Saturday, October 1, 2011

"Have Bike Will Travel"

In the city many players ride a bike to the park for several good reasons like:

  1. It's fast and avoid traffic
  2. Good Exercise
  3. Warm up
  4. Fun
  5. Relaxing
  6. Convenience
Other players like Softball legend Willie Ferrer

(still a good player at 70 but STILL a  problem child) ride a bike to the park for different reasons

Top Ten Reason Willie Rides his Bike to Softball

10. Parks far from the field to find parking easier and avoid paying for parking
9. Save energy from walking - he's 70 - gets there quicker. Unfortunately, Willie broke his collar bone a couple years back on a bike fall, then again knowing him he probably wasn't so innocent
8. Bike provides him with a quick getaway after he pisses someone off and they threaten to kill him
7. Bike let's him travel from field to field so he can linger, annoy, and heckle more people
6. Bike's increased mobility let's him hustle for ump work
5. Doesn't know how to turn the car alarm off on his new car (true story) so he takes bike instead
4. Who cares as long as he goes away fast - that's all that matters - so distracting and annoying. i Love him like a father, but it's true
3. Auditing for Kermit the Frog role

in upcoming Muppet's movie
 2. He is a Post office worker - biking and delivery the mail are in their nature

and the Number One Reason Willie rides a bike to softball

1. Ride over the George Washington Bridge and save toll money

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