Saturday, October 22, 2011

Another One bites the Dust

In softball we sometimes view the competition as some sort of villain But the truth is we are just all viewing the other side of the mirror. That person across from you on the field just wants the same thing - To Win. Now how they try to win is probably what irks you and when they win it really pisses you off. God forbid they would use your favorite bat or glove to beat you. That would be hell.

Unfortunately, in the real world villains do exist and sometimes they do win. This week a mortal villain lost more than just a game. He lost his life. As longtime dictator of Libya, Muammar Gaddafi, was killed following the capture of his hometown of Sirte. There were confusing reports of Gaddafi's capture and death, and questions remained over exactly how he was killed but now it has come to light hat he was killed with his favorite golden pistol.
Gaddafi was carrying the golden pistol when he was captured by Transitional National Council (TNC) fighters in a sewage pipe outside his hometown of Sirte on Thursday, following a NATO airstrike on his convoy, an official told The (London) Times. "Gaddafi was first captured by rebels from the east," the source said. "Then the Misrata group showed up to take him. The eastern rebels didn't like this and the soldier pulled Gaddafi's golden gun and shot him, telling the Misrata guys, 'You can have him now'." Cold. Talk about what goes around comes around.

All softball metaphor's aside, Libya and hopefully the world is now better without this dictator.


  1. He refused to give us the oil and the gold,and thats what he gets. lets kill chavez now.

  2. So you're ready for some Chinese food now?