Thursday, April 5, 2007

Drinking Alone and Blogging

I'm sitting here drinking alone in my apartment watching the Yankees and Tampa play baseball in the snow in my HDTV and just chilling and getting hammered.

I couldn't help but think of liquor and softball and how they are both intertwined.

Top Ten People I think about when it comes to liquor and softball

10. Lou Gonzalez - one of the best stud players in all of NYC - never has had a drink - after winning MVP of the finals - the team tried boring champagne down his throat and he punched his way out of it - amazing discipline
9. Lou manager if the Cardinal's - always stops after the 13th drink - has Bacardi running through his veins
8. Aaron Fernandez - best irresponsible drunk and high player I know
7. Freddy Suarez - Coors light is his Gatorade
6. Gilberto - there is some old skool moonshine Mama Juana liquor jug still in my refrigerator from teh Knockout championship last year
5, Chelo - legendary alcholic grounds keeper from Inwood - not allowed below Great White barrier on 96th street - absolutely hammered by 8:30 AM
4. Giancarlo Lanzano - doesn't care anything about softball - but able to catch a ball and not spill his beer - softball is totally fun for him
3. Castilo - will play or ump for Heineken
2. Joey, Tony and Ralpha from Pickup - always get high on your own supply

and the number one person I think of when it comes to liquor and softball

1. Jose Carrion - cannot handle his liquor, only hardcore African American porn can sober him up

Bottom line ; Liquor can either make you or break you -

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