Wednesday, October 5, 2011

SB Willis Reed leads LT.....time to sing the Beautiful corny song

Willis Reed became a legend when he played hurt in game 7 of the 1970's NBA championship

inspiring his team to the title. Well yesterday (and as reported on the insider 3 years ago ) Softball version of Willis Reed, Lou 22 " The Commish" Gonzalez
fought through pain and injury to help lead and inspire LAWYERTIME "LT"

to the NY Fast Pitch Championship!!!!!!!!! I knew we were going to win when I got to the park extra early at 4:30 pm (for a 5:30 pm game) and already saw him running sprints in the outfield.  No doubt - sheer bruto strength. That's what winners do - Mind over Matter.

I was his drug dealer as he popped two ibubrofen's, was good to go, and with the deciding game three in the balance, Lou 22 blasted a massive triple. As he rounded the bases he grabbed his hamstring which stirred memories of another great post season hero

That hit set the stage for a three run inning that gave LT an insurmountable 4-0 lead to bring home the title, wipe away 2 years of underachieving and put us back on top. Lou 22 had the following to say afterwards " Thanks. It is now worth it, pain and all. Season Over and a Championship to get us through the winter. Just feels so good"

A key part of the victory was the unique and an unorthodox 5 man infield, 3 man outfield requested by ace John Brown

anchored by LT's 2011 championship difference maker Sito

who defense was flawless, amazing, masterful, marvelous, add any superlative you want b/c he deserves it. He was truly fantastic and worthy of the LT co-championship player of the game (and oh yeah you know I'm gonna do everything I can to stop him from playing on the Evil Empire next year - fuck that)

Backed by this excellent defense, John Brown had a no hitter until the 7th, but that's when things got dramatic as the Master Batters loaded the bases with one out, but an exciting game ending double play sealed the victory and set off a wild and fun post game celebration

as the Champagne was cold

and the moment sweet and well deserved

A big part of the improved team chemistry and focus this year was the LT Championship Belt that team co-captain and leader Anthony Peterson thought up. Like myself, Anthony was a big wrestling fan growing up, and he gave a special shout out to the late great wrestler Randy Macho Man Savage

after the game - LOL.

More importantly, the insider would like to salute Anthony Peterson for not only being clutch and a great team player, but for organizing and putting his heart and soul into this team all season. He loved this team. Congrats Brother,  you and everyone else on this squad deserve to sing the greatest corniest sports song ever - We Are the Champions by the flamboyant but utterly brilliant Freddy Mercury b/c

 "its has been no bed of roses, no pleasure cruise , but we ain't gonna lose - We are the Champions my friends"

A memorable season of Recovery and Redemption, very meaningful on so many levels


  1. LT, congrats on your 2011, Octoberfest Chip, Kudos to Master Batters as well. Chip took long enough to play out & all 3 games were over all well played. Have a great and safe winter so you all in 2012.

  2. Congratulations to you, JB Lou,Kenny, JR and all the good guys on Laywertime for a well earned Championship.

    Jim Bitros

  3. Well done softball brothers

  4. Another john brown championship. shame

  5. Rick,is brown illegal now?

  6. JB is only illegal when Rick plays against him.