Saturday, October 1, 2011

Softball Wedding Crashers

Wedding Crashers was a funny movie

about a couple of guys that invite themselves to weddings to reap the benefits.I was reminded of this movie the other day in Central park when a lovely couple had their wedding pictures

taken on the Great Lawn as we played a game and I couldn't but wonder which softball players would make good wedding crashers.

Top Ten Softball Wedding Crashers ... ughhh wait a minute before I construct this list let me consult lead softball insider analyst John Sheppard for his opinion on wedding crashers

OK on that note let's get back to the Top Ten Softball Wedding Crashers

10 and 9  Gubi and Harroooo
True Bawlers
8. Willie Ferrer - he has the bike to get there
7. Dave Bergman - The Most Interesting Man in Softball is a shoe in

Stay Thirsty

6. Nellie Alvardo
Playa for Life
5. Richie Christy - born for the role

So Perfect for the role might be in the sequel to the real flick

4. Boogalou!!!

How much fun would he be at a wedding???? The only negatives are he might have a problem blending in discreetly

and like his baseruning he would probably get thrown out.

3 & 2 Me and Joel Goldman

Charming social butterflies/neanderthals always looking for an angle.

and the number one Softball Wedding Crashing Players

1. Charlie "The Champ" Bailey
Debonair, Sophisticated, Worldly, Refined - The Ultimate Softball Wedding Crasher

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