Friday, October 21, 2011

LT Headline ..... They Know .. more importantly We Know

After Lawyertime "LT" Championship I received the following anonymous comment on my site
 "Thankfully LT lost in the semis last yr to a bunch of regular joes. John Brown "JB" is still costing people a LEGIT championship. LT just won the nyfp league with that bullshit. All season LT did their thing with other legit modified pitchers yet when their backs were to the wall they went with the slick slinger JB" 
Basically that person said our championship was tainted. In response to that I would like to quote Drake from his top rated song Headline

" had someone tell me I fell off, ohh I needed that", thanks for the fuel for the fire as we will be back. People in the real softball world know the truth - We are the unquestioned Champions.
They know. ... more importantly We Know

More importantly, last night we drank to our accomplishment at Blonde's sports bar
Nice Bill Cosby sweater Freddy
even though I didn't recognize some players outside of their softball attire

Capped by a fun little award ceremony hosted by team leader Anthony

where fun was poked at everyone

and Willis Reed did his thing

At the end of the evening, "LT" version of George Steinbrenner, Mike
was semi coerced in to the final declaration

Thanks for the "tainted" words Mr. Anonymous, we will be back, I know you didn't want that.


  1. lmao Lou Gonzalez would of shut down any team we played like he did all year. and fyi the pitcher we faced in the chip arm was 6 inches away from his hip witch makes him illegal and arm crossed his body. shit i would be mad to if final game of a championship was a one hitter lasted only 40 minuets. bring your A game next year LT busting all ass next year.

  2. let them all sling since it seems to be legal anyways....then we'll see what happens

  3. Y'all a bunch of clowns