy. Not Selfish. Not Obnoxious.

but gets the job done becuase he is Reliable, Aggressive, Intelligent, Focused
and much more,

A lot of times you see a guy on another team who is an excellent player that you would love on your team because of their talent.  Sandy's ability is noticeable, but over the years what really stuck me was how hard he played. You could just tell he puts everything into every play. Bottom line he makes other players around him better - My kind of player. 

He's been a winner Below 96th (B96) for years

Now he's taking his game to A96 - Inwood style
 While the damage Hurricane Sandy won't be forgotten or belittled, it's worth noting that softball has a good version of Sandy - True Gamer