Saturday, May 14, 2011

SB Drumhead Court Martial

"The jury" is in - 2 game suspension as a result of :

I experienced no joy or satisfaction from this incident as my focus has always been towards good softball and excellent sportsmanship. I disagree with the league's decision, but I will respect it and comply with the verdict. They say "Do the crime, Do the time", too bad only one party got punished this time around as I am deeply disappointed that no formal action or warning was given to umpire Mr. Johnson for his repeated unprofessionalism and poor officiating.

As for the whole investigative/judicial process, it started out on one path and ended on another. Initially I was given a chance to give a thorough written statement and speak to committee members on the matter. Very standard. Very fair. No further questioning was needed, then something changed as via email I received the following "Coerced Confession" framed styled questions

1. Do you feel that your actions were inappropriate or constitute Unsportsmanlike Behavior? What should your punishment be?
2. Do you think you handled the disagreements you had with Mr. Johnson's " unprofessionalism" in the correct way?
3. Is Mr. Johnson responsible for your actions on Sunday because he "goaded" you and acted unprofessionally?
4. Is there a different way of handling your complaints about Mr. Johnson's " unprofessionalism" that you can suggest aside from how you handled it on Sunday?
5. In retrospect, do you wish you had acted differently in any way or have any regrets about your own behavior and actions?

At this point, I sensed the investigation was resembling a drumhead court-martial.These were held in the field to hear urgent charges of offences committed in action. The term is said to originate from the use of a drumhead as an improvised writing table and a traditional gathering point for a regiment for orders or decisions. The term sometimes has connotations of summary justice, with an implied lack of judicial impartiality, where appeals were always denied.

In these questions, I sensed a Salem Witch Trail judicial approach based on an agenda focused on provoking me to admit guilt and punish me for publicly campaigning for the firing of Mr. Johnson on my blog. This type of questioning and judicial style represents an ever-present, but subtle, danger of those who
in the name of righteousness manipulate the system. In extreme circumstances it could spread fear, paranoia and/or suspicion. I would be remiss if I didn't remind the committee that next time they ask questions make sure you remember not to frame them to get the answers you want. Rather seek the Truth.

I promptly answered all these questions with the same skill as they were constructed and in the end I accept the verdict and look forward to moving on from this incident and proving that I am the better man.


  1. Bravo!! Well said Ricky, well said... you can cage the singer but not the song.

  2. Rick just play ball. we all put up with it.

  3. I agree with Ricky. We've been lemmings for too long. Bottom line is, Mr. Johnson is a problem.