Monday, October 17, 2011

When the Softball Stops ... Monday Morning

Monday Morning is here
  • No getting dressed for softball
  • No taping my fingers up
  • No putting on my cleats
  • No ibuprofen pills
  • No warming up
  • No batting  practice
  • Not even an umpiring gig
 The Softball has Stopped

    Now I face is the cold reality of my email inbox

    full of job notifications. I'm trying to smack this one out the park and rebuild my career. Unfortunately, as I click on a bunch of these sites all I see is "position filled". After seeing that shit maybe I will pop another ibuprofen pill, but that would be the easy way out.  It's frustrating but not impossible.

    Often it's not what you know rather who you know, but in times like this a fundamental softball concept serves me well - HustleTime to hustle off the field, as all I have left now is nothing is my word and my balls and the only game in town is the job hunting one.    

    Where there is a will there is a way. Never give up

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