Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Deserves a Sequel: There is Still Good in Softball

Many good original movies (and blogs) deserve a sequel. 

The Strike out Cancer Softball Tournament is no different 

Details are as follows:

  • Date: Saturday July 8th, 2017
  • Time: 3PM
  • Location: MCU Park Coney Island
  • Cause: Strike out Cancer
  • Donation Page : Stand Up to Cancer

The momentum from last year's success will only continue and grow as all these softball lifers stand up to cancer playing the game they love for the friend they love.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

The Curious Case of Coed

Besides being a pretty boy and Super Market tabloid poster child Brad Pitt is one hell of an actor. One of his more unique roles and movies was "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button"

where his character ages and more importantly experiences life in reverse.

In my many Benjamin Button softball like travels, too many now, it seems I can no longer ignore the Curious Case of Coed Softball anymore.

Coed softball was once only an after thought, a place where non competitive men would play with butchy/ugly girls. Male chauvinists pigs like myself thought of it as corporate or "non competitive fun" thing that no one cared about. But that ignorant stereotype has long been eradicated.

To quote another Brad Pitt characters from another brilliant movie, Inglorious Bastards (probably his best) Lt. Aldo Raine the Co-Ed "Business is a Boomin'

Over the last 10-15 years Co-E softball popularity and enthusiasm has surged

where serious talented male and female athletes thrive and compete. One example is Ball Buster Manager Edwin "Cano" Diaz (now you know his government name people).

Cano's Sundays are busy

Cano can be on my team anytime

He has the love - for both men's and co-ed ball

Cano's team

plays in Lower Manhattan Softball League (B96 name) run by Softball Legend Jimmy Maresca

To me for many years that league was just a bunch of "other people" playing next to and sometimes annoying the more prestigious BASL. That's all changed now as the popularity of competitive and recreational Co-Ed has blown up with damn good players. Jimmy runs two league - Competitive and Arc and has more teams than many men leagues including the BASL.

So this got me Curios as to Why is Co-Ed softball so popular?

Top Ten Possible Reasons Co-Ed Softball popularity is a Bomin'

10. Women
had to post this sorry - no I'm not
All sexist shit aside, the women are really good players and in High Demand.

9/8/7/6. Club Softball All Rounded Up into one
  • 9 Drink
  • 8 Socialize
  • 7 Play
  • 6 Hang out
5. Play for Prizes 
4. Family Time
Cano and Kristy/Couple Time

3/2 "Less Edgy" , "Less Ego" than All Male softball - which is refreshing
on that note perhaps the Number One Reasons Co-Ed Softball popularity is a Boomin'
1, This all leads to Fun.
I've been accused of not having "FUN" in softball... Got me Curious