Monday, October 31, 2011


My wife and I love Halloween


as the spirits
are out on this fun holiday and we can escape reality. Wifey is at school right now and I'm kind of bored, but as soon as she gets home we are gonna go out into the all hallows night. Until then I'm going to put out this wack ass blog b/c I'm sure other members of the softball "SB" community are out there doing their Trick or Treat thing this evening so I'm going to suggest they wear the following costumes :

Dio "Camacho" Jackson - classic.. always controversial

Juan "Fidel" Moreiras - Elections and Voting in Inwood??? Never

Jeff Marcus's  
would be a good Al Roker
 b/c he's lost over a 100 pounds and will have us play through any weather.

John Sheppard
... uggghh lets move on

Dave Bergman - Dos Equis Beer Man
I know Old Joke but so true - stay thirty my friends

The Cast of the Softball Hangover wouldn't be complete without Aaron & Gubi
 and the part of Zach Galifianakis 
will be played by Bravery Shortstop Devin
who grew the Brain Wilson beard for Halloween and would be a natural fit for the part

Joel Goldman 
would make a good Ari Gold 
from Entourage

Another entourage that could go as a group costume would be the Inwood Umpire Team .. Four Musketeers

  No tights of course

Speaking of umps,Mr Johnson - you know what's his most natural costume
Yes I will never let it go until he is canned. He's gotta go

Speaking of gotta go, my final costume recommendation for this corny blog is Mafia Hitman and Victim- Angelo and Bandana Man ,,,, naturals

Happy Halloween Everyone

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  1. Peter Clemenza always gets his man .