Monday, October 17, 2011

Are you Ready for Some Foot... I uh mean Ignorance .. Respect the Office

Tonight I'm going to Jets-Dolphins Monday Night Football showdown

where the Jets season is unquestionably on the line versus our win less rivals, who you know are treating this nationally televised game as their Super Bowl. Definitely, worthy of a Primetime spot.

This being an ESPN Monday night game, I can't help but think about the network's recent action versus Hank Williams. For years one of my favorites parts of Monday Night football was the beginning where singer Hank Williams would sing "Are You Ready for Some Football"

The guy was fun, a good performer, and got you pumped up for the game.

Recently Mr.Williams was fired for the network after the following interview

Everyone knows I am 100% for the Freedom of Speech, but c'mon that was ridiculous and utterly inappropriate. Obama to Hitler? That is flat out disrespectful and wrong. I am totally for criticizing the President,  disagreeing with the President,  poking fun at the President, but these statements were completely out of bounds and personally offensive to not only Obama but to millions.

In softball I frequently criticize league commissioners, committee's, and officials

but except for Mr Magoo I have never made it personal. Mr. Magoo ain't exactly Hitler and whether I agree or disagree with a decision or not, I try my very best to respect the office of commissioner.

You have to have respect for the office of the President. The man is far from perfect, but the facts (recession and war) are that he is cleaning up another administration's mess. Mr William was an employee of ESPN and you cannot get away with such offensive comments and not expect repercussions. Mr. Williams paid for his ignorance and insensitivity with his job.
It was the right decision

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  1. just sayin'...Hank Williams is a drunken hillbilly and all that, be he never compared Oh Bummer to Hitler. Listen, my friend, listen to what he said (not that it makes a G'dam difference) but the REAL story here is that ESPN hired this guy to do and say EXACTLY the things he does and says > and then ESPN runs like a coward when this drunken fool goes too far....