Thursday, September 15, 2011

Softball's Version of Lucy and Charlie Brown

Most of us have seen or know about the classic cartoon skit where nasty Lucy snatches the football away from poor Charlie Brown and deprives him the joy of kicking it and playing

well yesterday the pathetic played the part of Lucy and completely snatched away our softball game because sheer utter incompetence. So clueless.

Now before I fire at will, let me give you the whole story, the best of three series between Master Batters and Lawyertime "LT" was scheduled for this week - Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. We all know what happened Monday at the Great Lawn . So the series shifted to Wednesday, where unfortunately, because of concerts the Great Lawn was unavailable.

As a result, the league decided to make everyone in the league travel above
to the North Meadow to play Game 2.  It is my understanding that Permits are not being issued at this time of year so the league decided to play at this venue at their own risk. However, the league only called up the CP hot line to see if the fields were open, no one actually went up to the field to see if it was open.

It was open all right, for soccer, and the dreaded Red Flags were up
 as fields were fenced off

 This is so bad and disappointing as everyone there

was cost time, money, and most importantly the joy of playing in a championship game.

So fucking disappointing and sad

This softball disaster and that is the perfect word  DISASTER, only gets worse b/c we have no field to play for the rest of the week. HORRIBLE.

Umpire OJ Ruiz (not his fault) graciously was interviewed and had the following statement

The bottom line is this is the Worst organized League when it comes to playoffs. Every single year the same thing. They could have easily contacted the parks dept to see what locations were available or at least researched which venues were open. 

This is not acceptable in anyway shape or form and it happens year after year.  

They donate thousands of dollars to the Parks department every year and for what ???? They get fucked over and over and over and over. They might as well give the money to us, your customers, so stop acting like Charlie Brown and letting the park's department play you like Lucy for a sucker b/c ultimately it is us the players who get let down.

Don't softball tease me ever again.


  1. How is the parks department at fault? You went to play on a field where there was no permit.

  2. The "Disaster" as it was called, falls on the league officials for not obtaining a Permit in advance. I truly feel for the ball players who committed to event, work out there work schedule w/ Management,financially extended there wallets and eventually not given the opportunity to play. I'm more optimistic,that next week, the NYFPL will do the right thing.