Monday, October 24, 2011

Not Breaking News ... Luckily

Yesterday I was standing where in the on deck circle, where I was supposed to be, when the batter swung, missed, and then accidentally let go of the bat. The bat hit me dead in the face. In the Face!!!
I was only six to eight feet away.

The best way I could describe it is "it was like getting punched on your chin at full force when your not looking". I was in complete shock and disbleief.

Both teams and the official rushed to my aide immediately. Thank you guys.

My teammates, the Trojans, tried to take me out but I refused b/c I did not feel dizzy or have concussion like sysptoms. I wanted to play after all Are We not Warriors? More importantly, I felt I needed to play as it was helping me clear my mind and get over the trauma.
I stayed in teh game for 3 innings, but in the Outfield I felt/tasted blood from inside my mouth. Upon visiable inspection I was told I had a deep nasty ugly gash inside my mouth, was removed from teh game, and needed to go the emergency room. Being the stubborn bastard I am I stayed till the end of the game and then drove home to meet my wife.

 She took me to Jersey City Christ Hospital where I was admitted to the emergency room

and treated so well. They run a Great Hospital and emergency room. My wife was awesome throughout the whole event, she even did her homework
 X-Rays showed I'm like Bruce Willis


Only needed 5 dissolve-able stitches inside my mouth.
No Broken jaw or teeth. 
I got so Lucky - as no solid food for a couple of days is nothing to what could have happened

I will never stand within 50 feet of an on deck batter again. 
Neither should you.

Better yet, Stand behind the fence.


  1. Rick, I'm glad you are ok and you are, not 100%, but 1000% lucky. This is why I tell all on deck batters to stay much farther away, you just never know. I have seen worse. As for post concussion syndrome, we will know more when next season starts... Quick test, Who's your favorite Ump...: )

  2. Hang in there brother. I never stand on the on deck circle. Always behind the fence. I bet you will too now.

    jack s.

  3. Wow. Glad you are ok.

  4. i hope the bat wasn't damaged

  5. Are you sure it wasn't Castillo cock that hit you?

  6. I wan´t one of those bats.